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Site Analysis Report George Town Hub

Department of Education
Anne Street, George Town (PID 6447188)

January 2013
The following information is provided as a factual report to assist the decision makers in determining
whether the site at Anne Street, George Town (PID 6447188) is a suitable location to site the George Town

Project: George Town Hub

Site: Address: Anne Street, George Town (PID 6447188)
Folio of the Register: 82232/1
Ownership: Simone OIivia Neilsen, Susan Gay
Neilsen, Graeme Oliver Neilsen, Tamara Jaye Neilsen
Site Area: 0.6658 hectares (6658 square metres)

Planning Scheme: George Town Planning Scheme 1991

Zone: Closed Residential

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Child and Family Centre - Child and Family Centres are for children birth to age 5 and their families.

The purpose of Child and Family Centres is to improve the health and well being, education and
care of Tasmanias very young children by supporting parents and enhancing accessibility of
services in the local community.

The goals of the Child and Family Centres are to:

improve the health and educational outcomes for children birth to five years.
provide a range of integrated early years services in the local community to support the
development of children birth to five years.
build on the existing strengths of families and communities and assist in their educational
increase participation in early years programs such as those offered through Launching
into Learning (LIL).
build community capacity by developing partnerships with parents, carers and the
respond to child and family needs in a seamless and holistic manner.

Learning Information Network Centre (LINC) - LINC Tasmania is a state-wide network that gives
Tasmanians access to library services, research and information, adult literacy support, community
learning, online access, and archive and heritage services.

LINC brings together the services of the State Library of Tasmania, the Tasmanian Archive and
Heritage Office (TAHO), Adult Education and online access centres.

Service Tasmania and Centrelink - Service Tasmania provides you with one stop access to
government transactions, services and information.

Through Service Tasmania, you have easier access, greater choice and flexibility to conduct your
business with State Government agencies, as well as a number of Local and Commonwealth
Government agencies.

Centrelink program delivers a range of payments and services for retirees, the unemployed,
families, carers, parents, people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians, and people from diverse
cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and provides services at times of major change.

1, 25 July 2012.

2, 25 July 2012.
3, 25 July 2012.

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Neither the subject site nor the immediately neighbouring properties are identified to be of
heritage significance.
The following heritage sites are located in the vicinity of the site
1) House 57 Anne Street (opposite subject site)
2) Cottage 40 Anne Street (corner Anne Street and Cimitiere Street
3) Tara Hall 27 Sorell Street (minimum one block from subject site)


The site is located within the urban area of George Town and does not support any remnant native
vegetation and hence, any habitat of threatened species. A search of the Natural Values Atlas has
revealed no recorded species on the subject site.


The subject site has road frontage to Anne Street, Sorell Street and Arthur Street. Footpaths are
provided but it would be expected that kerb and channel and footpath along all three street
frontages would need to be upgraded and/or constructed to Councils standards.


George Town is approximately 45 minute drive from Launceston. George Town has limited public
transport available. A local taxi service is available and a bus service is provided between George
Town and Launceston.
The George Town to Launceston bus service is provided currently by Saintys bus service with three
stops within the George Town township, located at the Shell service station (Main Road), opposite
the Oven Bakery (Macquarie Street) and opposite Regent Square (Elizabeth Street). The bus
service stops at the Transit Centre in Cimitiere Street, Launceston. A further independent bus
service is provided for students travelling to private schools within Launceston for St Patricks
College, Scotch Oakburn College and Launceston Church Grammar School. A third service is
provided between George Town and Launceston for students travelling to Newstead and
Launceston Colleges.
To provide local destinations to support liveable, walkable and rideable neighbourhoods that
encourage physical activity as part of daily life, the concept of close walking distance will vary
according to peoples fitness levels and topography, but usually ranges between 400 and 800
metres. George Town is relatively flat terrain making accessibility for pedestrians available.

4 Heart Foundation, Healthy by Design: A guide to planning and designing environments for active living in Tasmania, 2009, page 33.

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The following walking times are provided as approximate guidelines:
Town Centre to Doctors surgery 3-4 minute walk
Town Centre to Site 4-5 minute walk
Town Centre to Port Dalrymple School 7-8 minute walk
Town Centre to York Cove 15 to 20 minute walk

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Site Services Plan Provided by George Town Council (24 July 2012). Note: Ben Lomond Water
now responsible authority for sewer and water

Light Blue = water line and meters; Dark Blue = Stormwater lines and pits; Red = Sewer lines and

The site is currently zoned Closed Residential under the George Town Planning Scheme 1991.
The George Town Hub proposal falls within multiple use categories under the current Planning
Scheme. Table 1 presents the individual components and their use status under the Closed
Residential zoning.
Table 1: Use
Use Categories and Status
Component Use Category Use Status
Service Tasmania, Centrelink, Civic Building Discretionary
meeting rooms.
LINC Educational Establishment Discretionary
Child and Family Centre Health Centre Discretionary
Bus lay-by Transport Depot Prohibited
Outdoor recreation area Public Recreation Permitted

The uses are potentially allowable on the site with the exception of the bus lay-by, which would
need to be located within the public road reserve. The bus lay-by could also reasonably be
considered as ancillary to the main uses, thus little turns on this.

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Clause S.10.1 of the Planning Scheme specifies a height standard of 10m, which would not
preclude the proposed development.
Schedule 4 of the Planning Scheme contains siting and setback standards for buildings. As the site
adjoins three road reserves, a 4.5m setback would apply to three of the title boundaries. The
setback from the rear boundary would be required to be not less than 3m or two thirds of the
height of the rear external wall. The setback standards are not considered to preclude the
proposed development.
Whilst it may be possible to obtain a permit for the proposal on the site (excepting the bus lay-by),
from a strategic sense the site is considered to be less desirable than Regent Square. Both the
Northern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy 2011 and the George Town Development Strategy
2002 both encourage consolidation of community facilities in central locations.
Policy SI-P02 of the Regional Land Use Strategy states:

Provide social infrastructure that is well located and accessible in relation to residential
development, public transport services, employment and educational opportunities
Both sites are located within close proximity to residential areas and schools, but the Anne Street
site is located from the main commercial centre of the town and the current bus service.
Policy SI-A05 of the Regional Land Use Strategy states:

Planning schemes are to facilitate the co-

co-location of community facilities and services from
from and
encourage multi-
multi-purpose, flexible and adaptable social infrastructure.
The Regent Square site has an advantage in that it is directly adjacent to the existing Memorial Hall
facility and co-locates the facilities immediately adjacent to one another. The site is also closer to
the Council Chambers. Whilst the Anne Street site is closer to the hospital than the Regent Square
site, it is not within the cluster of existing community facilities.
Similarly the George Town Development Strategy 2002 states:

There appears to be a need for consolidation of recreation and community facilities and
developing a multipurpose facility, which is highly accessible to the majority of the population
Further, whilst the objectives of the Close Residential Zone encourage educational and community
facilities under the current scheme, only non-residential facilities serving the local community are
facilitated under the General Residential Zone objectives of Planning Directive 1.
Another consideration is the potential for land use conflict from noise, traffic and visual rubbish
odours etc. Whilst these can be managed, the extent of frontage to existing residences and likely
future residences is far higher for the Anne Street site as opposed to the Regent Square site.
The process for an application on the Anne Street site would be a development application under
Section 51 of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act which has a 42 day statutory period. This
period includes a 14 day advertising period and consultation with relevant agencies. However, the
Council may stop the clock for further information or require additional time to meet the Council
meeting schedule which usually extends the period of consideration to 8-10 weeks. Once a
determination is made by the Council, either the applicant, or those who put in a representation
during the advertising period, have two weeks from the date of determination to lodge an appeal
of the decision to the Resource Management and Planning Appeals Tribunal (RMPAT). RMPAT then
has 90 days to determine the appeal (if lodged).
A further complicating factor could be the introduction of the George Town Interim Planning
Scheme which is part of the state-wide planning reforms process. The new Interim Scheme may
impact the ability to locate the proposal on the Anne Street site, however changes to the Land Use
Planning and Approvals Act may enable an application to be considered under the existing scheme

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depending on the time of lodgement. At this time the George Town Interim Scheme is expected to
be gazetted before the middle of 2013.
In conclusion, both sites have a reasonable level of accessibility, but the Regent Square site is more
centrally located amongst existing community facilities. In considering future zoning objectives and
potential land use conflict, the Regent Square site is preferable. There are no significant planning
constraints to the Anne Street site for the George Town Hub as currently proposed. Whilst the
Regent Square site, has current planning constraints that require a scheme amendment, this is
largely due to outdated policies within the existing scheme and should not be a factor determining
the best location of the facility.


The following requirements will be necessary to ensure adequate servicing and infrastructure are
provided to the site.
A footpath is currently provided along Anne Street frontage of the subject site. This footpath
appears to be in good condition but is narrow in width and it is likely that Council will require this to
be upgraded to the Councils standards. Although footpaths are provided in both Arthur Street
and Sorell Street this is on opposite sides of the street from the subject site. It is likely therefore
that Council will require the footpath to be constructed adjacent to the subject site on these two
stated road frontages, noting that a footpath is provided to the site south-eastern corner on Sorell
Street, but does not extend further.

Footpath in Anne Street (note SW manhole) Intersection of Arthur Street and Sorell Street

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Footpath along Sorell Street


Kerb and channel are provided to all three street frontages of the site.

Kerb and Channel along Arthur Street

Water is available to the site; a water connection will be required to Ben Lomond Waters

Sewer is available to the site; a sewer connection will be required to Ben Lomond Waters

The subject site is relatively flat, it appears to have poor drainage. A stormwater pit (manhole) is
provided along the Anne Street frontage within the nature strip. It is anticipated that the Council
may require the installation of a Gross Pollutant Interceptor.

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The subject site does not contain any vehicular access points currently. It is noted that the Sorell
Street/Arthur Street intersection is in a very poor state, any additional traffic load to this side of the
site may mean that Council require some contribution to the upgrading of this section of road.

Electricity is available on all three streets, however only electricity in Sorell Street is provided on the
subject sites side of the street. It will be required by Council that underground power is provided to
the site as it is located within the urban township of George Town. The National Broadband
Network cable is located on the electricity pole within the nature strip on Sorell Street, adjacent to
the subject site. Natural gas would be available, although not a requirement but will need
extending from Macquarie Street where it is currently located.

Electricity pole in Sorell Street (NBN cable)

The site is fenced on the southern boundary only, where vegetation is currently located and the
fencing is in poor condition and of a rural style. A remark survey will be required to establish the
title boundaries. Apart from the vegetation along the southern boundary, three additional clumps
of vegetation are located on site, although not significant in terms of species or size.

Vegetation on site (looking south east) Vegetation along Southern boundary

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