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Hi, my name is aurora.

Everbody knows that I was ugly, fat, smelly, dirty, and

everything about me is bad. But, there is one thing that makes me the most perfect
people, I had a best friend, named belle. She is beautiful, slim, smart,and
everything about her is perfect. We were different. But the difference that makes us
very close.

I and Belle study in paradise princess high school. and you know what? Belle and I
for 2 years love the same man, and we will promise to not loved the same man
again because it is the end the year school.We promise.One day, me and Belle
walked the park of the school. And we met handsome man named Robert. Belle
says that he is the captain of the school basketball. and I loved it at first sight. ohmy
god, I have feeling to him.

Since like I do all the things that he likes. Ranging from participating in choir and
drama. you may wonder why I did not follow the cheerleaders, Sona, chief
cheerleader of the school will not let me follow him because I'm different from the
other princess.but, I have Belle ready to cheer. Belle gave me tips to look beautiful
like the other princess. ranging from going to the salon, facials, spa message, and
pedicure. I run Belle gave tips and Hi! I aurora has changed, pretty, slim as another

It's been 3 months since I love robert. I always told Belle to give my compliments to
him, but there was never any reply. I really do not dare to speak directly, or I would
be embarrassed in front of him. This fair is not it?the day after tomorrow is the day
of our school graduation. I've promised myself to tell Robert, I liked it more than I
love myself.Im looking where Robert and I found he in swimming pond. I called him
and he turned around. You know? when he turned around, he took the doll and a
rose. Oh My God, it's for me?

Okay, you're dreaming aurora. I clearly see for Belle. Belle? My friend, Belle? what
am I mistaken? But, it's true. You know? Robert gave me a gift and said that he and
Belle dating since 1 month ago. he dating with my best friend, Belle.I turned around
and fell right in the pool. I'm wet and Robert say what I'm okay, I made a circle with
my finger, indicating I was fine. I'm really okay, right? 5 years ago.

I'm into fashion design in London. This day is a day of reunion in Paradise Princess
High School, and of course I will come with my friend, no, I do not have friends
anymore since five years ago. I do not know any news about Belle, or robert. since
graduation we never exchanged news. many things are changing, right?

There is a man who suddenly came to me. handsome face, but I can recognize the
characteristic in his face. yes, it is robert. He congratulated me on my success and
words that most surprised me in which he said that he wanted to start a relationship
with me from the beginning and he also said that he loved me.
Once upon a time, there lived a mother and her daughter in a small village, in Borneo island.
The daughter was so beautiful, but she had a very bad behavior. She never helped her mother
to work. She just spent her time in front of the mirror to beautify herself and to admire her
beauty. While her mother had to work to fulfill their daily needs. She was also a spoiled girl. She
always asked everything to her mother. if her mother didnt fulfill her want, she would cry. This
made her mother so sad, but somehow she still loved her daughter. So she always tried to fulfill
what her daughter wanted.

One day, the girl forced her mother to buy a new gown for her. At first, her mother refused her
request. She told her daughter that she didnt have enough money. But her daughter threatened
her mother, then she fulfilled to but a new gown. Before going to the market together, her
daughter reminded her mom,Lets go shopping, but I dont want to walk beside you. You had to
walk behind me, I felt embarrassed if people see me. Even though her mother felt really sad,
she obeyed her daughter request, she did not want her daughter feel embarrassed.

The daughter dressed beautifully while her mother wore very simple dress. Even though they
were a mother and a daughter, they looked so different. Her mother looked like her servant. In
the middle of their way to market, a man greeted them,Hi cute girl, is she your mother?. he
asked. How could you think that? Of course she is not my mother, she is my servant, the
daughter replied. Her mother was so sad to hear that. She kept silent though her heart was
crying aloud. Along the street everyone passing kept asking the girl about her mother. And the
girl always told them that the old woman behind her was her servant.

The mother had stayed patiently along the street. And finally she could not bear it to hear her

ters answer. she prayed to the God,O Lord, punish my ungrateful daughter, please!, she
prayed. Suddenly the girls legs turned to be a stone immediately after the mother stopped
praying. The change came slowly. Knowing her legs turned to be a stone, the daughter
screamed.Whats happen to my legs?. Then she realized that she had hurt her mothers
feeling. She cried and begged for absolution to her mother.Mommy, Forgive me please, mom.
She begged. The daughter kept crying. But it was too late. The whole body eventually became a
stone. The mother actually felt so sad to see her daughter. But she could not do anything to the
Gods destiny. Even though she had become a stone completely, people can still see her tears.
That is the reason why it was called Batu Menangis.