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Martinez, Gabriela

Mr. Wisner

World History

3rd Period


Egypt Cabinet OKs state of emergency after

Palm Sunday church bombings

Key Vocabulary from the Article (Define at least 4).

Coptic- the language of the Copts, which represents the final stage of
ancient Egyptian
mourning- the expression of deep sorrow for someone who has died,
typically involving following certain conventions such as wearing black clothes.
execute-carry out or put into effect
compensation-something, typically money, awarded to someone as a
recompense for loss, injury, or suffering.

Summary of the Event (at least 3 major points; each point will have its own
The cabinet in Tanta Egypt in under the state of emergency after ISIS planted bombs
near the church. Killing at least 28 people and injured many more.
ISIS claimed responsibility and warned them that there will be more attacks in a
statement saying. "The Crusaders and their apostate followers must be aware that the
bill between us and them is very large, and they will be paying it like a river of blood
from their sons, if God is willing," the group said in Arabic.
In Alexandria, 17 people including civilians and police officers were killed when a
suicide bomber blew himself up outside a Coptic church. At least 125 people were
injured in the attacks.

Your Opinion of the Event (at least 3 sentences).

I just dont understand how ISIS can kill so many innocent people. People shouldnt be
murdered, because of their religion or race. In my opinion what we have to do is help out the
poor innocent people in whatever why we can and not discriminate against them . There are
many terrorist groups out there but ISIS is the most powerful one but one day we will put an end
to their terror for good.

Relate your Event to the a subtheme (at least 3 sentences).

This topic goes under the subtheme of religion because it talks about how people went to
celebrate palms sunday. Innocent people got murdered for what they believe in. Every
though they do not have the right to do such a thing to many innocent people. They take
people away from their families everyday and they dont even care.

Questions You Have About the Event (4).

1. Why did ISIS bomb the church?
2. Why do they hate christians?
3. How do they have so much money?
4. How do they make their bombs?