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11 Grammar test
1 Choose the correct verb to complete each sentence.
1 We must / dont have to isolate this patient immediately before he infects others.
2 The patients dressing needs changing / needs to change.
3 The ward sister says we have to / mustnt wash the ward furniture until its
spotlessly clean.
4 You must / need wear gloves when handling body fluids!
5 I cant come out tonight, because I have to / must study for my exam.
6 Theres no risk of infection, so you dont have to / mustnt wear a mask.
7 You must / need never forget hygiene procedures, or youll put lives at risk.
8 This floor needs / must have a good wash with disinfectant.
9 I must / have to start work at seven every morning.
10 Your fathers not feeling well, so you dont have to / mustnt stay long.

2 Read each sentence. If it is correct, write a tick (). If there is a mistake, correct it.
1 Youre wanted urgently you must to go to A&E right now. must
2 You dont have to taking all the tablets.
3 You need to not wait for me.
4 These sheets need to change.
5 Do I have to take a blood sample from this patient?
6 You dont need to washing the floor the cleaners will do that.
7 She must taking the medicine every day.
8 The meeting is only for senior staff, so student nurses dont have to attend.

9 I need changing this patients dressing.

10 How many times do I must press down on the patients chest?

3 Rewrite these hygiene instructions for Intensive Care staff using must, mustnt,
or dont have to.
1 Tuck shirts inside trousers.
You must tuck your shirt inside your trousers.
2 It is not necessary to wear surgical boots.

3 Please pin back long hair.

4 Dont wear watches and jewellery.

5 Disinfect hands on entering ICU.

6 It is not necessary to wear a cap.

7 Gloves are worn when washing patients.

8 More than two visitors at one time are not allowed.


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