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Manheim Township School District

2016 2017

NAME OF COURSE: Earth and Space Science TEACHER: Mrs. Swavely


I. General Course Description:

The two basic assumptions behind the design of the 8th Grade General Science program are that students
should learn how scientific information is acquired through participation in a variety of learning
experiences and students should be introduced to earth science as well as maintaining continued exposure to
chemistry and physics concepts. Thus, the emphasis for the 8th grade course is on earth science.

II. Course Objectives/Goals:

Explain the relationships between and among the objects of our solar system.
Explain how pressure, temperature, moisture, and wind are used to describe atmospheric conditions that
affect regional weather or climate.
Describe characteristic features of Earths water systems or their impact on resources.
Describe the potential impact of human made processes on changes to Earths resources and how they
affect everyday life.
Describe constructive and destructive natural processes that form different geologic structures and
III. Grades:
NOT ALL WORK COMPLETED WILL BE GRADED!! Please avoid asking if an assignment is graded.
Mrs. Swavely will inform you if the assignment is formative (for your benefit of learning: un-graded) or
summative (an assessment of what you know: graded). All grades are accessible 24/7 on the Community Portal,
but progress reports can be printed upon request.

Each quarter will be broken down as follows:

Homework and Classwork = 5%
Notebook Checks, Labs, Projects, Tests, and Quizzes = 95%

There will be a midterm and final assessment in this course. Midterm and final examinations will count for a
percentage of each semester these exams are not available for retake.

IV. Retake/Resubmission Guidelines:

Students will be permitted only one attempt to retake each end of chapter/unit assessments.
Students will be provided 5 school days to retake the assessment from the day the assessment grade is
posted to Sapphire. The retake MUST occur within this 5 day window.
Students will be allowed to retake their assessment provided that all of the assignments related to that
unit are submitted. Students will be required to complete late/missing assignments.
Students will only be provided the opportunity to retake their assessment if their study guide for that unit
is thoroughly completed (all activities of all three levels of the study guide are complete). The study
guide will be reviewed by Mrs. Swavely for thoroughness of completion.
Students may not be permitted to use materials/resources during the reassessment.
Students may be given the entire original test, a portion of the original test, or an alternative assessment.

V. Textbook: iScience: Earth & Space

Every student will receive a user name and password that will grant access to the online textbook. Students
wishing to have a hard copy can check out a book for the school year from Mrs. Swavely.

VI. Required Materials:

Students will be keeping an Interactive Notebook and will be required to obtain and bring the following
materials each day:
Folder or section in 3 ring binder
Pens and Pencils
Glue Sticks (at least 2 for the school year)
Color pencils (small handheld sharpener recommended but not required)
Sticky Notes
Basic function calculator

VII. Absence Policy

You are responsible for any work missed because of an absence. Homework assignments and daily
agendas will be posted on the Moodle website. Nearly all work (worksheets, notes, etc.) done in class
will be available on this website.
Upon your return to class, check the missed work folder for any handouts you may have missed.
Missed work is due ASAP! Reasonable deadlines will be assigned and must be followed.
If you are not present on the day of a quiz or test, you will take it in class the day of your return and you
will then be responsible for making up work from that days class.
If you are not present on the day of a lab, you must make the lab up within one week of your return. Lab
activities are performed to enhance the subject material of the unit, the purpose of the lab is neglected if
it is made up extremely late.

VIII. Late Work Policy

All assignments are expected to be turned in on the designated date in order to earn full credit. Please
see the class Late Work Policy Form for further information.
Late = any time after collection

IX. Behavior Expectations: Its all about RESPECT!

Respect yourself
ASK QUESTIONS and SEEK HELP if you feel like you dont understand!
Maintain a positive attitude and try your best every day.
Dont belittle yourself, no one is stupideverespecially in Room 228.
Respect Mrs. Swavely and Room 228
Be on time and be prepared for class! Being prepared means having your materials out, sitting down
in your seat, and ready to start immediately following the bell ringing.
Put your electronic devices away, they will not be allowed unless given permission for use by Mrs.
Swavely. Please refer to the policy on electronic devices found in your MTMS handbook.
Crowding the door does not make it ring any sooner, please utilize all class time by staying at your
seat and work until the bell rings.
Clean up after yourself. There are six classes in this room each day, please leave a clean room for the
class after you.
Respect your classmates
Avoid being a disruption to the class by listening to what others have to say and raising your hand to
share your thoughts. Please avoid talking while others are.
Limit annoying habits as best you can (ex: pen tapping, foot tapping, gum popping) which could be
distracting to students around you.
Plagiarism and cheating will NOT be tolerated. Please refer to the academic honesty policy found in
your MTMS handbook. Please remember that working together is not copying.

X. Leaving the Room

Please try to limit visits to the restroom to the first 5 or the last 5 minutes of class. Restroom visits
during class time should be for emergencies only you are responsible for the material you miss.
You MUST notify Mrs. Swavely if you are leaving the room and you MUST sign out each time you
leave the class room. This is for safety reasons- if there is an emergency, Mrs. Swavely must know the
location of all students.

XI. Homework Reminders with Texts and Instagram from Mrs. Swavely!
Receive texts or e-mails from the teacher anonymously with Remind! See the attached handout for
additional direction on how to receive updates!
o Text messages will be limited to homework and test reminders only and messages will not be
sent after 7pm or before 7am.
o Remember that Mrs. Swavely is human and could potentially forget to send a message once in
awhile so be sure to write your homework in your agenda every day!
Mrs. Swavely will also post homework updates via Instagram along with some cool science photos
you might be interested in seeing! Follow Mrs. Swavely at @SwavelyScience

XII. Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to seek help if you are struggling with the material!!
Name: Mrs. Brandi Swavely
Email: swavelbr@mtwp.net
Phone: 717-560-3111 ext. 3462
Moodle: http://moodlev2.mtwp.net

**email is a preferred form of contact because it is the fastest

way to get in touch with Mrs. Swavely during the school day.
Please keep in mind that the phone number above is not a
direct phone line but a voicemail box.

XIII. Sign and return

After reviewing this syllabus in class with Mrs. Swavely, read it through with a parent/guardian. If you have
any questions about this information, please contact Mrs. Swavely. After reading this syllabus with your
parent/guardian, complete the last sheet and return it to Mrs. Swavely by ________________________.
This sheet will count as a 5 point homework assignment. Please keep this syllabus at home for future
reference a shortened version will be given to you to keep in your Interactive Notebook.
My signature below indicates that I have read and understood the above Course
Syllabus for Mrs. Swavelys 8th Grade Science class.
PARENT / GUARDIAN NAME:_________________________________________________________
(Please Print Legibly)

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE:____________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARIDAN E-MAIL (preferred to contact):______________________________________

(Please Print Legibly)

STUDENT NAME:_________________________________________________________________
(Please Print Legibly)

STUDENT SIGNATURE:______________________________________________________________

CLASS PERIOD:_________
** Copy with the Parent Contact Log PDF file!