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3d modelling

What is 3D modelling? 3d modelling is a development process used in

computer graphics and video game design usually to develop a 3d version
of an object, which is then probably animated.

Where is it used in modern day? What is it used for? 3d modelling

can be used for many different processes and in different industries. Such
as in the entertainment industry, where films will use 3d modelling to
create fantasy monsters and creatures etc. and also utilised to take
objects out of an environment that arent wanted. The most common use
3d modelling has is in gaming, whether its used to design characters,
creatures, cars, scenes, props and people. Because this process is used so
much that video games are gradually getting more and more realistic. And
there are also an increasing number of universities that host courses in 3d
modelling. Other uses include architecture, publishing and advertising and

What software do people use for 3d modelling? There is a wide

range of choice for 3d modelling software, one of the most popular
software instalments being Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Revit.

Tools and Features in Maya

Face: Faces of a model is a closed polygonal shape so if 4 polygons close up on each other
you are able to select that as one face. Selecting faces are good when you want to e.g. use the
extrude tool and extrude from only that face.

Vertex: When you select vertex you are able to select the corners of the polygons, so for
example selecting a cubes corner.

Edge: Selecting edge mode will make you be able to select a polygon line.

Divisions: Adding divisions to an object will add extra polygons, but adding to much will
require a lot of hardware power to proses it in at least in 30fps which is still enjoy able as a

3D Mesh: A 3D mesh is basically your object in your Maya scene.

Combining and separating meshes: Combing meshes is useful when you want to make two
objects into one. Separating is good when you want one object as two objects, this could have
many reasons.

Extrude tool: The extrude tool extrudes a shape out of the selected face. This is good when
you want to for example make an airplane and extrude the wings on the sides.
Append Polygon tool? Bridge: These are good when you want to bridge something together
for example it could be a hole you cut in something and you want to fill in the null geometry
so that is not empty in the middle or making a bridge between to objects and you want them

Mirror Tool: The mirror tool is one of the best tools to use. For example if youre making a
spaceship or anything symmetric its great that you only have to work on one side and you
see the other side being made at the same time, and it can help you with design because you
can see how it would look.

Duplicate: Duplicate is useful when you want to make a double of a certain object. For
example a double propelled airplanes propeller so you dont create the propeller again you
just duplicate it.