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CHE625 (Sem.

March July 2016)

Assignment (2 students per group): Bioreactors and Fermenters
Question 1

Define bioreactor and fermenter, and distinguish them from each other. You may use your own
creativity (i.e. using diagrams, design equations, etc.) to further elucidate your explanation.

Question 2

The following are different types of bioreactor configurations:

1) Stirred tank bioreactor

2) Airlift bioreactor

3) Packed bed bioreactor

4) Fluidized bed bioreactor

5) Photo bioreactor

6) Membrane bioreactor

7) Rotary drum bioreactor

8) Mist bioreactor

Choose one (1) type of bioreactor above and discuss the followings:

a) Mode of operations

b) Applications

c) Advantages/ disadvantages of the bioreactor

d) Economics/ price

Submit your discussion in a mind-map form, or any other forms that you may find creative.

Also, find one (1) journal that discusses on the bioreactor of your choice above and do a 1-page
summary on the findings of the journal. Please attach the journal together with your assignment.

Assignment due date: 17/6/2016 (Friday), before 11 pm. Please submit to me via email at:
sitikhatijah5782@gmail.com , and notify your submission through WhatsApp to me at 017-4595937. Late
submission will not be entertained and will be given 0 mark.

Thank you.