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Green Gram Sprouts Poha

Green Gram sprouts to the original poha recipe makes it awesomely tasty while
retaining all the nutrition and high fibre content in green gram sprouts.
Green Gram Sprouts Poha is a high Fiber Low carb snack which is tasty and healthy for


Green grams sprouted - 100 grams

Poha- 100 grams

Carrot- 2 Small

peanuts - 20

curry leaves- 10 -20

lemon- 1 Medium sized

jeera - as required.

Coconut Oil - 2 tbsp

Green mirchi - 1/2

Onions- 1 small sized.

Turmeric - pinch.

2. Step 1

First step is to sprout the green grams,

3. Step 2

Chop onion. carrot, green chilli into small pieces

4. Step 3

Wash the poha with water and drain out extra water

5. Step 4

take the peanuts and fry them in oil and remove the peanuts and keep them aside

6. Step 5

now on the same pan add jeera, onions, mirchi, curry leaves and let them fry for 1-2

7. Step 6

Now add Green gram sprouts and let them get cooked for 2 minutes

8. Step 7
finally add poha and turmeric together and stirr ocassionally so the turmeric is
distribute evenly

9. Step 8

finally add lemon drops slowly. and your Green gram Sprouts poha is ready.