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HVAC Pressurisation Calculator

Length Width Height
What is the size of the "room" to be pressurised 4 m 2.5 m 3

What is the pressure we require in the "room"? 50 PA

How many air changes do we require? 12 Per Hour

Vent Size? 200 mm 200 mm

How Many Vents? 2 QTY

Q = 2610 x A x (DP)1/2 (Q is "Leakage" Rate) Source: ASHRAE 1999 Applications (Ch. 51.5)

We need to deliver 106.1251 Litres per second to maintain a pressure of

50 PA in the "room" with the vents specified

This equates to 12.74 Air Changes Acceptable? NO! YES!

Additional Info Calc

If the HVAC supplier supplies 135 L/sec

The pressure in the house will be 63.60416 PA given the dims of the house and vents

12 Air Changes Per Hour Requires 100 L/Sec throughput


house and vents

Conversions and Formula Results

30 m3 30000 Litres

0.2009 Inches H20

40000 mm2
80000 mm2 0.861113 sq ft

225.8 cfm