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Emily Manning


Art Touches Art Nikes

Originating ideas

Music video
Frank Ocean Nikes
This idea consists of taking the song Nikes by Frank Ocean. The song has an
alternative vibe to it, which I will try to portray through the shots I film. The narrative
follows a group of people who are part of a cult. The video will consist of a group of
people wearing bright colours and dramatic makeup, lying on the ground and in a
swimming pool. The video will consist of visually appealing elements such as
throwing dry paint, confetti canons and Piatas. The video will be filmed
predominantly in slow motion with lip-syncing. The three main locations for the video
will be my garden, where there will be the characters lying on the ground and
floating on top of a swimming pool, with a panning birds eye view camera which will
go around the area and film everyone. The second location is going to be an empty
car park, where there will be shots of people hanging out the car windows and
standing on the top of the car. The third location will be a grass field to film the
powdered paint.

This idea will consist of a main character singing to the song Green Light by Lorde.
The character will be walking round locations such as a house, park and street. The
narrative will follow the main character who has gone through a break up and she is
having flash backs to happy and sad times of her being with her boyfriend. I will film
the video in low light situations with bright lights. I think this idea would be effective
as it would have a clear narrative and be filmed in an appealing way with multiple

I like it cause its got canons and glitter and a

whole load of fun

I think the second idea is more developed and

you have a clearer idea of what it will look like

It will look visually appealing and aesthetically


I carried out a focus group to find out which of my video ideas is the strongest.
Everyone said that I should create a music video to Nikes by Frank Ocean. They
said that the idea was more developed and I had a clearer idea of how I wanted to
the video to look; the shots I said I would like to include are visually appealing to the
audience. In addition, the use of props such as dry paint and confetti canons would
work well as they are eye catching and make the video unique to watch.
Art Touches Art Nikes



I have decided that my final video will be to create a music video to Nikes. I think
this idea will be highly effective as the use of artistic shots being stronger than the
narrative, means that it will be more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. I believe
this will fit in with my target audience, being 14-26, male and females from the socio-
economic group E/D. A simple video will make it easier for this age group to follow
rather than a complex narrative. It will also keep the viewers attention for longer as
there are many things going on at once. I believe that the video being in slow
motion will also work well, as it means that the audience can keep up with what is
going on, and it goes with the beat and mood of the song. I think that the use of
props such as confetti canons, dry paint and glitter will be interesting to watch in
slow motion and is appealing to people in that target audience. I am going to use a
slow tracking shot, which will show everyone lying on the floor, lip-syncing to the
song from a birds eye view. I think this will work well as it matches with the mood of
the song and will work well against the more exciting elements of my video. What
also helped me decide which idea was best to produce was my focus group. I think
the second idea is more developed and you have a clearer idea of what it will look
like It will look visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing
Art Touches Art Nikes

Mood board

Art Touches Art Nikes


This shot is used in the opening sequence,

where I switch between here and
another clip. This is one of the only shots
where you can clearly see the Nike logo.

This is a long shot of the car driving past

the camera with passengers standing on
the back and sitting out the windows.
This is shown in the opening sequence to
introduce the characters to the video.

This is a close up of charlotte out the

window, filmed from a GoPro, used in the
middle of the video, in between shots of

This is a mid-shot of one of the actors

from my music video, which is used
between lip-syncing as b-role.
Art Touches Art Nikes

This is a shot of the main character

used in the opening sequence to
introduce him before everyone else to
highlight his importance in the video
to the viewer.

This is a shot of lip-syncing in the video,

the lot consists of a mid-shot with a
scenic background.

This is a shot of lip-syncing in the video;

the lot consists of a mid-shot with a
scenic background.

This is a shot used at the end of the

video as it is a long shot and I feel like ir
concludes the video well.
Art Touches Art Nikes


I dont think its imperative to have a narrative,

I just think you should have a clearer idea of
what you want to include in your video and
how youre going to include it

It could be really random and fun

Because youre going to use glitter and dry

paint you should have risk assessments

I asked the group if they thought that it would be a good idea to film my video in
slow motion, they agreed that it would work well as long as it would be coordinated
with the lip-syncing. They also said that it should be quite simplistic as it would work
well with the song and that it should be random and fun. They said that the use of
glitter and paint would work well, but to be careful that the products are non-toxic
and carry out a risk assessment so no one is harmed when filming the production.


Target Audience
Id say around teenagers, maybe 14-19

Around the age demographic of the artists TA

Frank Oceans music is aimed at both genders

The video and artist are aimed at teenagers to

people in their mid-twenties

Frank Oceans target audience is people aged 14-26. The target audience are
social butterflies of both genders and all sexualities. They tend to shop at mainstream
shops such as Topshop and H&M. They also like going to parties and are very friend-
orientated. On the contrary, they also like to chill and relax. I am going to make this
my target audience, as I believe it fits with the style of my video as well as being the
artists target audience. In my video, I am going to feature people from this target
audience so it is more relatable and appealing. My socio-economic group will be
E/D. I believe this is appropriate, as this age range are more likely to buy products
such as music videos, despite their low income. My focus group showed that the
video appealed to them, being people who fit into my target audience. They said I
should base my target audience around Oceans. that I should aim my video at
teenagers to mid-twenties. When looking into similar artists such as Beyonc and
Tyler, the Creator, they have similar target audiences. Beyoncs music is aimed at
14-24 year olds and Tylers, teenage years to mid-twenties. This shows that my video
would be able to compete with these artists as it would appeal to a similar target
Art Touches Art Nikes

prezi.com. (2017). Frank Ocean. [online] Available at: https://prezi.com/0cfj7yrgs3ss/frank-

ocean/ [Accessed 26 Apr. 2017].

Audience figures
Billboard ranked Nikes at number 28 on their 100 best pop songs of 2016 list.
According to the official chart, Nikes reached a peak position of 93. The album,
which featured the song. Blonde reached number one in the official UK chart In
October 2016. The music video for Nikes is exclusively available on Apple Music, so
there is no record of its success. Nikes belongs to the record label Boys dont cry,
which is an independent label made by Ocean. The music video to the song Nikes
isnt available on YouTube as it is exclusive to
Apple Music, like many of Oceans videos.
The music video to the song Swim Good has
over 30 million views on YouTube. Blonde
marked the third-largest debut of 2016
behind Drakes Views and Beyoncs
Lemonade. Blonde was available exclusively to stream via Apple Music and for
sale through the iTunes store. The album generated 65.4 million streams during the
first week of release. It was the second most streamed album in the chart. As of
November 2016, blonde had made $2.12 million, a month after general release.
Officialcharts.com. (2017). FRANK OCEAN | full Official Chart History | Official Charts
Company. [online] Available at: http://www.officialcharts.com/artist/7534/frank-ocean/
[Accessed 25 Apr. 2017].

Billboard. (2017). Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Bows at No. 1 on Billboard 200 With Third-Largest
Debut of 2016. [online] Available at: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-
[Accessed 27 Apr. 2017].

BBFC tries to improve consumer awareness about the content of certain music
videos to improve child protection online from sites such as Vevo and YouTube, who
also work in partnership with the BBFC. They are working to make the current pilot
scheme of giving age ratings to all music videos signed with Sony Music, Universal
Music and Warner Music in the UK permeant. Videos which are unsuitable for
children under the age of 12 are given a rating of either 12, 15 or 18. Current issues
which feature in music videos are drug misuse, dangerous behaviour presented as
safe, bad language, sexual behaviour/nudity, threating behaviour and violence. This
suggests that in order for my music video to be put onto YouTube, it must not feature
any of the following issues stated above. The song I am using does feature offensive
language, so I will have to censor these parts of the song. I am going to keep my
video appropriate for younger audiences because these ages fit into my target
audience. This will be done through not videoing inappropriate content and
censoring extreme language.
bbfc.co.uk. (2017). Online Music Videos | British Board of Film Classification. [online] Available
at: http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/online-music-videos [Accessed 25 Apr. 2017].
Art Touches Art Nikes

Similar Music Videos

Lorde Green Light


The music video to Lordes Green Light was released 2nd March 2017. Reaching
over 52 million views. The song reached a peak position of 20 in the UK charts. This
video has inspired a specific scene in my music video, when she is in the back of a
car and starts singing out of the video. Green Light was more successful in the
charts than Nikes. In order to make my video as successful as Green Light, I will
upload my video to YouTube so it can be viewed by all audiences. Lorde is a high-
end niche artist. Her target audience age range is teens to mid twenties, the same
as Oceans target audience. Although, her music is aimed more at females over
males. I believe that this video was so successful due to its promotion, the artist had
tweeted hints to a single for a few months before hand. The artist also created a
video trailer, released a week before the videos release. Music by Lorde was highly
anticipated since the release of her debut album, Pure Heroine in September 2013.
The video itself is unique, the video is shot in a low light setting with the artist lips
syncing in locations such s bathrooms, streets and on top of cars. I think that this isnt
a stereotypical music video and it stands out against others.
Officialcharts.com. (2017). Lorde | full Official Chart History | Official Charts Company.
[online] Available at: http://www.officialcharts.com/artist/29530/lorde/ [Accessed 25 Apr.
Art Touches Art Nikes

Beyonc Superpower

The music video to superpowers by Beyonc got sixteen million views on YouTube.
The song belonged to her album Beyonc released December 2013, and did not
appear in the UK charts. Beyoncs target audience are girls aged 18-24, the same
age range as Frank Oceans target audience. This means that elements used in this
video may be appropriate in my own. This music video has inspired my production
due to its uniqueness. The video follows a group of people doing reckless things,
such as throwing flamethrowers and smoke canons. This is similar to what I am
including in my music video, but what I am doing is considered less violent,
matching the mood of the song. The video is in slow motion, which helps the viewer
to be able to watch everything un-fold slower, as everything which happens in the
music video is quite fast. This is what I will be doing in my music video to achieve the
same effect.
Art Touches Art Nikes

When looking into
similar artists to Frank
Ocean, they are mostly
rap artists. The music
genre which Ocean is
defines as is
contemporary R&B. An
artist who is in direct
competition is Tyler, The
Creator. Tyler fits under
the genre of Hip Hop
music. His music is
banned from airing on UK Radio and Television due to its extreme explicit content
and language. Furthermore, the artist was also banned from the UK due to his lyrics
featured in his debut album Goblin. Although, his music videos are available on
YouTube. Yonkers reached over 88 million views and was uploaded February 2011.
Due to the fact he is not a UK artist, his video has not been given an age rating.
Although due to his use of explicit language, the video has been given a parent
advisory warning. What makes Tylers videos so successful is his use of outrageous
content and lyrics. This is not something I can feature in my video due to regulatory
bodies such as BBFC, who would give videos such
as this an 18 rating, which means my target
would not be able to view my video. The music
video to F****** Young got over eight million
views on YouTube. The video is very surreal and is
based around a made up concept. The video
features things like bright colours and bright
clothing, all from his Golf Wang clothing line. The
colours are saturated to add to the serial nature
of the video. It contains shots such as close ups
and panning shots. There are also 180 degree
panning shots. Tyler, the Creators target audience
are young teens to mid-teens, people around the
same age range as him. This is reflected through
his music video though the use of bright colours
and controversial storyline, which older listeners
may be offended by. My music video can
compete against this video, as my video/song is
more appropriate for younger audiences, I am
also using bright colours and surreal elements which add towards the artistic nature
of the video. My video is all in slow motion which I think stands out against this video
Art Touches Art Nikes

A more popular artist is Beyonc, her music

video to the song formation has over 41
million views on YouTube. The video begins
with a parent advisory, stating that there are
explicit lyrics in the video, but the content
was appropriate for all audiences. This is
something I would have to include at the start of my video in order for it to be
uploaded to YouTube.

I believe that there are many music videos available on the market, which are
mostly easily viewable on sites such as YouTube and Vevo. Therefore, I will have to
make mine unique. I believe that the song I am using stands out against other
current songs in the charts as its very original and has a good vibe to it. My video is
aimed at a specific target audience, but when looking into the groups of people
who watch music videos. Specifically websites such as YouTube, theyre people from
my target audience. My idea is unique and interesting and I believe it will stand out
against others currently on the market. It is not generic and I havent seen many
videos like it before. I think that putting my vide on YouTube would be effective as
there isnt a music video on YouTube for the song. In addition, that YouTube is a very
popular social media site. Used by over 1,300,000,000 users. Almost 5 billion videos
are watched every day, and those who watch it are generally males and females
aged 18-49 years old, which shows that the platform fits into my target audience. I
believe this would be more effective than airing the video on a channel such as
MTV as it means that people can watch the video multiple times, rather than waiting
for it to come on the television.
Digital Marketing Education. (2017). Youtube Statistics - 2017. [online] Available at:
https://fortunelords.com/youtube-statistics/ [Accessed 25 May 2017].
Art Touches Art Nikes


Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

One LO1
Two Filming LO1 Make
scene 3 Props
Three Proposal
Four Pitch Production Filming
booklet scene
Five Editing Filming
Six Editing
Seven Evaluation Deadline

Location availability

Location one (scene one - two) This location will be my garden. Therefore, I do not
need permission to use it.

Location two (scene three) This location Is the top of a car park in Maidenhead. I
will not need permission to film here, as it is a public area, and will not cost anything.

Actor availability

I will be using three cameramen, two make-up artists and eight actors. They are all
available for my filming dates, as I have contacted them in advance confirming
their availability.
Art Touches Art Nikes

My video is going to be uploaded to YouTube; therefore, it will be available for the
public to view. OFCOM guidelines state that Due care must be taken over the
physical and emotional welfare and the dignity of people under 18 who take part or
are otherwise involved in programmes. This is irrespective of any consent given by
the participant or by a parent, guardian or other person over the age of 18 in loco
parentis. This means that I need to get consent from underage actors, and make
sure theyre being filmed in an appropriate way. Defamation is the act of
damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel. This would not be an
issue in my video because I am not showing any one in a bad light. The video is
supposed to be positive and has should not have a negative impact of the
audience. I will have to make sure that my video is not discriminative against any
race or gender. This can be avoided by using a mixture of people of different
genders, ages and races. This is something I will do in my video throughout. Due to
copyright issues, all content will have to be my own. When uploading the video to
YouTube I will have to ask permission from the record label if I am allowed to put the
song online.
Channel4.com. (2017). Working & Filming with Under 18's Guidelines- Channel 4 - Producers
Handbook. [online] Available at: http://www.channel4.com/producers-handbook/c4-
guidelines/working-and-filming-with-under-18s-guidelines [Accessed 26 Apr. 2017].

Team members
Make-up Contact details Availability

Jodie Betts 07740 271848 1st May, 21st May, 28th May

Camera Crew

Emily Manning

Charlotte Pooley 07583 107457 1st May, 21st May, 28th May

Charlotte Kelly 07473 799575 1st May, 21st May, 28th May

Faryal Mumtaz 07532 764248 1st May, 21st May, 28th May

Joshua McCartney 07969 885548 1st May, 21st May, 28th May

Sebastien Jeffries 07964 233517 1st May, 21st May, 28th May

Ashton Ryce 07855 244402 21st May, 28th May

Owen Boyce 07772 059913 21st May, 28th May

Art Touches Art Nikes

Health and safety

Due to health and safety issues, there are many things I will have to be careful with
when filming. I am using confetti canons, which could hit others and cause harm,
therefore I will have to point them away from people. I am using dry paint, which I
will have to make sure is non-toxic so it doesnt harm anyones eyes. I am going to
be filming shots high up, and to do so I will be using trees and ladders, this means
that I will have to be careful when trying to get to high places. I will be filming shots
in a car, I will have to makes sure that the driver is not distracted and that the
people in the car are not in danger.

Type of room/area:

Sainsburys car park

Location Address:

Providence Pl, Maidenhead

Sat Nav details (Post code):

Nearest Train Station:

Nearest Bus stop:


Lighting Information: Solutions:

Due to the time of day that we will be filming, Use my car headlights as lighting, and stand
the lighting may be too dark to film under lamp posts

Sound Information: Solutions:

Sound isnt needed N/A

Power Information Solutions:

There are no power sockets available Use battery operated equipment

Hazards Solutions:
Filming on a road Dont film on ramps where cars will drive
Art Touches Art Nikes

Location Recce
Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Type of room/area:


Location Address:

The Henley College, Deanfield

Providence Pl, Maidenhead

Sat Nav details (Post code):

Nearest Train Station:


Lighting Information: Solutions:

In shaded areas, the lighting may not be bright Film in the day time and bring external lights

Sound Information: Solutions:

Sound isnt needed N/A

Power Information Solutions:

There are no power sockets available Use battery operated equipment

Hazards Solutions:
Filming with powdered pain could cause harm Make sure that it isnt toxic.
Art Touches Art Nikes

Location Recce
Please produce a location recce for EVERY location used

Type of room/area:

Swimming pool

Location Address:
Pendeen, stroud farm road

Sat Nav details (Post code):

Nearest Train Station:


Lighting Information: Solutions:

In shaded areas, the lighting may not be bright Film in the day time and bring external lights

Sound Information: Solutions:

Sound isnt needed N/A

Power Information Solutions:

There are no power sockets available Use battery operated equipment

Hazards Solutions:
Having electrical items near water Use water proof cameras
Art Touches Art Nikes

Programme design format

My music video will be shown on YouTube. I will film my video with two types of
cameras, a go-pro and DSLRs. I will be able to shoot my video on 4k on a go-pro but
not as high quality on my camera. I will try to use better quality cameras in order for
the video to be of a high standard. If it was possible I would like to upload my video
to Apple Music, this is because the official Nikes video is only available on this music
streaming service. Although, this would not be possible

Potential issues and solutions

Some issues which I may face when filming are the fact that I can only film most
parts of it in one take. I can only set off things like confetti canons and piatas once,
therefore I will use at least three digital cameras and a go-pro to capture everything.
There is a scene where the main character is covered in dry paint. This is also
something which can only be filmed once, as everyone is going to get covered in
paint. Therefore, it will have to be rehearsed multiple times before hand.

Contingency plan
The whole of my video is outside, so if it is raining, I will not be able to film. Therefore, I
will check the weather ahead of time and film on a Saturday rather than a Sunday.
In case I cannot film in my second location of a car park, I have a back up location
which will be a park in Maidenhead. I have two make up artists which I am using, this
is due to the fact that if one of them drops out, then I will have at least one to do
everyones make-up. I have a list of back-up actors which are available on my
filming dates, for it any of my actors drop out last minute.