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Struggling to make

Agile work for you?



A recent study of over 300 organisations reported that 1 in 8 Agile projects

completely fail, and that over half of CIOs regard Agile development as
discredited. There is a growing chorus against Agile yet this still appears
to be the best delivery model of choice. Big organisations can see from
success stories like Spotfiy that it works, however when applied at scale in
traditional large enterprises it notably stalls.

At Enfuse Group we specialise in helping organisations to unlock the Agile

riddle. In short we get Agile to work.

Organisations struggle to identify if and where they One of the major challenges with Agile is how to
are doing Agile well. We have a range of Agile do it at scale, as it was originally created without
assessments which we tailor and run to help you this challenge in mind. We help you to define and
better understand what is happening and where rollout an Agile scaled framework which provides
best to focus improvement efforts, be it at the the right guidance, oversight and alignment
enterprise or Agile team level. between your Agile initiatives (whilst retaining the
right level of autonomy for your Agile teams).


Particularly when adopting Agile at scale clients We help build your Agile Product Portfolio
start to realise their business and IT operating Management capability. A key challenge to Agile
models are not geared to run in this way. How to is being able to prioritise the right Agile initiatives.
fund Agile initiatives, staff Agile teams and align Agile teams have a natural tendency to justify
Product teams with IT and business units needs their own existence when the right answer is to
are good examples of operating model challenges. quickly kill the initiative and allocate the funds
We design strawman op models with our clients and resources elsewhere. This requires a portfolio
then iteratively evolve these over a 12 month approach.
period to ensure the right setup for you and Agile.


Agile fails due to lack of understanding, both in the Whilst everyones now doing Agile, too few
IT function and wider business. Forrester rated lack organisations have the real expertise in how to
of Agile skills and lack of skilled Product Owners utilise Agile techniques. Theres too much blindly
as two of the key challenges to Agile adoption. We following the rule book or, conversely, crowbarring
run tailored training courses, help you establish in incompatible waterfall controls. We provide
your internal training curriculum and we also run pragmatic Agile experts to guide and coach teams
ongoing awareness programmes to get the right and their Product Owners
understanding in place.

Waterfall project metrics are rarely constructive Utilising all of our expertise and toolsets we work
when it comes to Agile, and often are destructive. with you to build a centre of excellence which can
With our out the box Agile metrics we work with promote the right use of Agile, build confidence in
you to define suitable enterprise reporting metrics its use and get the focus away from talking about
for Agile which can spot issues and give the right doing Agile and more about delivering great
level of confidence to senior management. products and value.
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