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This document was created to be between (agreement) and (name). The

(agreement) is namely the author and the (name) is referred to as the
ghostwriter. This document is to be implemented on (date) of the year (year).

The purpose of this document is to guarantee the completion of (book,

description, etc. including book length and title) by the author and ghostwriter
respectively. The document refers to the (book) as the "work" itself meaning both
the author and ghostwriter agree to the requirements set forth within this

Plagiarism: The author guarantees that all work completed by the ghostwriter is
open to use as the author pleases. The author is allowed to change, modify, and
alter any aspect of the completed (book) as the author sees fit. The author will
refer to the (book) as his/her own unique work The ghostwriter is agreeing to not
use any previous copy written content in this (book).

Method: The ghostwriter guarantees that he/she will (how and when the writing
job will take place and when the book is to be completed) in order to complete
the (book).

Payment: The payment schedule is as follows: (payment schedule including any

upfront payments or residual payments).

Deadline: The (book) will be completed by the ghostwriter by (date of

completion). The ghostwriter guarantees that (any other deadlines or

Copyrights: The author is legally allowed to refer to the (book) as his/her and
owns any and all rights to the (book) including all sales and distribution rights (if

Royalties: The ghostwriter is entitled to the amount of payment as stated above.

The ghostwriter is not entitled to any payments, commissions, or fees upon
completion of the (book) or at any time during the writing of the (book).

Credit: The credit is primarily given only to the author and referred to as such.
The ghostwriter is entitled to credit in the form of (credit given to ghostwriter, if

Termination: In order to terminate this contact between the author and the
ghostwriter, the following provisions must take place: (what is necessary for
termination purposes). If the termination occurs by the author dismissing the
ghostwriter, the author guarantees that the specified payment in the form of
(cash/check/money order/etc.) be paid in the amount of (amount of payment if
author terminates contract) by (how many days the author must pay the
ghostwriter if the author chooses to fire the ghostwriter). The payment will be
made according to the payment section herein this contract. Conversely, the
ghostwriter may terminate their agreement into this contract at any time under
these circumstances (circumstances needed in order for ghostwriter to terminate
the contract).

Confidentiality: The ghostwriter is agreeing into this contract which states that the
ghostwriter is to keep all information incurred during the completion of the book
confidential. All information that the ghostwriter has access to during this time
period is to be kept from any and all third parties, during and after the completion
of the (book). The ghostwriter concedes that he/she will have admission to
specified private information in order to complete the (book).

The ghostwriter and the author are agreeing to the above said terms on the date
set forth below. Both parties must undersign in order to validate the contract.

__________________________ __________________________
Author Name Ghostwriter Name

__________________________ __________________________
Author Signature Ghostwriter Signature