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Class: Kindergarten Early Stage 1 Date: 4/5/17 Time: Start:


Key Learning Area: English Lesson Topic: Writing

Recent Prior Experience:

Practice in writing words and sentences
Finger spacing
Capital letters and full stops
Syllabus Outcome(s): Indicators of Learning for this lesson: Assessment:

Producesmostlowercaseand Understand foundation movements that - Students will be assessed on their writing when completing the
uppercaselettersandusesdigital underpin NSW Foundation Style sentence
technologiestoconstructideas - Finger spacing
ENe3A Begin to understand the sequence of - Neat writing
letters through structured and guided - Smaller writing
Demonstratesdevelopingskillsin activities - Writing from left to right
- Writing letters and words correctly
usingletters,simplesoundblends Develop basic skills of writing, including - Capital letters and full stops
andsomesightwordstorepresent correct pencil grip, good posture,
knownwordswhenspellingENe handwriting movements and accurate use
5a of alternative writing tools, to form
some lower case and upper case letters

Any safety issues to be considered: Resources:

Floor space
Flash cards
English books
Whiteboard marker
Sentence: The little box is for mum

Lesson Content/ Timing: Teaching Strategies/ Learning Experiences: Resources and Organisation:
Indicators of Learning (How is it taught?
(What is Taught):
INTRODUCTION Introduce lesson
Demonstrates 20 minutes (T) will introduce lesson by using the t-v and Floor space
developingskillsin getting students to sing the alphabet song as well Flash cards
usingletters, as the vowel song. T-v
simplesound Once both songs have been sung (T) will use the
blendsandsome flashcards and ask students to represent the
sightwordsto grapheme and phonemes of the words displayed
representknown on the cards.
wordswhen (T) will then get students up on their feet and get
spellingENe5a them to stomp to syllables of random words

DEVELOPMENT - Practicing the skill

30 minutes (T) using the whiteboard, will have students English books
Producesmost practicing the focus letter of the week on the left Pencil
lowercaseand side of the page k. (S) will then practice writing Whiteboard
uppercaseletters the fluency words on the left side of the page will,
Whiteboard marker
andusesdigital all, are. (T) will then introduce to (s) the sentence
they will be writing We will run to the top of the Sentence: The little box is for mum
constructideas hill (so that the more capable students can write it
ENe3A without the assistance of (T). (T) will count with
(Ss) how many words are in the sentence before
writing it.
(T) will demonstrate writing a sentence to the
students (modelling). (T) will ask students What
goes at the beginning of a sentence? (capital
letter). (T) will write out and model the sentence,
modelling finger spacing, neat writing and
demonstrating how to properly write letters up,
down and around. (T) will get (S) to write with
her while she writes the sentence out, and
encourage them to finish the word by sounding
talking it. (T) will walk around and check if (s) are
on track. (T) will then as an extension allow (Ss)
to continue the sentence and write what they are
doing at the top of the hill. (T) will ask different
(ss) for ideas before commencing their sentences.

CLOSURE - Reflection 10 minutes (T) will walk around and check everyones
work and instruct (s) to place it on the
cupboard for marking. (T) will praise the
students for their efforts.