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World History

Mr. McNamara/Mr. McGarry

Early Modern Europe
Writers Workshop

Writers Workshop 5- Challenging the Status Quo

Throughout the mini-units we have studied in Term 3 such as the

Renaissance, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution and the
Enlightenment, the common theme of questioning authority pervades.

Using what you know about the Renaissance, the Reformation, the
Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment, choose two examples whereby
famous people challenged the status quo. Outline what these people did to
challenge the status quo, the risks associated with doing so, and the
repercussions for themselves personally and for history as a result.

You will begin planning and writing your essay today in class and you
will finish the essay over the weekend. It is due at the start of class on
Monday. The essay should be typed, printed and handed in to me on Monday,
May 22nd. Google doc sharing is only for printer emergencies, but I will still
require you to print it out before it is corrected and handed back. No hand-
written copies will be accepted.

*Essay should be four paragraphs in length (introduction, choice 1, choice 2,

conclusion). This will be a project grade.

*Graphic organizer must be filled out to receive full credit.