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Art Methods Lesson Plan Template

Becca Eccleston
ED 473
Kim DeYoung
Spring 2016

Title: Where I Live

Subject Area: Art and Social Studies

Grade: 3rd

Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Standards: Geography 3.6- Identify hemispheres, continents, and oceans using globes
and maps.
CCSS. ELA-Literacy,W.3.2.A Introduce a topic and group related information together;
include illustrations when useful to aiding comprehension.
AR.03.CP. 01 Use experiences, imagination, essential elements and organizational
principles to achieve a desired effect when creating, presenting, and/or performing
works of art.

Rationale: This lesson will give my students the opportunity to learn about the current
state in which they live while also creating art. It will allow students to see parts of the
state and country that they may not know about or have never been to. This will also
allow my students to show me what they know about their planet, continent, country,
state, city, and home.

Assessments: Students will be able to identify continents, countries, state, and locate
their state and city on a map of the United States and Oregon (or State in which they
live). Students will be able to display use of all primary colors and at least 2 analogous

Modifications/Adaptations: For ELL students I would allow them to create a map

about their previous home if they did not feel familiar enough with the U.S. Provide
sentence frames and step by step instructions on the board or projector for students
who need extra language support.
Provide completed examples for students to see.

Spring 2015
Art Methods Lesson Plan Template

If a student needs assistance they can sit with peers of their choice.
Provide circle stencils and/or precut circles for each layer.

Materials: Circle stencils/ templates, markers, pencils, crayons, scissors, metal brads,
and colored paper (up to 7 colors)

Objectives: Students will be able to display an understanding of the location of their

home. Students will be able to create, organize, and construct a work of art that relates
to where they live in the world. Students will be able to display an understanding of
essential art elements by using all primary colors and 2 analogous colors.

1. Hand out all 7 circles and then cut out. (Show my example) Label: my planet.
Illustrate our planet with continents and oceans.
2. Construct 2nd circle. Label: my continent. Illustrate with continent we live on and
the oceans around.
3. Create 3rd circle. Label: my country. Illustrate with United States and label state we
live in (Oregon).
4. Create 4th circle. Label: my state. (Show example) Illustrate with Oregon
characteristics (trees, oceans, mountains, etc).
5. Create 5th circle. Label: my city. Illustrate with landmarks or favorite places in their
6. Create 6th circle. Label: my house. Illustrate with a map or drawing of their house.
7. Create 7th circle. Label: Me. Illustrate with a simple self portrait or things they like
to do.
8. After circles are completed line up all circles evenly to hole punch.
9. Hole punch all 7 circles at the top and insert metal brad.
10. Project is now completed. Collect projects for assessments.

Resources: This lesson plan was adapted from an example unit lesson taught in ED
457 by Susan Faller- Mitchell. As well as seen on Pinterest at


Spring 2015
Art Methods Lesson Plan Template

Spring 2015