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Planning a Book Trailer

1. Learner Analysis:
a. Age/Gender: Students are both male and female, ranging from 10-12 years old.
b. Cultural Background: The cultural background is excessively diverse. The
students range from having an African American cultural background to Latin,
Asian, and Native American cultures.
c. Educational Level: The audience consist of 5th graders at Glennville Elementary
d. Special Needs/Accommodations: As diverse as the students background is, also
correlates with the amount of accommodations and special needs of each of the
students. Small groups are essential, along with extended time on assignments and
projects. Also, passages and directions must be read aloud to a large group of my
students. A few of my students are allowed to have frequent, yet monitored,
breaks throughout an instructional time period. Lastly, I have one student who is
legally blind, who requires overlays and large print on all material.
e. Specific Entry Skills: Some of the basic skills that the students will need to dive
into this new novel are an understanding of the way a story is built; theme,
setting, plot, etc. The students will also need to know what it means to draw, or
make, and inference based on evidence from the text. Student will also reuse the
skill of context clues, and need a basic vocabulary.
f. Motivations- Kellers ARCS Model:
Attention: To capture my audience's attention, I will use a musical
background that creates suspense and excitement. I will also use colorful
pictures, pose a problem throughout the text, and use a video for
Relevance: Concrete language will be provided throughout the trailer, as
well as images that are recognizable to the students.
Confidence: The teacher will give feedback to the students throughout the
trailer. Objectives and prerequisites will also be presented before the book
Satisfaction: The students will have a firm understanding of the
background of the novel. The students will also experience rewarding

2. Book Selection:
The novel I have selected to complete a book trailer on is Walk Two Moons by Sharon
Creech. Walk Two Moons is a novel that my school adopted last year for 5th grade in the new
Comprehensive Reading Solutions program. The book was relatable to not only my students, but
myself. It teaches morals throughout the whole book that some authors are not daring enough to
bring up. The main character is traveling across the country with her grandparents in search of
her mother, while also flashing back to the past to explain the plot. The characters are quirky, and
the lessons that are mentioned throughout the book are excellent for teenagers. The story is also
told from a Native American culture. The culture is different than most of my students
background, therefore they are able to experience someone elses culture and point of view.