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Middle East Technical University (1956)

Ankara, Turkey

Welding Technology & Nondestructive Testing Research/Application Center

(Since 1988)

Full Member of IIW (Int. Institute of Welding),

Educational Institution Member of AWS (American Welding Society),
Corporate Partner of ASNT (American Society for NDT).

Welding Technology & Nondestructive Testing Research/Application Center (WTNDT)

takes its legal entity from the Middle East Technical University (METU), and is directly
administered by to the Office of the President. WTNDT was founded in 1988 within the frame
of a bilateral project between Turkey and German governments. BAM-Berlin, DGZfP, and
SLV-Mnchen have actively contributed to the establishment of the Centre between 1988 and
1996 (providing training, and sending short- and long-term experts).
The Center has two sections: Welding Technology Section and Nondestructive Testing Section.
Training: International Welding Engineer/Technologist/Specialist/Practitioner;
Training and certification of the welders and welding operators;
NDT training and certification (EN 473; ASNT SNT-TC-1A);
Mechanical tests and Non-Destructive tests for industry;
Failure analysis;
Research studies and industrial projects.

Training & Certification in Numbers:

More than 840 international welding engineers and 3800 welders have been trained
and certified in cooperation with GSI-SLV Munich. WTNDT acted as the recognized ATB
and examination center of GSI-SLV Munich. After recognition of Turkish ANB (ANB-TR)
by IIW, WTNDT started to give IWE diploma through ANB-TR since April 2011.
More than 175 NDT courses (4 methods, 2 levels) have been organized where more
than 2300 participants have attended these courses.

METU Welding and NDT Personnel Certification Center (METU-PCC) acts as an accredited
certification body (accredited by Turkish Accreditation Council TURKAK) according to EN
ISO 17024, EN 473 (NDT), EN 287-1 (steel welder), and EN ISO 9606-2 (aluminum welder).

WTNDT leaded the establishment of the Turkish Section of the American Society for NDT which
was approved by ASNT in November 2008.

WTNDT gives laboratory support for the welding and NDT undergraduate and graduate
courses in the departments of Metallurgical-Materials Eng. and Mechanical Eng. of METU.

MSc and PhD theses (more than 30) on welding and NDT have been finished; the total number
of publications in journals and congresses is about 60.
Current research topics: Hybrid plasma arc welding; Finite element simulation of welding;
Phased array applications.

Brief information about METU: Middle East Technical University (METU), a state university founded in 1956,
currently has about 23,000 students of which 4,500 are in masters and 2,700 are in doctorate programs. The
language of instruction at METU is English. METU hosts over 1,500 international students from nearly 80 different
countries. METU has 40 undergraduate programs within 5 faculties. Additionally, there are 5 Graduate Schools with
97 masters and 62 doctorate programs and a "School of Foreign Languages" which includes the English Preparatory
Department. 13 undergraduate programs (including 1 international program) are offered in connection with METU
Northern Cyprus Campus. As a part of its efforts to ascertain world-quality education, in 1991 METU initiated a long-
term program to have all its engineering programs accredited by ABET. The Engineering Faculty has all its thirteen
undergraduate programs declared as "substantially equivalent" to the ABET accredited programs in the USA.

Middle East Technical University (1956)
Ankara, Turkey

Welding Technology & Nondestructive Testing Research/Application Center

(Since 1988)

Finished MSc. and PhD. Theses

Microstructural & Mechanical Characterization of Duplex Stainless Steel Grade 2205 Joined by
2012 B. Tolung
Hybrid Plasma & Gas Metal Arc Welding
Effect of welding parameters on the hot cracking behavior of 7039 aluminum - zinc alloy M. Akkus
2011 Microstructural and mechanical characterization of metal active gas welded joint between cast
M.T. Ertrk
iron and low carbon steel
Monitoring Variation of Surface Residual Stresses in the Shot-Peened Steel Components by
2010 S. Sava
Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Method
Determination of Residual Stress State in Steel Weldments H. I. Yelbay
Characterization of Ultra-Fine Grained Steel Samples Produced by High Pressure Torsion via
2009 S. Bayramolu
Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis
Effect of filler material on hot cracking susceptibility of 5XXX series Al-Mg alloys S. Tirke
Effect of Welding Parameters on the Susceptibility to Hydrogen Cracking in Line Pipe Steels in
Sour Environment
Estimation of Heights of Surface Breaking Cracks Using Ultrasonic Timing Methods E.ztrk
2006 Characterization of Steel Microstructures by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis K.Davut
Characterization of Dual Phase Steels by Using Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis M.Kaplan
Microstructural Characterization of Hypoeutectoid Steels Quenched from Ae1-Ae3 Intercritical
Temperature Range by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Technique
Effect of Surface Roughness on Ultrasonic Testing U.leyici
2005 Determination of Welding Parameter dependent Hot Cracking Susceptibility of 5086-H32
Aluminum Alloy with the Use of MVT Method
Computerized Test Procedure for Industrial Radiographic Examination of Metallic Welded
2004 Effect of Spheroidizing on Machinability Characteristics and Microstructure of Medium-C Steels E.Yanarda
Determination of Relationship between Weld Quality and Mechanical Strength in Different
O.A. Soylu
Effect of Gap Distance on the Mechanical Properties and Cross-Sectional Characteristics of
the MIG-MAG Butt Welds .Kak

2003 Detection and Monitoring of Surface-Breaking Fatigue Cracks in Al 2024-T3 by Ultrasonic

F. Sonat
Effect of Solid Couplants Made of Hydrophilic Polymers in Ultrasonic Testing M..etin
Defect Assessment of Spot Welds by NDI O.O.Koak
Correlation between Ultrasonic Properties and Heat Treatment Conditions for Some Steels C.V.Bozay
Investigation of Effect of Titania Additions on the Strength and Elastic Modulus of a Mica Glass
Ceramic by Bending Test & Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements
Computer Modelling for Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Solid Polycrystalline Structures O.Kolankaya
ND Investigation of Age Hardening of Al-alloys by Sound Velocity and Conductivity
Microstructural Characterization of Isothermally Heat Treated Steels by Ultrasonics B.O.Tuncer
Effect of Microstructure and Hardness on Acoustic Properties of Hypoeutectoid Plain-C Steels Y.Kele
Determination of Graphite Morphology, Nodularity and Matrix in Nodular Cast Irons by
2000 Ultrasonic Techniques
Determination of Microstructural Properties of PM Al-SiC Composites by Ultrasonic Techniques E.Ata
Determination of Hot Cracking Susceptibilities of As-Kaynak Welding Consumables for
1999 H.Enginar
Austenitic Stainless Steels with MVT Test
Determination of Spot Welding Parameters of Thick, Heat-Treated SAE 4140 Parts A.B.Tandoan
Determination of the H-content in the Weld Metal after Welding with a Basic Electrode A.Krba
Real-Time Observation of Gas Metal Arc Welding Arc by Means of an Optical System O.ztrk
Hot Cracking in Welding of Aluminum and Some of its Alloys F.Caymaz
Optimization of Laser Beam Welding of Un- and High-Alloyed Steel Sheets C.Batgn
Parameter Optimization in MIG/MAG Welding Processes F.Raoufi
1993 Determination of Hot Crack Susceptibility of Welding Fillers with Longitudinal Bending Test K.Geni

Middle East Technical University (1956)
Ankara, Turkey

Welding Technology & Nondestructive Testing Research/Application Center

(Since 1988)
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Middle East Technical University (1956)
Ankara, Turkey

Welding Technology & Nondestructive Testing Research/Application Center

(Since 1988)
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