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ASTM A193 Grade B7 / ASTM A320 Grade L7

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ASTM A193 Grade B7 is a low alloy chromium
molybdenum (CrMo) steel supplied in the fully
hardened, tempered and stress relieved condition.
Our stock is dual certified to ASTM A320 Grade L7,
with Charpy impact tests taken at 101C (27J min).

It is typically used in the petrochemical industry for the

manufacture of bolts, fasteners, studs and studbolts.

Scope Steel Manufacture Delivery Condition

ASTM A193 Grade B7 is a bolting specification Steel is manufactured via Electric Arc Furnace, Applicable bar diameters: 10mm 4 including
for medium-high temperature service. It is a continuously cast, followed by heat treatment Metric and Imperial thread rolling diameters.
heat treated chromimum molybdenum steel and bright conversion.
Surface conditions: Drawn or Turned
and is considered suitable for applications up
(size dependent).
to 450C (840F). L7 has the same chemical
& physical properties as B7, with additional *4 dia is currently only available as B7.
Charpy V Notch (CVN) tests taken at -101C
(-150F) for low temperature service.

Chemical Analysis

C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
0.37 0.65 0.15 0.80 0.15
0.49 1.10 0.035 0.04 0.35 1.10 0.25

Mechanical Properties

2 diameter 2 diameter > 2 to 4 diameter

ASTM A193 Grade B7 ASTM A320 Grade L7 ASTM A193 Grade B7
UTS, ksi (Mpa) 125 125 (860) 115 (795)
0.2% Proof Stress, ksi (Mpa) 105 105 (725) 95 (655)
% Elongation (min) 16 16 16
% Reduction of Area (min) 50 50 50
Hardness HBW (max) 321 321 321
Minimum Tempering Temperature, C (F) 593 (1100) 593 (1100) 593 (1100)
CVN @ -101C (150F) (Joules) N/A 27 N/A Can be ordered tested as per
L7 requirements up to 3.75 dia

Extensive Product Range Accreditations Nationwide Next-Day Delivery
Our Metal Centres provide customers with a Tata Steel maintains more than 100 market and We have a well-placed network of sites in
quick and convenient way of buying smaller customer approvals from the worlds leading Wolverhampton, Newcastle and Bolton.
quantities of a wide range of steel products. OEMs and tiers engaged in the aerospace, oil They are conveniently located, with excellent
Ideal for jobs where fast completion is needed. and gas, lifting and excavating, automotive logistics, to service the UK market. Using our
They stock a wide choice of black and bright, and bearing markets consuming engineering own transport fleet and working together with
carbon and alloy grades. Our range includes bar. Our manufacturing sites are approved haulier partners, we offer nationwide next-day
round, flat and hexagonal bars in a multitude to BS EN 9100:2008, AS9100/AS9120 and delivery for urgent orders even for small or
of sizes. BS EN ISO 14001:2004. one-off orders.

Further Processing In-depth industry knowledge

To save customers processing time Tata Steel service centres serve more than
and cost we offer: 6,000 individual customers each year.
Our extensive experience of steel products,
single- and multi-cut sawn to
processing and applications can be utilised to
length quantities
support the development of your business.

a wide range of additional processing
services, including boring, proof turning,
precision turning, centreless grinding, heat
treatment, mechanical testing, ultrasonic/MPI
(magnetic particle inspection) crack testing

Bright Carbon/Alloy Bar Black Carbon/Alloy Bar

Round Bar 080A15(EN32)/070M20(EN3A/EN3B) Round Bar 070M20 (EN3A/EN3B) Please contact your nearest sales office
080M40(EN8)/080A42(EN8D) S355J2 for more information:
210M15 (EN32M) 080M40 (EN8)
Newcastle Upon Tyne:
212A42 (EN8DM) 605M36 H&T (EN16 H&T)
T: 0191 414 1819
230M07 (EN1A) 655M13 (EN36A/EN36B)
F: 0191 414 5235
230M07Pb (EN1A Leaded) 708M40 H&T (EN19A H&T)
E: newcastlesales@tatasteel.com
605M36 H&T (EN16 H&T) 709M40 H&T (EN19 H&T)
655M13 (EN36A/EN36B) 817M40 H&T (EN24 H&T) Bolton:
708M40 H&T (EN19A H&T) 835M30 (EN30B) T: 01204 370999
817M40 H&T (EN24 H&T) SAE 8620H F: 01204 396684
Hitenspeed 45A 832M13 (EN36C) E: boltonsales@tatasteel.com
Hitenspeed 55 16MnCr5
ASTM A193 B7 / A320 L7 Forged Bar 070M20 (EN3A)
T: 01902 875000
ASTM A193 B16 080M40 (EN8)
F: 01902 453307
Turned Bar 080A15 (EN32)/070M20 (EN3A/EN3B) 817M40 H&T (EN24 H&T)
E: wolverhamptonsales@tatasteel.com
080M40 (EN8)/080A42 (EN8D)
230M07 (EN1A) Other Grades are available please call us for
Hexagonal 212A42 (EN8DM) further information.
Bar 230M07 (EN1A)
230M07Pb (EN1A Leaded)
605M36 H&T (EN16 H&T)
Hitenspeed 55
Flat Bar 080A15 (EN32)/070M20 (EN3A/EN3B)
Square Bar 080A15 (EN32)/ 070M20 (EN3A/EN3B)
230M07 (EN1A)
230M07Pb (EN1A leaded)

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