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Instructions: Over the next five days you will be using this nutrition calculator to assess your
honest and thorough you are, not on how healthy you are. There is no penalty for having an u
opportunity. This calculator is designed to be easy to use, therefore it is not 100% accurate.
than this or less than this, your numbers should be a little higher or a little lower. Also to mak
into cups. You can see an example of 1 cup of cooked rice to the right. Calculations do not ne
0.5) or quarters (ex. 0.25). Please follow instructions carefully and ask the teacher if you hav
after Day 5 is complete.

Section 1: Vegetables and

Mushrooms Vegetables (Total) Vegetables (Raw)

Friday 0.5 0.25

Saturday 1.3 0.1
Sunday 0.25 0.25
Tuesday 1.2

Section 2: Whole fruit and

100% Fruit Juice Fruit (Total) Whole Fruit

Friday 1.5 1.5

Saturday 1 1
Sunday 1 1
Monday 1.75 1
Tuesday 1 1

Section 3: Meat, Fish and Meat (Pork / Beef /

Eggs Chicken) Total Meat (Fish) Total

Friday 0.75
Saturday 1.5
Sunday 1
Monday 1
Tuesday 1 1.25

Section 4: Grains and Whole Grains

Starches (Total) Refined Grains (Total)

Friday 2
Saturday 1

Sunday 1
Monday 1
Tuesday 1.75

Section 5: Nuts, Seeds Nuts / Seeds Nuts / Seeds

and Beans (Total) (Raw)


Section 6: Dairy Milk (Total) Cheese (Total)

Sunday 1

Snacks (sweet - not Snacks

Section 7: Extras including chocolate) (salty / savory)

Saturday 0.5 0.5

Answer the following questions:

On average, how many different types of fruits and vegetables did you eat per day? Must b
a minimum of 1/4 cup to be counted)

Were any of the meals you ate cooked with coconut oil, olive oil, or natural butter? This is only likely i
was cooked at home. If so, enter the total number of meals cooked with this oil.

How many of your total meals / snacks came from a chain restaurant (ex. McDonalds, Pizza Company)
or came in a package (ex. from 7/11)? Count each meal as 1 and each snack as 0.5

Your Results: These will not be

Complex Carbohydrate 6%
Protein 119%
Fiber 24%
Vitamins 53%
Minerals 13%
The Good Good Fats 17%
Bad Fats 44%
LDL (Bad) Cholesterol 97%
Simple Carbohydrates 59%
Refined Sugar 129%
Sodium 74%

Animal Protein (as a

Be Careful % of total protein) 74%

For many of the above categories, you c

Source of Complex
Source of Fiber Fiber (grams) Carbohydrates
Vegetables 9.75 Vegetables
Nuts & Seeds 0 Nuts & Seeds
Whole Grains 0 Whole Grains
Whole Fruit 16.5 Whole Fruit
Beans 0 Beans
Fruit Juice 0.375 Mushrooms
Mushrooms 2.25 Coconut
Processed Grain 6.75 Tofu
Coconut 0
Potato 0
Tofu 1

Total (grams) 36.625 Total (grams)

Percent / 5 Days 24% Percent / 5 Days

Source of Simple Simple Carbohydrates Source of Refined

Carbohydrates (grams) Sugar
Fruit Juice 18.75 Chocolate
Sweet Snacks 40 Ice-Cream
Sweet Drinks 30 Sweetened Yogurt

Processed Grains 202.5 Sauces
Potatoes 0 Sweet Snacks
Savory Snacks 30 Sweetened Drinks
Chocolate 60
Ice-cream 35

Total (grams) 416.25 Total (grams)

Percent / 5 Days 59% Percent / 5 Days

Chocolate Ice-Cream Sweetened Yogurt Sauces

Sweet Snacks Sweetened Drinks

tion calculator to assess your overall nutrition. Your grade will be based on how
e is no penalty for having an unhealthy diet. Instead, use this as a learning
fore it is not 100% accurate. It is based on a 2,000 calorie diet. If you eat more
r or a little lower. Also to make it easier, all serving sizes have been converted
e right. Calculations do not need to be exact, and can be entered in halves (ex.
nd ask the teacher if you have questions. You will not get your final totals until

Developed by Dan Simonds for use at Mahidol University Internationa

Vegetables (Boiled /
Steamed) Vegetables (Stir-fried) Vegetables (Deep fried)

0.2 1

0.2 1

100% Fruit Juice About: Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables are your main source for Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber.
Department of Health now suggests that a person consuming a 2,000 calorie
fruits and vegetables each day. A serving is about 1/2 cup or 1 cup if you ar
Because fresh fruits and vegetables contain enzymes, which help your body
0.75 better to consume fresh fruits and vegetables than processed ones. The pic
with the daily recommendation of fruits and vegetables.

Meat (Boiled / Steamed) Meat (Stir-fried) Meat (Deep Fried)

0.5 1


Nuts / Seeds (Roasted / Beans (Total) *do not
Salted) Soy / Tofu (Total) include green beans



Yogurt Unsweetened
(Total) Yogurt Sweetened (Total) About: Dairy
Dairy is a very controversial topic among nutrition
is high in calcium, vitamin D and protein. On the
milk is to make baby cows into giant animals, n
addition, many people are lactose intolerant, me
digesting dairy. Finally, there have been major s
animal protein to many serious

Sweet Drinks Chocolates Ice-cream

1 1

u eat per day? Must be

tural butter? This is only likely if it

ith this oil. 5

(ex. McDonalds, Pizza Company)

h snack as 0.5 2.5

will not be complete until the end o

Most of these are considered beneficial to have in high quantities. Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates,
essential for your body to function. Being above 100% is not a problem for any of these categories. H
can be bad for your kidneys. Try to keep your levels closer to 100% than 200%, unless you do a lot of

Most of these are considered harmful in high quanitities. Try to stay below 100%. LDL (known as 'bad
from food, but some foods encourage your body to produce it. Although we can not live without sodiu
the daily recommendations. Simple carbohydrates basically have the same effect on your body as refi
considered to be the most significant dietary cause of obesity and disease. Some studies recommend
protein come from animals, and that high levels of animal proteins can lead to heart disease, cancer a

ategories, you can see where your values come from be

(grams) Source of Protein Protein (grams)
16.25 Vegetables 3.25
0 Nuts & Seeds 0
0 Whole Grains 0
71.5 Beans 0
0 Mushrooms 2.25
2.25 Processed Grains 40.5
0 Coconuts 0
4 Potatoes 0
Tofu 20
Savory Snack 2
Meat (B / P / C) 135
Meat (Fish) 50
Milk 8
Cheese 0
Yogurt 0

94 Total (grams) 261

6% Percent / 5 Days 119%

Refined Sugar
(grams) Source of Sodium Sodium (miligrams)
70 Chocolate 80
30 Ice-cream 30
0 Cheese 0

36 Milk 107
35 Yogurt (all) 0
22 Sauces 2250
Sweet Snacks 100
Savory Snacks 140
Broth 3250

193 Total (miligrams) 5957

129% Percent / 5 Days 74%

Chocolate Ice-cream Cheese Milk Yogurt (all) Sauces

Sweet Snacks Savory Snacks Broth


t Mahidol University International Demonstration School



ruits and Vegetables

for Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber. The United States
person consuming a 2,000 calorie diet should eat 9 servings of
s about 1/2 cup or 1 cup if you are eating raw, leafy greens.
n enzymes, which help your body absorb nutrients, it is much
es than processed ones. The picture above shows a plate
d vegetables.

Eggs Eggs (fried)



(whole or milk)

About: Dairy
ontroversial topic among nutritionists. On the one hand, dairy
m, vitamin D and protein. On the other hand, the purpose of
e baby cows into giant animals, not for humans to drink. In
people are lactose intolerant, meaning they have a hard time
Finally, there have been major studies which link consuming
animal protein to many serious diseases.

Sauces (on all foods) Soup / Curry Broth /

Average Dish = .25 cups Tomato Sauce

0.25 1
0.5 0.5
0.5 0.75
0.75 1

il the end of Day 5

tamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, protein and fiber are
em for any of these categories. However, too much protein
than 200%, unless you do a lot of strength training.

below 100%. LDL (known as 'bad') cholesterol does not come

ugh we can not live without sodium, most people go far over
e same effect on your body as refined sugars. Both are
sease. Some studies recommend less than 10% of total
an lead to heart disease, cancer and other serious diseases.

es come from below:



Good Fats

Animal Protein (Percent

of Total Protein)

Bad Fats


LDL (Bad) Cholesterol


Fruit Juice Sweet Snacks Sweet Drinks Processed Grains

Potatoes Savory Snacks Chocolate Ice-cream

Good fat Minerals Vitamins


Bad Fats BC LBC


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