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Faith Keller

FHS 2400
1 Feb. 2017
Same Sex Marriage and Polygamy
The topics of same sex marriage and polygamy are extremely controversial due to
religious concerns, old fashioned values, and various other personal reasons. Same sex marriage
was legalized on June 26, 2015 (gaymarriage.procon.org), but polygamy is prohibited by current
legislation. People have different views on marriage, but they often fail to accept the views of
others. A marriage is a legally recognized union between two people, generally a man and a
woman, in which they are united sexually, cooperate economically, and may give birth to, adopt,
or rear children (pg. 6, The Marriage and Family Experience).
When the ban on same sex marriage was determined to be unconstitutional by the
Supreme Court, there was a lot of excitement and then there were a lot of people that were upset
over the ruling. I am personally for same sex marriage being legal because there is no real reason
it should not be. Most of the arguments against it were based on religion, but because of laws
separating church and state those arguments should be considered invalid. I also do not think that
anyone should be denied a marriage license due to wanting to marry a member of the same sex.
The most logical argument against it was Bill Clinton defining marriage as between one man and
one woman, but there is no reason that marriage should have to be between heterosexual couples.
Another problem with same sex marriage being illegal, is that because of the stigma behind it
homosexuals may end up looking toward conversion therapy which can cause health problems
and mental trauma. Conversion therapy is often hormones or electroshock therapy, which is not
good for a persons emotional or physical well being and should not be promoted.
On the other hand, I would vote against polygamy. I think it is unfair to the women to
expect them to all maintain peaceful relationships with one another while also being committed
to the same man. Women may have pressure from family members to be in that type of
relationship, but they may not want to accept all of the different things that it entails. In some
polygamous marriages, there are multiple pregnancies at once. The man may end up focusing on
one specific woman, which could end up affecting the mental health of the other wives.
Polygamy could also cause problems because of marriage benefits. Filing joint taxes with
multiple people could cause a lot of issues. Even though, I do not believe that polygamous
marriages should be recognized by the government, I do think that we should be as accepting of
polyamorous relationships as possible. They may enter into these types of relationships because
of religious reasons, and their views should be accepted by others and they should not be treated
as less because of it.
Marriage is a legal as much as it is a personal matter. There are certain places where the
line should be drawn as it could cause problems for other people, but if a personal marriage
decision does not have any reason to affect another person or infringe on their rights, there is no
reason for it to be illegal.
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