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Key Engineering Materials

ISSN: 1662-9795, 34 vols/y

Key Engineering Materials covers the entire
range of basic and applied aspects of the
synthesis and characterization, modelling,
processing and application of advanced
engineering materials.

Nano Hybrids and Composites

ISSN: 2297-3400, 2-3 vols/y
This journal predominately publishes research
and review articles on composites and hybrid
nanomaterials such as inorganic-organic,
inorganic-inorganic and organic-organic.

Journal of Nano Research

ISSN: 1661-9897, 5-7 vols/y
Journal of Nano Research (JNanoR) is a
multidisciplinary journal, which publishes
high quality scientic and engineering papers
on all aspects of research in the area of
nanoscience and nanotechnologies and wide practical application of
achieved results.

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Materials Science
Detailed information about each paper. Preview of
the rst page of each paper. Switzerland and Engineering
October 2016
Engineering Research:
Foundations of Materials Science
Applied Mechanics and Materials and Engineering (MONOGRAPH SERIES) Defect and Diffusion Forum
ISSN: 1662-7482, 30-50 vols/y ISSN: 2297-816X, 2-4 vols/y ISSN: 1662-9507, 8 vols/y
Applied Mechanics and Materials specializes in Foundations of Materials Science and Defect and Diusion Forum is designed for
rapid publication of proceedings of interna- Engineering (FoMSE) is the periodical edition publication of up-to-date scientic research
tional scientic conferences, workshops and which consists of series of monographs, each and applied aspects in the area of formation
symposia as well as special volumes on topics dedicated to one special topic from the area of and dissemination of defects in solid materials,
of contemporary interest in all areas which are related to: 1) Research theoretical research or practice of use of the modern materials, including the phenomena of diusion. In addition to the traditional
and design of mechanical systems, machines and mechanisms; 2) technology of their production, research and modication of their topic of mass diusion, the journal is open to papers from the area of
Materials engineering and technologies for manufacturing and properties, all kind of engineering research. "Foundations of Materials heat transfer in solids, liquids and gases, materials and substances.
processing; 3) Systems of automation and control in the areas of Science and Engineering" as a monograph series of high quality will be
industrial production; 4) Advanced branches of mechanical engineer- interesting to a wide range of scientists and engineers in the eld of
ing such as mechatronics, computer engineering and robotics. materials science and engineering.

International Journal of Engineering

Advanced Engineering Forum Research in Africa Solid State Phenomena
ISSN: 2234-991X, 3-5 vols/y ISSN: 1663-4144, 5-7 vols/y ISSN: 1662-9779, 14 vols/y
This is a periodical specialized in rapid The International Journal of Engineering Solid State Phenomena covers a set of
publication of proceedings of international Research in Africa is devoted to the publication research: fundamentals of the structures and
conferences, workshops and symposia as well of original scientic articles on research and their inuence on the properties of solids, of
as state-of-the-art volumes on topics of current development of engineering systems carried experimental techniques and practical
interest in all engineering-related areas focusing on innovative out in Africa and worldwide. applications of materials, solid-state devices and structures in the
methods and technologies. context of the latest achievements in the area of research of solid state

Materials Science:
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials
and Biomedical Engineering Materials Science Forum Diffusion Foundations
ISSN: 2296-9845, 3-5 vols/y ISSN: 1662-9752, 32 vols/y ISSN: 2296-3642, 4 vols/y
Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Materials Science Forum covers all aspects of Diusion Foundations is meant for publica-
Biomedical Engineering (JBBBE) is a theoretical and practical research of materials tion of recent scientic research results and
multidisciplinary periodical for publication of science: synthesis, analysis of properties, applied aspects in the area of phenomenon of
research results from the areas of biomimetics, technology of materials processing and their diusion, heat transfer in solids, liquids and
biology, biochemistry and biomedical engineering, and includes use. The periodical is the largest journal in the eld Materials Science. gases, materials and substances.
related topics from materials science and fundamental and engineer-
ing science.

Journal of Metastable
Advances in Science and Technology Advanced Materials Research and Nanocrystalline Materials
ISSN: 1662-0356, 8-10 vols/every two years ISSN: 1662-8985, 10-20 vols/y ISSN: 2297-6620, 1-3 vols/y
Advances in Science and Technology is a Advanced Materials Research covers all This journal is devoted to the rapid dissemina-
irregular series presenting the Proceedings of aspects of theoretical and practical research of tion of high-quality research results concerning
CIMTEC, International Cermics Congress and materials science: synthesis, analysis of nanocrystalline, nanocomposite and metasta-
Forum on New Materials. The series is properties, technologies of materials process- ble materials.
published on behalf of TECHNA GROUP, Faenza, Italy. ing and their use in modern manufacturing.