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SAP Service Entry Sheet

Service entry sheet is a document to confirm that you have received services, in other word it is confirmation of
services you have hired. By using PM02 you can create purchase requisition, that purchase requisition will be
converted to Purchase order. Based on same PO details then you need to do Service entry sheet to confirm services.
Material has no reference in service entry sheet.

It all depends on how you want to procure services externally.

If you don't want to go through the SES route, you can use PM02 control key.

But if you have Service Master(MSS) set up by your MM team, or if you are using the Framework Orders for services
and you want to use the SES, pls. use PM03 control key.

Service Entry sheet creation is based on the setting in the control key.

PM02 control key - In standard setting service is not checked.

PM03 Control Key - Service is checked

If the service is checked, then you can create Service Entry sheet, so use PM03.

I have one blanket service PO & during service entry sheet, I want to enter maintenance order. Can anyone
please let me know which area I can enter maintenance order no in service entry sheet?

Prerequisite for your Requirement

Your Purchase Requisition (ME51n) should be created by 'Account Assignment Catgy' as 'F' (Maint. Order).
See this picture of ME51n.

Then you will get this Maint Order field in Service Entry Sheet (ML81n).
It's not possible to enter "Maintenance Order" during Service Entry Sheet.

It can be done only in PR / PO which can be carried forward to Service Entry Sheet.

You can enter the Work Order number during the SES creation, but you need to make sure that the PO is setup up

I haven't done it for a long while, but I think the PO Item Category needs to be "U" (unknown).

When you then create the SES, the system asks for the account assignment details.

One negative side to this is that you can enter any cost object e.g. cost centre, WBS, order, etc..

PM Order can be entered in the following options:

1. The PR and PO is with unknown account assignment(U). While creating SES with respect to the PO, please enter
Acct Assgt Cat : F(Order), after adopting the services form PO, then system will ask the Maint. order as mandatory
account assignment along with GL account. Please ensure that PM order is released for this assignment. After
accepting the SES, the actual cost will be posted to PM order. If you want to have planned cost, you can assign the
control key PM03, but the set the Res/PurcRq as 'Never'.
2. All the steps are same in option 1, but the PR and PO is having Account assignment category(F), then the SES will
automatically have account assignment category as F for the same PM order.

what is the process of making entry in service entry sheet?


1. create service master- ac01.

2 create service Po with k account assmt and item =category as d. by tcode Me21n( in services tab enter service no
generated from service master.

3. create service entry sheet ML81N.

4. accept service entry sheet by clicking green flaf - Ml81n

5. Invoice verification- MIRO

for detail look www.sap123.com

SAP External Service Management (ESM) must not be confused with SAP Service Management (SM). ESM is the
procurement of services. SM is to provide services to a client.

With External Services, you have a PO for services with Goods Receipt taking place. The Goods Receipt is called
Service Entries. In contrast with goods (stock or non stock) where receiving is typically done by the inventory
management group, the Service Entries are done by business themselves. The logic is that the business generated
the request for the service, that is where it was done, it will be best if they do confirmation that service took place.

Please go thru Below Link for Service Entry Sheet Creation with Screen Shots :

You can create service entry sheet with ML81N with reference of service order.

Click on other purchase order

Then enter Service Order number and its line item number and click on button

Then click on button of Create Entry sheet

Enter bellow detail

External number (Supplier Bill number)

Service Location

Document date

Posting date

Long Text

Then click on Service Selection button

Then click on continuo button.

Then select your service line item and click on adopt service button

After adopt service click on Accept button . After click on Accept button your service entry sheet is will be accepted
Then click on save button.Then reference of service entry sheet you can create vendor invoice verification with

what d funda of ses is it creats after complition of service job in your plant or subcontracting just like a approval from
the department that the work has completed successfully and now the payment can be released for the same.

after made the PO/WO of the contractor and get release you have to make SES after completion of job through
ML81N and put your PO/WO no. in it -> click on new entry sheet-> input all the neccessary data in accept data, long
text, basic info, work area etc and then click on service selection (displays at the bottom of the screen) -> tick on
adopt full qty (in case of full work has completed) and enter-> select the lines of woks and click services at the top of
the screen and again select all the lines (here you can change the qty of work whatever completed) and click of red
flag display at the toolbar and save it.

ses is a one type of grn

First of all have you created Service Purchase Order. If Created, Go to Purchase Order Header and Check Whether
its Subjected to Release. If its Subjected to Release then First Release the Po.

Now go to ML81N and Click on Other Purchase Order and Input the Purchase Order number and Click on Create

It will Create a Material GR Document with 101 Movement type in Background and the Same can be seen in
Purchase Order history tab in PO.

Service entry sheet is a list of services performed by a vendor on the basis of a purchase order, containing service
descriptions and details of quantities and values.

The descriptions of planned services deriving from the purchase order are used as default descriptions in the service
entry sheet. Unplanned services that were entered in the purchase order without descriptions using value limits are
precisely specified in the entry sheet.
You need to crete Service Order (SO) for that using T-code ME1N & creating Service entry sheet T-code is ML81N

If the Purchase Order is Subjected to Release. Then go to ME29N Individual Release OR ME28 Collective Release.

You can release using any of the above methos.

You have to release Service Entry Sheet in ML85. And if Service PO is under release then release it in ME29N
(Individually) or in ME28 (Collectively)

And for External Service Management, refer following link;

[External Service Management|http://www.sap123.com/showthread.php?t=52]

1)First create a service master in Ac01

2)Make a service PO, item category D, then it will ask for plant, material group, dont mention any material, give short

3) in item details u find services tab, now u enter the service number & qty, price then save.

4) if it is subjected to release , then release the service PO.

5) Go to ml81n, service entry sheet , if it is also subjected to release in ml85, then save the document. u get a
material document number.

6) In got to me23n , po history u find two documents , one service entry sheet & second is material document

I have a scenario of external services on PM Order. However the way we have to approach it is directly creating a
service master against a blanket PO, already created (we create blanket PO which is valid for 3 years and then keep
on creating services under this PO)and then using account assignment as Order to capture actuals. I am not planning
services directly on Order

However being said that I still want to represent those services in PM Order. Now given the above case I cant use
PM03 control key, as it leads to generation of requisition on Order, which I dont want (because the PO is already
created and so no need of requisition).

I have 2 objectives to achieve

1.To represent services on Order, such that planned cost is calculated for them,

2.To represent services on Order, such that PR is not generated and I can reference the exsisting PO (i.e. the
Framework Order)

I am having an option of creating dummy control key, which will capture my planned costs. However i am not sure
that how i avoid creation of PR.I dont want to go for any development ( i am aware that i can create a document type
and assign to my order type using exit(

All you would have to do is to assign the framework Purchase order to the order operations.You should be able to do
this on the operation detail screen "external" tab with the standard control key PM03.That should take care of your
needs.The PR will also be created but it will be tied to this framework PO.You will then be able to create service entry
sheet referencing this PR.
[SAP Help|

[SAP Help|

@ Narasimhan

Thanks for the reply. It is almost meeting my requirement. The only issue I see in this is that i dont see the actuals on
operation tab in PM Order. If we go a normal way i.e. PR > PO > Service confirmation we see a small tab on Actauls
data tab of operation, where in you can see all details of Service entry sheet i.e. service details, cost etc.

But when we go thru FO > PR > Service confirmation we dont see such details and then u have to go back to PO and
find PR and then link thru goods issue document.

I went thru SAP link sent by you, but the result remains the same. Maybe this is standard SAP. Pls let me know if you
have any insights on this.


How do we deal with control key ? I want a Service operation. If you use PM03 then the cost will not be calculated
from Work center.

If I understand your requirement correctly, you said you want Planned cost (and Actual cost) seen in the work order
and you do not want PR to be generated.
If you try my proposal, your requirement would probably be satisfied. Having said that, the service cost will be treated
as internal labour and not external labour (PM03) - which may not be ideal if you want to see both INTERNAL and
EXTERNAL service cost in your work order.

Those are the trade-off that you would have to consider. If the business wants to avoid PR being generated - then
cost would have to be treated as INTERNAL service.

This is exactly what we have done.

However we have a scenario where it is possible to automatically determine the Framework to be added to the

I'm having troublwe finding an exit/BADI etc. that will allow the framwork order to be populated automatically. Has
anyone encountered this scenario and found a solution?

Try this and revert if it helps.

1. Create a framework Purchase Order, linked to your Outline Agreement (Service Master) - you mentioned you
already did his. Check that that the account assignment is set to u201CUu201D. The u201CUu201D allows us to
assign the PM or Network during the consumption/billing process.

2. To represent services in the order and capture the Planned cost, create a dummy INTERNAL work center, with
activity type and rate of $10 per hour. Using INTERNAL work center will give you a Planned cost in the work order but
will not trigger a Purchase Requisition. So for example the service (work) is worth $300 , you would have to put an
operation assigned to the dummy work center, and put 30 hrs as duration. this will give you a Planned cost of $300.
3. During Service entry, specify your framework PO and the specific work order you want to cost to be captured (as
Actual cost).


Create Service Entry sheet from

Maintenance order

Create Service entry sheet from maintenance order against Frame work order.

1. Create a FO purchase order

2. Create Maintenance or service order with control key External Services

3. Enter FO details in the service processing tab.

4. Use Tcode ME58 to convert PR to SE against framework order