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Observer: Becky Frett

Teacher: Ms. Abby Hasebroock

Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2016
Class: Senior Creative Writing- E Period- F Day

Dear Abby,

Thank you for welcoming me into your Creative Writing class yesterday! I was there from 11:15-
11:32 am. Below is a summary, with comments, of what I observed:

When I arrived, students were sitting in 4 groups of 6. Each student had 8 cards on the
desk. Each card had a word written on it. The students were creating original 8-line
poems, starting each line with one of the words written on the cards. The task
(Activity 1: "The Words You're Given" Exercise) was projected, along with detailed
instructions. All students were engaged in the activity. As students worked, you gave
clarifying instructions/offered help to both large group and individuals.

o This was a fun, hands-on activity that asked students to stretch outside their
comfort zone and use a different kind of creativity.

o The students put forth good effort to create quality poems.

o It was clear from your projected slide that you put good thought into this lesson
plan. Also, your instructions were clear and easy-to-follow.

o One note: 3 students were wearing jackets and 3 girls were wearing leggings.

At 11:21, you gave a 2-minute warning, followed by a 30-second warning. At 11:23, you
asked for a thumbs up if students were finished. Most were. You said that if students
had finished, they should share in groups, and if they needed more time, they could
take it to write.

o This was a good example of using differentiation of instruction for students at

different paces, a goal we discussed during your PDP meeting.

o A question: some groups shared all together, other groups shared in pairs. Did
you have a preference for this? The only reason why I might suggest being
more explicit is that I noticed with the group by the door- 4 students broke into
pairs (with what looked like their friend), and it left a boy and girl together,
who looked uncomfortable and didn't share for a bit.

At 11:25, you called the class back and said "Let's talk quickly about the challenges."
Zach and Gordon each shared a comment. A girl said it was fun. You followed up with
her comment, offering that sometimes this type of restriction can make us more

o During this sharing, you effectively reinforced poetic terms, such as syntax and
enjambment. (The latter term was new to me, so thanks for that!)

o The way you led this reflective conversation showed care for your students.
At 11:27, you gave the students an option. They could do a round 2 of this activity, or
they could revise their first poem. You allowed students to vote by raising hands. The
majority wanted round 2. You let each group do what they preferred: the revisers
could keep working, while everyone else put their cards in the middle and pulled out
new ones.

o I appreciate the way you include the students in the decision-making, especially
for a class like creative writing, with seniors. This helps students take
ownership in their learning, which is great.

Abby, this was a great portion of class to observe. Students were creating and applying poetic
concepts, in an engaging and fun way. Nice job.

If you have any questions or comments about what I wrote, please let me know.