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GE selling Eurobonds

To replace USD Bonds

GE expects the Euro to dive; thereby reducing the
need to repay debt.
Apple investing cash horde
In corporate debt (safest)
There is a shortage of investible and productive
Apple cannot invest its cash horde into its own
enterprise so it owns more corporate bonds
Than sovereign funds.
Bernanke on Bloomberg
Paraphrase; Not enough productive opportunities to
invest in; we will have to wait for the next wave of
technology to create new opportunities

Alternate to that

People are putting money into unproductive things

VANG VIENG, Laos Along the jungle-covered mountains of Laos, squads of Chinese engineers are drilling hundreds of
tunnels and bridges to support a 260-mile railway, a $6 billion project that will eventually connect eight Asian countries.

Chinese money is building power plants in Pakistan to address chronic electricity shortages, part of an expected $46 billion
worth of investment.

Chinese planners are mapping out train lines from Budapest to Belgrade, Serbia, providing another artery for Chinese goods
flowing into Europe through a Chinese-owned port in Greece.

The massive infrastructure projects, along with hundreds of others across Asia, Africa and Europe, form the backbone of
Chinas ambitious economic and geopolitical agenda. President Xi Jinping of China is literally and figuratively forging ties,
creating new markets for the countrys construction companies and exporting its model of state-led

China funding Pakistan (eventually US vs China and

Pakistan) Pakistan from Ally to Enemy
Turkey Warns US Decision To Arm Kurd "Terrorists" Is A
"Crisis", Gives Trump Chance To "Reconsider"
US arming Kurdish and
Turkish Border
US and Turkey (from allies to enemies)
Selling Bitcoin in Size
Welcome to the Spanish
Inquisition aka paint a target
on your back
Copies of identification
Bank References
Fincen - registration
Source of Funds
Chinese Organized
Crime Underground
Bitcoin Railroad
From China to US/Canada
Exchanges blowing up
with no replacements
Value of bitcoin is as an exit from a currency
controlled county; that is a crime = dominated by
China IT infrastructure
By malware because
Most of Microsoft OS in the country is not licenced or
paid for
They are using bootleg copies of microsoft software
w/o updates and in many cases very old versions
older, unsupported operating systems such as Windows XP were not
included in the update, in addition to millions of used who do not update their
systems regularly. As a result, the WannaCry malware infected more than 200,000
unpatched computers, and was threatening to spread to countless more as the
hacker further weaponized their virus.
Chinese state media say more than 29,000 institutions across China have been infected by the global "ransomware" cyberattack.

Xinhua News Agency reports that by Saturday evening, 29,372 institutions had been infected along with hundreds of thousands
of devices. It cited the Threat Intelligence Center of Qihoo 360, a Chinese internet security services company.

It says universities and educational institutions were among the hardest hit, numbering 4,341, or about 15 percent of internet
protocol addresses attacked. Also affected were railway stations, mail delivery, gas stations, hospitals, office buildings, shopping
malls and government services.

Xinhua says the system used by PetroChina's gas stations was attacked, meaning customers could not use their cards to pay.
Most stations had recovered.

Themes pop up in the news and mass media mouthpieces
wax hysterical about them. Then, abruptly, their mouth music
stops, and thme du jour vanishes from view. Kuntsler
Your health insurance will become useless; More useless than useless Obamacare

There is no limit on how much you pay out of pocket..

Premiums could go up massively for anyone 50 or older or with a preexisting condition

The real purpose of the bill is to save $880 billion to be used in tax cuts. People will die

There is going to be a Great Red/Blue Divide

Blue States - Dead, Poor, and Captured Red State
This will drive universal programs in NY If rich you are OK
Taxes are going to spiral upwards If young and healthy you are OK
Every dollar of earnings spending is If you own a business you are OK
going to be tracked and taxed If are over 45, you are dead
VAT If you have a preexisting condition; dead
Government is going to be in your business If you are very sick you will die
Will help drive constitutional convention There will be tons of scam insurance policies
Very complicated to get on board
Huge gaps in care and access
The state will drive everything, everything
100-140% of Medicare
Rates is the Real Price of
Healthcare; You just dont
have access to that price.
Like surf's of old
People are losing the ability
to travel.
Car insurance follows your car; to other states and
even to Canada and Mexico. Healthcare does not
follow the person thereby locking you into geography
Recent Bernanke
There is lots of cash, but very few things productive
things to invest in; as technology changes perhaps
this will change.
To back up Bernanke
in its 10-Q filed on Wednesday, the iPhone-maker
reported that $148 billion of its record $257 billion
cash pile is invested in corporate debt, with an
additional $53.1 billion in Treasurys and another $21
billion in mortgage-backed securities.

Moral of the story; Corporate debt is the safest kind of debt. There is not enough safe corporate
debt to go around. Very little debt represents productive capital.
Chinas Appetite Pushes Fisheries to the Brink
Overfishing is depleting oceans across the globe, but Chinas enormous appetite and massive fleet of deep-sea fishing vessels is having
an outsize impact.
The business transaction thats going on here is that users are paying with their personal data, Schieder told journalists in
Vienna. The business model of those internet companies is based on massive revenues that are generated with the help of
those data. Tax as a barter transaction
Facebook Under Fire For
Selling Emotionally
Vulnerable Kids' Data To
Less than two months after Facebook
announce it would begin using artificial
intelligence tools in its marketing arm,
Facebook is now being accused of letting
advertisers target emotionally
vulnerable children.
Serious errors or falsehoods exist in about
90% of the Wikipedia entries I have reviewed.

Wikipedia is a fake information provider!

We Pollock's Law of Antipodes

Ideas that seem salient at the moment, that react to

standing out conspicuously
especially : of notable significance

Have no or little significance in the overview; are

incorrect, or are of little long term value
We Pollock's Law of Antipodes

Ideas that seem less relevant at the moment but have an

anchor in detail, history, culture, or fact

May in fact be important ideas to monitor especially if

they are in contrast to, or an opposite to common

Eg. If the news is shouting about something, it is

most likely wrong. Most news is fake news.
y the biggest
enemy was Russia!

What if the antipode

is that;
The US is its own
worst enemy?
Corrections of
Perception are in
Reality is Hexagons

not even
on the 100%
map! Sunni


China 100%
75% Sunni
Islam +
China is the
Worst Enemy
North Korea
A Chinese Manifest Destiny Opportunity
But US Pacific commander Admiral Harry Harris said so many bombs were being dropped that we need more.

He said: Critical munitions shortfalls are my top war-fighting concern.

Reinforces Posit that US cannot supply an extended

high intensity war. The next war will be fought with
sticks and stones.
North Korean Missile
Program - The propaganda
North Korea Total: 167
By type: bulk carrier 11, cargo 121, carrier 1, chemical tanker 4, container 3,
passenger/cargo 3, petroleum tanker 19, refrigerated cargo 4, roll on/roll off 1
Foreign-owned: 19 (Egypt 1, Greece 1, Lebanon 1, Lithuania 1, Romania 4, Syria 1, UAE 8,
Yemen 2) Registered in other countries: 2 (Mongolia 1, Panama 1) (2008)

North Korea has 167 Nuclear Bomb

Delivery Devices
The device does not need to be miniaturized, nor
Does it need to have sophisticated electronics
Napkin Quality History Chronology
USSR captured, North Korea into its sphere of influence at the end of WWII - US Nuclear bombing of
Japan used to stop further Soviet capture of territory and influence. USSR won WWII not USA.

North Korea Invaded South Korea (Supported indirectly by Russia & China); Seoul was quickly overrun.

US forces were landed at Pusan/Busan (South East SK) to reinforce and almost forced into the Sea

MaCarthur used a beach landing at Inchon (North West SK) to strand overextended North Korean Forces
(US floats and airlifts power, the US is a sea and air power)

US pushed all the way up into North Korea almost ending the war; then a second war occurred..

China walked a huge army into action. (China has and can only war overland, China is not a sea power, it
is a land and missile power).

Grinding back and forth

China Established the Red Line @38th Parallel
Prior to the US push up beyond the 38th parallel; Mao
Zedong, declared the crossing of the 38th Parallel would be
considered an "invasion."

The Korean war was the second time in history where the US
was at war with China. The first was the Boxer Rebellion.

In both cases the US was perceived as the invading army.

North Korea was Used by China as a Buffer Zone.

North Korea has been used

by China as a buffer-zone.
A buffer zone is an area of
separation between
belligerent forces to reduce
the risk of conflict. North
Korea is a buffer between
China vs. the US, Japan, and
South Korea
Most of the world's shipbuilding
occurs in South Korea and
Southern Japan. South Korea
The path of
is a jewel of global industry. Chinese
expansion is
It is also much easier to walk highlighted
in red.
an army overland than it is to
invade over water. North Korea
would be a
US no longer has the capacity starting point
to launch a large amphibious for China to
assert itself.
invasion. Nor does the US
have the ability to absorb the
losses it would entail.
China No Longer Needs a Buffer

China needs to have an international face.

This means that China wants a great position in
international affairs and it wants to be seen as
having dignity, wealth, and position.
With Rhetoric, The US blocks Chinese face at
every turn.
The US uses attitude w/o backup
It is not merely unwise, it is contemptible, for a nation, as for
an individual, to use high Sounding language to proclaim its
purposes, or to take positions which are ridiculous if
unsupported by potential force, and then to refuse to provide
this force. If there is no intention of providing and keeping the
force necessary to back up a strong attitude, then it is far
better not to assume such an attitude.
China is highly nationalistic, of unified voice,
propagandized to an extreme, and very
An attack on one Ethnic
Chinese Person is an attack
on all of the Chinese people.

<-The US is constantly
making China lose
Very Very Significant

Munoz (the United CEO) plans to travel to China in a couple of weeks on a previously scheduled business trip
and will meet with officials there about their concerns over the incident, he said. The story spread rapidly
on social media in the Asian nation, which is a critical market for Chicago-based United.

Just like the US social media and the news

is used as a means to control the populace.

China needs an enemy in economic failure (due

to missalocation of capital and bad debt)
Saddam Hussein is known as the father of the mother of all battles

In Afghanistan, Trump gave birth to the mother of all bombs, which may have
had collateral damage to Pakistani military personnel.

In Syria, Trump used ineffectual cruise missiles to make a point.

Trump was expressing attitude but the US totally lacks the ability to transport
troops to the other side of the globe to fight China in a land war!

At the peak of its military strength, the US could not invade firebombed Japan.

"Moab," or "land beyond the Jordan," a Biblical land where Semitic relatives of the Hebrews dwelled. And thus Moab was a Mormon settlement in
A war with China could be the end of times.
The big next-enemies of the US

China (Trilateral Tension/Compression

Turkey (Aligned with NATO/US)
Pakistan (Aligned with the NATO/US)
Saudi Arabia (Aligned with US/Israel)
Russia realizes infinite oil in the arctic
Inside Russias top-secret Arctic base which Vladimir Putin has filled with
nuclear-armed warplanes and REINDEER-riding special forces

Experts reckon the area could be cover more than 23 TRILLION worth of oil and gas.

American News is so captured that the main

point of this article is in small print and the
irrelevant propaganda is in large print!
Russia is in Trilateral Compression
Russia is in Trilateral Compression/Tension with both China and the US. Trilateral
diplomacy was Kissingers idea to play China against the Soviet Union to the US

The friend or enemy dynamic can shift on a dime. For months US

propaganda told us that Russia was the enemy. NO Russia is a hollowed out
shell of a county, a corruptly non-functional entity.

China also lacks depth in its military outlook; namely China lacks naval reach.
China does have unlimited manpower, total unification if needed, and the ability to
walk troops and use them as cannon fodder.
The Next World War

I know not with what weapons World War

III will be fought, but World War IV will be
fought with sticks and stones. Einstein
US allied with the Wrong side of the Shia Sunni coin

The US will
eventually flip to
the dark green.

Patience with the

light green is
In the US Let's Sue Some Sunnis
The US is so %^%$#ing lost that the approach was to give allied state
sponsors of terrorism a pass, approach an act of war as a financial event,
and then try to settle the issue with insurance lawsuits a decade later.

We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by

analysing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by
discussion in a spirit of collaboration and goodwill. Neville
Chamberlain A war only requires one participant, talk
Neville talked to Londons eventual leveling and
Saudi Arabia
Flush with oil revenue, the country has had neither income taxes nor corporate taxes while bestowing on its

people heavy subsidies for food and fuel. And the royal family has built spacious palaces at home while buying

swanky houses abroad in places like London and yachts in the south of France.

But now the oil-rich kingdom wants to look beyond oil. The crash in crude oil prices that began in 2014 has

left the country with a gaping budget deficit. And while oil prices have recovered, climate activists have tried to

bring the end of the hydrocarbon age closer and many analysts have predicted the approach of peak demand

that would mark the end of a long climb in global oil consumption.
Alternate Facts vs the Alternate Reality
Today ordinary people (and unchecked
His Her governments) get to select their own
Facts Facts
set of facts; these facts can be used to
justify (and rationalize) any ludicrous
action, position, policy, decision, or

True and False with Chuck Schumer

Schumer: "U.S. Is No Longer Fact-Based" Nation;

Breitbart News A "Threat To Democracy"

The U.S is no longer fact-base: True!

Breitbart News is a Threat to Democracy: False

-The US is no longer a functional Republic

-Breitbart is not a journalistically motivated and

functional news organization; but CNN, NBC,
Washington Post, NYT are in the same dangerous