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Ladesha Kendrix

April 28, 2017

4th Hr.

Senior Portfolio and Defense Project Breakdown


Knowing S.T.E.M. and trying to get a career can help you in life better your

career. Stem stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In school

we learned a little about everyone of those subjects and we didn't even know we were

about S.T.E.M. Now we just have put everything together and realize that everything is

involved with S.T.E.M. Knowing S.T.E.M. can get you anywhere in life. For example, if

you didnt know how to count, you could not keep up with how much money you have in

your hands or in your wallet.

The S in S.T.E.M. stands for science. In science you have ask questions. Give

and hypothesis. Do experiment. A result is a cat come of something in science or any

problem. A conclusion is the end or finish of an event or process. Science is important it

allow you to solve problems. Ask what about is going on or something you need help on

when you are stuck. You can find out new discoveries when you put two or more
elements together to help people get better or take medicine everyday to make you feel

better. Another fact about science can help you disprove false information about

anything. For example back in the old days they thought that the earth was flat but later

it was find it was round. Career in science are like being a doctor, nursing,surgery,

dentistry, and pharmacy. In order to become one of these you have to go those fields

and take classes to see how everything work and experience how everything works in

these fields.

The next letter in S.T.E.M is the T,which stands for technology. Technology is a

way to communicate with people around the world in able to stay up date with the new

around the world. Other technology like, phones,computers, tables, and can ipads help

you solve when you are stuck on something. Most jobs use technology to do there work

and research complete about the topic or subject you are working on. With technology

you have the ability to access, manage, design, and create to improve learning in any

type of subjects. All over the world 62% of the people use the internet as part of their job

on their technology. Every job use technology anywhere you go you see technology. For

example you go into a store and they are on a cash register with the lottery trying to see

the daily numbers.

The E in S.T.E.M. represent engineering. Engineering is building we inter

everyday for school,work and others. Machines come from a person engineering who

invented things we used everyday in life like a television that you watch for

entertainment. Engineers build and designs new inventions everyday to become rich or

richer than what they are at the moment. Everywhere you go you see a structure and

some people didnt know that they was looking at a structure until you tell them.
Engineering is important because if you didn't have someone who know how to make a

houses you will not have no where for stelter or to live in to be safe. If cars was not

invented you will not have a transposition to get to one place to another one. If there

was no shoes everyone will be flat footed because everybody really need shoes to

support their back so letter in life you will not have no back pain. If there was no bridges

or roadways will not be allowed yourself to go nowhere and to travel to a different place

to visit. One of the careers in engineering is called a architect. A architect is a person

who designs the blue sheet and construction man help build the project that is on the

blue sheet. The second careers of being an engineer is an electrical engineering. The

things that an electrical engineering build are computers, television, video games and

phones that people use everyday. The third career of being an mechanical engineer.

Mechanical engineer are people who build robots to save lives and bring people back to

life if they die for a mintun or more.

The M in S.T.E.M represent Mathematics. Mathematics is in everything we do

everyday what is time. Equations are problem that we have to solve in life. In

mathematics we have to be able to weigh things things to see how much something is

at that moment. If you didn't the measurement of how much is then you couldn't find the

distance or how much space you will need for what you are doing at that moment.

Knowing statistics can help you go back in your memory or search for data and facts.

Math is the one skill you need to master in your life, even if it is the only one, you will at

least be able to live without being cheated, robbed, or abused, you see without math we

just cannot live or survive. We need math in our everyday lives. Just doing the basic

essentials is dependant on your ability to do math. Math is everywhere we go, because

you have to be able to count how many objects are around you. Mah is in every career.

There is no career that does not talk about math or that don't have mathematics skills

involved into it as well.


Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are connected like they are

cousins. How is math and science the are attached by ability to accurately determine

calculations or scientific principles is largely the result of the relation between math and

science. In physics, calculus, and differential equations are used in order to study

complex relationships between one property and another. Technology and engineering

are connected by creating an new invention. Without an engineer you couldn't use

technology a engineer will not be in the world now. All the world you can fine on

engineer or technician that can work on computers. Now, they are connected and can

communion together by putting science, technology, engineering and mathematics in

apps or program together can get you far in life. Take the first letter in the beginning of

each word and it give you the word S.T.E.M. is the key of triumphant in life. Without

knowing one of stem formula you will not be victorious like some people are by going to

school or college. There are over a million or even billions all over the world successful

and victorious because the went to school trying to be something better in life and not

like the rest of the people in the world.

Daily we wake up to stem if we realize it. Stem is everywhere in your home even.

When wake up you are getting up by a technology products, like a phone, clock,

television or a radio, every last one of those I name are connected with stem. Everyone

use stem in everything like teachers, students, principal, and other staff when they use

computers, phones, and tablets. When a coach is in the locker room with the team

members, sometime they talk to us about the how a player should go one way and

when to time do it and how they should do it. In Ms. Perez class she give us a time to

do our Do Now like 5-10 minutes. After do now we talk about it out loud for 5 minutes

then the remanding of class we work on what she has plan for us to learn today.


The two careers that Im interested are nursing and law enforcement. Nursing is

connected with science because you have know the body anatomy and what types of

drug that can and cannot enter the body. In a doctor's office or lobby the nurse's and

doctors use technology. When they use technology they can be looking up information

about your medical information sheets and find updates about what has been going on

with you your whole life. Engineering is a part of nursing when people are coming up

with new designs that are making the medical fields jobs easier. Mathematical is a part

of being a nurse because you have to be able to measure fluids and give the proper

amount of medicine. Law enforcement is connected with science by being able to read

someone's body language and the way the mind statement is form or setup. Technology

is entered by video cameras and connecting with a dispatcher by walkie talkies.

Engineers helps the law enforcement by inventing glass jail cells instead of bar gates
and they also made tasters to help them get someone in far distant instead of a stun

guns which is making their job better and easier. Mathematical plays a part of law

enforcement when you are able to know how much a pound is and a gram and tell the

suspects how much time they with be getting behind bars.