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Student Name: _________________________________

Task Description: Students will work together in assigned teams to create instructional materials project that details a specific
topic in Social Studies for Secondary. The presentation should include appropriate projected and non-projected materials and
visual aids it includes the content and the discussion.

Content Exemplary Proficient Partially Proficient Incomplete POINTS

Concept 15-20 points 10-14 points 5-9 points 0-4 points

Has a clear picture of what they Has a fairly clear picture of what Has brainstormed their Little effort has been spent on
are trying to achieve. Adequate they are trying to achieve. Can concept, but no clear focus brainstorming and refining a
description of what they are describe what they are trying to do has emerged. Goals/final concept. Unclear on the goals
trying to do and generally how overall but has trouble describing product not clearly defined. and how the project objectives
his/her work will contribute to the how his/her work will contribute to will be met.
final project. the final project.

Visual 12-15 points 8-11 points 4-7 points 0-3 points

The visual presentation Includes text for each concepts of Presentation are not in There is no evidence
illustrates the structure with the presentation, descriptions of logical sequence and do not
correct interpretation. Notes of background audio for each scene, provide complete
proposed transition, special and notes about proposed shots. descriptions of the concepts
effects, sound and title tracks scenes, audio background,
includes: text, color, placement, or notes.
graphics, etc.

Content/ 15-20 points 10-14 points 5-9 points 0-4 points

The content includes a clear Information is presented as a The content does not Content lacks a central theme,
statement of purpose or theme connected theme with accurate, present a clearly stated clear point of view and logical
and is creative, compelling and current supporting information that theme, is vague, and some sequence of information. Much of
clearly written. A rich variety of contributes to understanding the of the supporting information the supporting information is
supporting information, projects main idea. Details are does not seem to fit the irrelevant . The viewer is unsure
understanding of the projects logical and persuasive information main idea or appears as a what the message is because
main idea. Events and messages is effectively used. The content disconnected with no there is little persuasive
are presented in a logical order. includes a clear point of view with a unifying main idea. Includes information and only one or two
Includes properly cited sources. progression of ideas and few citations and few facts. facts about the topic are
supporting information. articulated. Information is