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MUIDS Air quality

1 Part
e dust?
How do we collect th collect
Glycerin was used to particle
ycerin on the After Collectin Which kind of
dust. We smeared Gl ir?
placed it at the
g dust: found in the a
Petri Dish and then Just a little am k dust
observed using ount of ur and blac
schools rooftop and dusts are foun Water vapo
d. e found
Stereomicroscope. particles ar

Summary Where in the school has

the worst air quality?
The air quality of the school in the aspect of dust amount is
On the school bus seat
pretty good. Within the school ground, there are less dust than we
expected. Looking from only the rooftop, we expected it to
contain lots of dust. But after we use the stereomicroscope to
examine the collected particles, we found less to no dust on the
dish even though we used a great dust trap; glycerine..
f t o p g r o u p
By Mac Pat Mint Mimie Envi 1003 Roo
Poster By Mac Pat Mint
Mimie Bow
Envi 1003 MUIDS Air quality
Place 1 Roof Top Average CO2 Level:
25.83 ppm
Place 3 school
Good air standard = less backyard

than 1000 ppm Average CO2 Level:

20.86 ppm

Pl ace 4
eteria front ssroom
Place 2 Caf Average CO2 Level:
e 5 cla
16.86 ppm Average CO2 Level: Plac
25.00 ppm

Average CO2 Level:

110.29 ppm
What happen when we inhale dust and carbon dioxide?

Exposure to dust can lead to various Exposure to CO2 can lead to various
health effects health effects

d ac hes Hallucination
Bacterial H e a
Infection Hayfever

s th ma Dizziness
Fibrosis A
t ta cks