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Colonia Dignidad is an unworthy spot in Chilean history, an agrarian

commune of Germans founded by a former Nazi; A sect that for decades,

through confinement and indoctrination, created human "robots", a place
where dozens of children were sexually abused and whose illegal psychiatric
drugs were administered and sterilization and electroshocks applied to
members of the community. Finally, a clandestine center for detention,
kidnapping, murder and torture following Pinochet's coup against Socialist
President Salvador Allende in 1973.
Convicted, beaten, raped and tortured.
Wolfgang Kneese was the first to escape the Colonia Dignidad Baptist sect in
Chile. In 1966 he made public the horror and is to this day the most
relentless persecutor of the German murderers.

He has forged his life around denouncing crimes and seeking justice. When
he was a boy and his last name was Mller, he joined the Private Social
Mission, a group led by Schfer that supposedly would be dedicated to
helping charities. With a group of Germans left to Chile in 1961, where
Schfer founded Colonia Dignidad and imposed a regime of terror.

Overwhelmed by this system of confinement and abuse, he decided to

escape. Five times he tried without success. And although he tried to
denounce the crimes that occurred there, he ended up being himself
condemned. In a fifth attempt, he managed to cross the mountains to
Argentina and was able to return to Germany. Immediately I denounce
everything that happened there had some tests and that's why Paul's allies
wanted to kill him.

His statements went around the world. The young man accused Schfer of
pedophile practices and denounced a series of abuses committed by a
privileged dome.

Throughout his life, Kneese has collected a large archive on this criminal
organization, where he has been able to document the different crimes
committed by his members

In 2008, Kneese for his courage, effort and confidence and lawyer Hernn
Fernndez were distinguished by the German government with the Federal
Cross of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz), for their permanent and
indefatigable search for justice and respect for the human rights of the
people Victims of Colonia Dignidad, which even led to the capture of its top
leader, Paul Schfer.

"We are fighting for a better world," Kneese says. "I think it's possible."
From Germany, where he runs the Flgelschlag Foundation, he works in the
prevention and reporting of abuses committed by sects such as Colonia
Dignidad. Here you have the largest archive on this case: thousands of
articles, documents, videos and books published. I recently collaborated for
the film Colonia where you can know the history of this sect.