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After the Gospel, the Celebrant and the people sit; but those to be professed stand.

The Novice Mistress calls those to be professed by name.

The candidates respond:

Lord you have called me!

The Celebrant then questions them:

My dear Sisters (daughters), what do you ask of

God and of his Church?
The candidates respond together:

We ask for Gods love and a share in the life of this

community of the Missionaries of Charity.
The Celebrant and all the members of the religious family reply:

Thanks be to God.


After the homely, those to be professed stand, and the Celebrant questions them on
their readiness according to the rule or Constitutions of the religious Community.

The Celebrant :

my dear Sisters, you are already consecrated to

God by water and the Holy Spirit. Are you resolved
to be more closely united to god by the new bond
of the Religious Profession?
The candidates respond:

I am so resolved!
The Celebrant :

In your desire to follow Christ perfectly, are you

resolved to live in Chastity as a sign of the
Kingdom of Heaven, to practice voluntary Poverty,
to offer the sacrifice of Obedience and to give
Whole-Hearted and Free Service to Gods poor?
The candidates respond:

I am so resolved!
The Celebrant confirms their intention in these words:

May Almighty God give you His grace to fulfill

your resolution.

The Celebrant then prays for Gods help saying:

Let us pray
All pray for a while in silence.

Then the Celebrant says:

Lord, look upon those religious who wish to

imitate Your Son more closely by professing the
Evangelical Counsels in the presence of Your
Church today. In your love grant that their way of
life may bring glory to Your Name, and salvation to
all mankind. We ask this through Christ, our Lord.
All respond:

After the prayer, two Professed Sisters stand before the Superior to act as
witnesses, according to the custom of the religious community. Those to be
professed come one by one to the Superior and read the formula of Profession.

If there are many religious making their Profession, the formula of Profession may
be recited by all together. The words I (N.N) vow and promise must be said by
each individual, as clear expression of the will of each one being professed. Then
they return to their places and remain standing.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy
Spirit. Amen.

For the honor and glory of God, and moved by a

burning desire to quench the infinite thirst of Jesus on the
Cross for love of souls by consecrating myself more fully
to God, that I may follow Jesus more closely in my whole
life, according to the charism, life and work of our
Foundress Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, in a spirit of loving
trust, total surrender and cheerfulness, here and now, in
the presence of my sisters, and into your hands Sister
N.N., Superior General of the Society of the Missionaries
of Charity, (or Sister N.N., delegate of Sister N.N.,
Superior General of the Society of the Missionaries of

I, N.N. vow for one year chastity, poverty, obedience

and wholehearted and free service to the poorest of the
poor, according to the Constitutions of the Missionaries of
Charity. I give myself with my whole heart to this religious
family, so that by the grace of the Holy Spirit and the help
of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Cause of our joy and
Queen of the world, I may be led to the perfect love of God

and neighbour and make the Church fully present in the
world of today.

The person who receives the vows will answer:

By the authority entrusted to me , I accept your

vows in the name of the Church, for the Community of the
Missionaries of Charity. I commend you earnestly to God
that you may fulfill your dedication which is united with
this Eucharistic Sacrifice.


Celebrant: Our help is in the name of the Lord.

People: Who made Heaven and earth.

Celebrant: The Lord be with you.

People: And with your Spirit.

Celebrant: Let us pray:

Heavenly Father, you who speak to us through all
your creation and through the art of human hands,
bless and sanctify these images of Your beloved
Son who offered His life on the Cross for our
salvation, and grant that, venerating these
crucifixes we may reproduce in us His image.
Though Christ, our Lord.
People: Amen.


The Celebrant blesses the Crucifixes, and then addresses the Sisters saying:

My dear Sisters, receive the symbol of your
Crucified Spouse, follow His footsteps in search of
souls. Carry Him and His light into the homes of
the poor, especially to the souls most in need.
Spread the charity of His Heart wherever you go,
and so satiate His Thirst for souls.

- Song of the Newly Professed.

- Prayer of the faithful.
- Liturgy of the Eucharist