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Service Manual 0599 SM1-10-6.


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1. Hydraulic Hoses 3. Convertor 5. Mounting Flange 7. Gasket

2. Steering Pump 4. Capscrews 6. Spline Adaptor

Figure 1 CD02431
Steering Pump

Steering Pump, R & I b. Relieve the hydraulic reservoir precharge by

pushing the button on the pressure release
valve, located on the hydraulic reservoir.
This procedure covers the removal and installation of
c. Turn ignition switch to the ON POSITION, but
the steering pump. For steering pump recondition pro
cedure, see SM Area 1-10 or SM Area 1-81.
d. Rotate the steering wheel back and forth re
peatedly until steering becomes hard. (On
Removal cranes equipped with emergency steering
1. Park the crane on a firm and level surface. Shift the system, it will take several rotations of the
transmission to neutral and engage the parking steering wheel before steering becomes
brake. Shutdown the engine. hard.)
e. Operate the combination steering switch sev
eral times.
WARNING f. Work the crane control levers back and forth
All trapped hydraulic pressure must be repeatedly.
exhausted from system before removing any 3. Turn ignition switch to the OFF POSITION.
line or component. A sudden release of hot oil 4. Label for assembly purposes and disconnect the
could cause burns or other serious injury. hydraulic hoses (1) from the steering pump (2).
Catch any spilled hydraulic oil and dispose of prop
2. To relieve hydraulic system pressure: erly. Cap and/or plug the hoses (1) and open ports
a. Open the drain valve on the air system reser of the steering pump (2) to prevent excessive oil
voir. loss and contamination.

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SM1-10-6.0 0599 Service Manual
5. Remove the capscrews (4) securing the mounting 6. If a new or reconditioned pump is being installed,
flange (5) to the convertor (3). refer to the Pump Break-In" procedure found lat
6. Remove the steering pump (2) and spline adaptor er in this SM Code.
(6) from the convertor (3). 7. Start the engine and rotate the steering wheel
7. Remove and discard the gasket (7). back and forth several times to drive any trapped
8. Plug the convertor (3) port to prevent contamina air back to the reservoir. Check for steering prob
tion from entering. lems and/or leaks. Repair as necessary.
8. Check hydraulic reservoir oil level. Add oil as re
Installation quired. See Operator's Manual for correct type
and procedure.
9. Test all steering and hydraulic functions prior to re
WARNING turning crane to service.
Follow all manufacturer's recommendations
concerning lubricants, sealants, joint and Pump Break-In
thread locking compounds, etc. Serious
personal injury may result from misuse of If the steering pump is new or has been reconditioned,
these products. it must be broken-in" before being used on the
crane. Follow these procedures for breaking in the
1. Install the spline adaptor (6) on the output shaft pump after it has been installed.
within the convertor (3). 1. Back off the steering relief valve until spring tension
2. Align the steering pump (2) with the convertor (3) on the adjusting screw is fully relieved. Check Op
and mount a new gasket (7) between the convertor erator's Manual for adjustment procedure.
(3) and the steering pump (2). 2. Fill all ports of the steering pump (2) with clean hy
3. Using LoctiteR #242, install the capscrews (4) draulic oil. Check Operator's Manual for the cor
through the mounting flange (5) into the convertor rect grade of oil.
3. Operate the steering pump (2) for two minutes at
zero pressure at lowest possible rpm. During this
4. Fill the steering pump (2) with clean hydraulic oil
period, the pump should run free and not develop
through the open ports of the steering pump (2). an excessive amount of heat.
Refer to the Operator's Manual for the correct 4. If pump is operating smoothly with no excessive
grade of oil. heat, reset the steering relief valve to its normal set
5. Using new o-rings as required, connect the hy ting. Check Operator's Manual for adjustment pro
draulic hoses (1) to the steering pump (2). cedure.

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