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Monarch F.B.I.

Laboratory Report
Blood Types: Not all university staff are suspects. Pick 5 from Bolded

Dr. Doodles Donley O+ Dr. Kelvin High B+

Dr. Lazarus Dangerkitty B+ Dr. Ellis Island AB+
Dr. Red Walrus O+ Dr. Sloopy Stretch A+
Dr. Thomas Canada A- Dr. Tide Sheetburger O+
Dr. Chip Tolhouse O+ Dr. Kat Pack AB-
Dr. Gerty Rice AB- Dr. Austin Powers A-
Dr. Danica Market AB- Dr. Lizzie Tally-Tale B+
Dr. Marky Mark B- Dr. Valerie Grapevine O+
Dr. Jack Hammer A+ Dr. Rudy Deca B+
Dr. Latricia Doctor A+ Dr. Shirley Mo O+

Evidence found at crime scene:

1. Blood underneath Dr. Donleys fingernails: Dr. Austin Powers
2. Lip prints on 2 glasses matching: Dr. Donley and Dr. Austin Powers
3. Fingerprints on Dr. Donleys glass: Dr. Donley and Dr Tide Sheetburger
Mrs. Donley cut the DNA with restriction enzymes EcoR1 and Pst1
Green- crime scene
Blue- suspect 1
Orange- suspect 2
Purple- suspect 3
Pink- suspect 4
Yellow- suspect 5
Wells facing black (negative), salt will separate the DNA b size and the DNA will move to the
more positive pole
4. Pet hair found on Dr. Donleys sleeve: Dr Sheetburger was attacked by a white dog
5. The stolen pathogens were HIV, TB and smallpox
6. An insurance document was found with blood on it of type: Dr Donley
Linnenburger matched the fingerprint
Suspect three matches lip stain

All suspects were in attendance of the annual Scientist of the Year Awards Dinner at Monarch
University, March 5, 2017, 7 p.m.

Physician's Report:

An attempt to poison Dr. Doodles Donley by cyanide was found in her cocktail glass. A faint
scent of almonds was apparent. The cyanide shuts down the electron transport chain quickly;
hence, one can not make ATP and carry on normal functions. Luckily the glass was tipped over
before Dr. Donley could partake.
Dr. Donleys time of attack is estimated to be between midnight and 2 am.
Blood not belonging to Dr. Donley was found on her right hand and underneath her fingernails
using luminol and other forensic techniques.

Use the following web sites and others you find on your own to learn more about lip and
fingerprinting, hair analysis, blood analysis, toxicology and anything else you desire:
7. (Recovering the Romanovs)


1. It is your job to evaluate the evidence from the Monarch F.B.I. Laboratory report along
with the DNA Fingerprint Lab, interviews of the suspects, and web sites to write a
creative story of the Case of the Cyanide Cocktail and the Missing Pathogens. You
must include your questions and analysis of the DNA (see lab sheets), your Monarch
F.B.I. laboratory report, and any other relevant information. You must prove beyond a
shadow of a doubt that an arrest warrant is justifiable and that state resources will be used
2. Create a Prezi or PowerPoint or video, etc... that contains the following information:
a. Details of how the science works
b. Information on the Pathogens stolen and how they could be used in Bioterror
c. The Results of the Lab tests in your Crime Scene and how you know the results
are accurate

See Assignment in Schoology for specifics on the write-up!

A) Who is guilty, motive and explain specific evidence supporting (ex. DNA Fingerprint,
Blood type, crime scene information, cornorer's and FBI report, interviews, ELISA test),

Who is guilty- Dr. Tide Sheetburger and Dr. Austin Newman Powers
Motive- Dr. Austin Newman Powers hired Dr. Tide Sheetburger to take out Dr.Donely.


Immune system

35 million people currently are infected by ut

human immunodeficiency virus
HIV can lead to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) if untreated
Once you have HIV,the virus never truly leaves your body
HIV attacks CD4 cells or T cells, the main function of T cells is to help the immune
system fight off infections. By attacking the T cells and reducing their numbers it makes
it harder for the body to fight off infections.
You can get HIV by having sex with someone who has it or if someone shares a needle
with someone.
HIV doesnt not have it own symptoms