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Observation completed by:

Field Instructor

Date of observation:

Teaching Subject Observed:


Non-Fiction Text Features

Classroom Setting:
Elementary Resource

Enter the number of students in the classroom:


Lesson Planning:
Lesson plan completed and reviewed prior to instruction
Extending (Ext)
Evidence of advance preparation and lesson organized (materials are
Extending (Ext)
Lesson appropriate for age, grade, ability
Extending (Ext)

Feedback regarding Lesson Planning:

Hayley has continued throughout the internship year to complete her
lesson plans in time to be reviewed prior to instruction allowing time to
make any necessary changes. She always considered the constructive
criticism she received and used it to make her plans more effective for her

Hayley's lessons always contained evidence of advanced preparation

and all year they were very well organized. In today's lesson she had all of
her needed materials within reach so there were no unnecessary
distractions for the students.

Hayley taught fall semester in a 1st grade general education setting and
spring semester in a Special Education elementary resource setting. Both
placements were within the Brighton Public School District. In both
placements Hayley planned lessons appropriate for the age, gender, and
abilities of her students.
Lesson Opening:
Signals and gains attention of students
Extending (Ext)
States goals, sets purpose
Extending (Ext)
Activates background knowledge(personal connection to student)
Extending (Ext)
Reviews and makes connections to prior learning
Extending (Ext)

Feedback regarding Lesson Opening:

Hayley has successfully completed all of the above areas when
conducting a lesson opening.

Throughout the internship year Hayley consistently and explicitly guided

her students through the goals and purpose of each lesson she taught. In
addition, she reviewed and helped her students make connections to
lessons leading to new learning.

Hayley has improved her ability to plan activities that activate

background knowledge/ personal connections for the students.

In today's lesson she let the students use non-fiction books they were
interested in to teach the non-fiction text features of "captions" and

Lesson Components: Presentation / Guided Practice / Individual Practice /

Gives clear directions and explanations
Extending (Ext)
Sets warm and positive tone
Extending (Ext)
Uses "think aloud" to make visible language, practices, processes
Extending (Ext)
Models learning strategies
Extending (Ext)
Checks for understanding
Extending (Ext)
Uses appropriate pacing and flow for lesson
Extending (Ext)
Connects concepts and ideas
Extending (Ext)
Provides opportunity for transfer to control/apprenticeship/ active
student involvement
Extending (Ext)
Uses appropriate audio, visual, and technology equipment
Extending (Ext)
Actively monitors student understanding of lesson
Extending (Ext)
Uses assessment or reflection to monitor and adjust lesson
Extending (Ext)

Feedback regarding Lesson Components:

Hayley has improved her ability to guide her students through all of the
components of a strong lesson.

Hayley has a warm and positive manner about her. She has an innate
personality that students and staff connect with.

Throughout the internship year she explicitly modeled the expected

learning strategies, often using a "think aloud" to make strategies more
visible. In today's lesson the students were building books that contained
non-fiction text features and Hayley used the "think aloud" strategy while
she was modeling making her own book.

Hayley continued each week to check for student understanding

throughout the lessons and used her assessments to reflect on and adjust
what she would be teaching the following day.

Hayley used a variety of technology (Promethean boards, Elmo's, iPad's,

white boards, anchor charts, etc.) all year long to make learning more
accessible and engaging to her students. In today's lesson she had the
students using their iPads to look up animals and find the "captions" and
"headings in the articles.

Provides Variety of Student Learning Structure:

Extending (Ext)
Extending (Ext)
Extending (Ext)
Extending (Ext)

Feedback regarding Student Learning Structure:

Hayley has successfully incorporated all of the above student learning
structures in her lessons this past year.

Today she successfully led her students through group, individual and
project (students making their own books) structures.

During the second semester placement, Hayley added partner learning

structures to her lessons and successfully incorporated the "Think, Pair,
Share" strategy as a vehicle to do so.
Provides Adequate time for closing:
Student Closure
Extending (Ext)
Teacher Summarization
Extending (Ext)
Connect Lesson to Future Learning
Extending (Ext)
Extending (Ext)

Feedback regarding Adequate time for closing:

Throughout the year Hayley has improved upon and learned the value of
providing adequate time for the closing of a lesson. She has successfully
included the above areas within the closing time she provided.

Creating and Managing Classroom Learning Community:

Maintains classroom routine(e.g. greets students, attendance, seating
chart, daily reports
Extending (Ext)
Uses firm, confident voice and posture
Extending (Ext)
Uses specific praise appropriately to motivate and provide feedback
Extending (Ext)
Professional appearance
Extending (Ext)
Uses preventive measures and controls that are Non-VERBAL
signals/cues ("Teacher look"/hand signals/proximity/mobility/visibility)
Extending (Ext)
Uses preventive measures and controls that are VERBAL signals/cues
(Specific praise statements/"broken record"/restatement of rules)
Extending (Ext)
Moves and positions self to effectively support lesson/activity
Extending (Ext)
Implements appropriate and effective consequences and/or rewards
Extending (Ext)

Feedback regarding Creating and Managing Classroom Learning

Hayley has continued throughout the year to be consistent and explicit
when explaining behavior expectations and classroom routines.

Hayley treats all students with respect and visibly cares for them. They
in turn treat her the same way. Hayley does a good job of keeping an even
and calming tone to her voice even if student noise escalates.

Throughout the year Hayley always looked and acted professionally.

Whenever I came to observe her she always had a smile on her face and
seemed happy to be with her students.

Additional Comments:
Hayley has successfully completed her final observation for her
internship year. She began the year as a strong intern and continued
throughout the year to become even stronger.

Hayley is very professional, organized, and is a very hard worker. In

addition, she has a passion to change students lives that is visible to both
her students and co-workers.

Hayley is very capable at this point to step into a teaching position and
be a great asset to any school district.

It has been and honor and a privilege for me to have been a part of
Hayley's journey.