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Type pump and equipment


Weight & overall dimensions

Weight (KG): 845
Height (MT): 0,945
Width (MT): 1,100
Length (MT): 1,200

Selfpriming pumps are horizontal, one-stage, self-priming
centrifugal with an open impeller handling large solids. Self-priming
centrifugal pumps are used for pumping clear or dirty liquids with
Efficient and usefullwhen the the following conditions are required:
pumping of water with sand and gravel is allowed by pump
robusteness and a large impeller throughlet.
Used by transfer water in several applications: dewatering in
constructions o mining activity, drainage of soil, hydraulic by-pass,
irrigation, well-point duty (with in addition of the vacuum pump
and air separator), in industry, water treatment, refineries,
shipbuilding, agricultural, civil guards.
The open impeller has wide passages for control solids, the standard
version is in cast iron type spheroidal with high wear resistance with
easily replaceable wear plates, these pumps have a high
resistance to abrasion. The impeller can easily be inspected
through a large cover. The pump shall not run without water inside.
On request:
- impeller and wear plate in bronze, stainless steel or with ceramic
treatment easy replaceable.
- Customer color (RAL) (single or double). Specification & Materials
Pump casing & suction cover: CAST IRON EN GJL 250 (UNI EN 1561)
- Protective internal coating [on demand]: 100% solids, ceramic
reinforced, thin film coating to protect metal against chemicals, Wearplates: CAST IRON EN GJL 250 (UNI EN 1561)
abrasion, and corrosion. Industrial coating is designed to upgrade Mechanical Seal WIDIA - WIDIA
new and old equipment exposed to abrasion, corrosion or
chemical attack. Impeller: CAST IRON EN GJL 250 (UNI EN 1561)

Information feature Pump Shaft: STAINLESS STEEL CLASS A2

Liquid temperature - Max (C): 50 Impeller diameter (mm): 398
Density (Kg\Lt): 1,1 Solids handling (mm): 110
PH flow: 5-9 Impeller Type & Size: 398 3 VANES
Power (KW): 90 Suction pipe: 300 mm
Connector - Suction/delivery line: 12 INCHES - 300 mm Delivery pipe: 300 mm