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5/26/2017 Portfolio

Caitlynn Chock
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6 Chock, Carty,
Hsieh, Amy

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5/26/2017 Portfolio

June 1 79 VIEWS

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Mandarin FLG
Math FLG


My goal is to learn 60 new Chinese characters this
year, and can read them easily. GOAL: My goal is to make less careless mistakes.


I will know that I have completed my goal if I could homework I can see if I made any careless

read the 60 new Chinese characters easily and mistakes or if I did not show any work. My goal is

accurately to Mr. Zhang by the end of the year. to read over problems twice, not make any
careless mistakes, and to show my work. By the
Caitlynn Chock December 2, 2016 end of the year, on my chapter assessments, I will
I have slowly been doing my goal, of learning 60 new aim to make less than 2 careless mistakes on
Chinese characters this year. However I have not been
each test. I can tell when I have made a careless
writing those characters down on the doc. I also think that
I could read most of my new characters. That is still mistake when I get my chapter tests back.
something I need to work on though. However I still plan
of working on all of these things. After all it is only the
Caitlynn Chock December 2, 2016
2nd trimester.
I have been doing my goal to make less careless
Zhi Jun Zhang December 6, 2016 mistakes. An example is all of my resent homework, for
math. All of that homework is completely free of careless
Yes, please record the new words that you learned so
mistakes. I also have been reading over all my math
that you can study them.
problems twice. Another thing is that I have only made
Caitlynn Chock January 24 one careless mistakes one the chapter 4 math test.
I really think that I should do a different method, for Those are all the reasons why I am doing my goal.
remembering new charterers. Maybe ashcards, I just do
Caitlynn Chock January 24
not have to time to go on my computer, log on, and go the
google docs. Flashcards I can grab and go. I have been doing my goal to make less mistakes. I think
that I am pretty much procient in this goal. Perhaps I
Zhi Jun Zhang February 1 should change it into something else I can work on.
Thank you for reecting your goal. If you think ashcards
Caitlynn Chock January 24
are more helpful, please go do it. Just make sure you
I also think that I could work on, having someone check
save those cards so that I can assess you by the end of
my work every time I can.
the year.

Caitlynn Chock February 28

I really do not think my goal is working out I have been
learning new charterers, but never writing them down. I
think that I could either try harder or just come up with I
new goal. I am not really sure what to do. I guess I could
also try to try to remember charterers from heart, but I do
not think I can do it.

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5/26/2017 Portfolio

Caitlynn Chock March 1 Caitlynn Chock February 17

However I have been doing a Chinese website that helps My next picture might not have high quality, but it dose
me a lot, this could be the solution. show my learning log. It also shows that my learning log
has a thorough explanation, with examples and lots of
Caitlynn Chock March 1 detail. Which shows that I understand the topic at hand,
This a website I use for my Chinese at Chinese school it and can write a paragraph on it. That showing that I am
is called Heritage. paying attention in class, and reading my math problems
twice. I have been doing pretty well on my homework,
Caitlynn Chock April 18 and I believe that is because I have been reading my
I have being learning more charterers, every time I have math problems twice. I also I have been asking for more
been going to Chinese school. I have still not been using help, which also helps me in not making as careless
ashcards of document. I really do forget until I update many mistakes.
my Fresh Grade. I think that I could just do more Heritage
because , it has these memorization games that are kinda Caitlynn Chock February 28
fun and educational. I think that I could handle not making Sadly my les are not working so I have no picture.
ashcards or a doc and maybe trying to memorized Anyway I have been completing my goal. I know this by
charterers. checking though my homework. I also know, that I have
been double checking my work every time. Also I have
been doing a bit better on my math test, and my math test
corrections. I would also like to note that I have been
doing better on my learning logs, which shows that I fully
understand the topic, and I could not make most mistakes
on that topic.

Caitlynn Chock April 18

I have been doing relatively well on my homework. Maybe
there will be one or two questions that are wrong. So, so
far I have been doing my goal perfectly. I think I could try
to score higher on my math tests. Also I could study
harder with math textbooks at home or in ofce hours.

Caitlynn Chock April 18

Furthermore I feel like I have been writing more detailed
and explanatory logs. I have been going through the
book, and checking my math logs in my toolkit.

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5/26/2017 Portfolio

June 1 79 VIEWS June 1 84 VIEWS

History FLG Personal FLG


By the end of the year, I would like to memorize My goal is to nish reading six chapter books
and know the denitions to any words in blue in before the end of the year, and when I have time I
our history textbook. will write a four point summary of two of six books.


I will know that I completed my goal when I can I plan to write the book summaries when I have
say a good strong summary without looking a the completed reading. I will keep track on my
paragraph again, and pronouncing all the words whiteboard in my room then, count the amount of
correctly. books I have read.

Caitlynn Chock December 2, 2016 Caitlynn Chock December 2, 2016

I have been working on my history goal. For example I have been doing my goal of reading six charter books.
when we did our Egypt map, I forgot my packet and was In fact I think for next year rst thing I could read 23
doing it at home, and I looked up any words I did not chapter books. I think something I should work on with my
understand. I could also explain all the words denitions goal in writing down what books I nished reading. I also
correctly, as well as pronouncing all the words. want to make more room for my books.

Caitlynn Chock January 24 Caitlynn Chock January 24

I have been working on this goal. Since we have been I have been reading it is just that I no longer have time
doing more history off TCI. I think that I could use I with all the other work it is getting really stressful. So I feel
dictionary to look up words in packets. like, I should my try to cut some work or to just do work
Caitlynn Chock January 24
Also I can ask my mom and dad, for help. If I do not know Caitlynn Chock January 24
a word and, can not nd it. If I do this I think I will be more liking to read more. Doing
this could also helping with relaxing after I long day of
Caitlynn Chock February 28 work.
I have been getting better with understanding the
denitions, and recanting words. I pretty sure that I can Caitlynn Chock February 28
not remember the information. So I need a way that takes I think this goal is now to easy. I think I could work on
little time and is a good working way. I also I think that if I paying more attention in class. Which would help me at
could spelling words I learn I can use them in my work. remember things, and that would help me with Drama.
Since usually happens is that I try to spell out the work. Also paying attention more in class, is something I do not
When I am typing and the red line never has the right need to make time for.
word I am looking for.
Caitlynn Chock February 28
Caitlynn Chock April 18 I have nished my goal and have gone far beyond that.
I have been using the blue main idea button. To see the Doing bilonausim, helps me with this goal the check my
main ideas which helps me stay focus. progress I can go on my reading login.

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5/26/2017 Portfolio
Caitlynn Chock March 1
June 1 80 VIEWS
These are the book I have read

ELA FLG Kitchen Princess Omnibus Book 2

DOCUMENTATION Ever After High: A Semi-Charming Kind of Life (A School


The Throne of Fire (The Kane Chronicles, Book Two)

Roller Girl

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: The Underground

Abductor (An Abolitionist Tale)

Persephone the Phony (Goddess Girls)

Minecraft: Essential Handbook (Updated Edition): An

GOAL: Ofcial Mojang Book
By the end of the year, I will complete an hour of
Minecraft: Redstone Handbook (Updated Edition): An
Membean each week, and I will be procient in
Ofcial Mojang Book
narrative writing in the area of grammar and
punctuation. I wrote this because my les weren't working

Caitlynn Chock March 1

MEANS of EVALUATION: My les are working and this is my reading log.

I will be able to check my work by having a family Caitlynn Chock May 16

member, or babysitter check my paragraph, or I have been reading as much as I would normally do,
looking for red lines. My goal is to work on spelling however I have been not updating as much. So form now
I will try to make time to update my biblonasim.
and to be able to type a whole paragraph without
spell check I would like to nish the paragraph as
soon as I can.
June 1 75 VIEWS

Caitlynn Chock December 2, 2016 Added by: Zhi Jun Zhang

This goal I have not been doing, however I do have a

reason. My reason is that I do not have enough time in Mandarin FLG
my dairy life, but I will try to make time if I can.
Caitlynn Chock January 24
I would say that I have been doing this goal, but no one
checks my Membean. I can still see if I have done an GOAL:
hour or not. Overall I say that I am good with this goal, My goal is to learn 60 new Chinese characters this
nothing is wrong.
year, and can read them easily.
Caitlynn Chock February 28
I have been doing this goal, however think that Membean
has been losing my interest and my mind is stating to
wonder off. I wonder if there is a way I can get my mind to I will know that I have completed my goal if I could
focus in Membean? I also think that I have been read the 60 new Chinese characters easily and
improving on my Membean form doing it so much.
However I think that I forget to do Membean sometimes, accurately to Mr. Zhang by the end of the year.
and my mom has to remind me.

Caitlynn Chock March 1

This is a picture of how many minuets I did on Membean.

Caitlynn Chock May 16

I have not been doing as much Membean as I used to. So
in order to help my goal I will make time during or after

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5/26/2017 Portfolio

November 29, 2016 73 VIEWS


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5/26/2017 Portfolio

October 14, 2016 80 VIEWS

Added by: Joseph Stark


My goal for P.E is to run the mile under ten
I can use the clipboard that has all the times,
everyone has ran then compare all of them. That
way I can see if I have ran under ten minutes or
did not.

Caitlynn Chock December 2, 2016

This goal I suppose that I kinda am doing, but also not
doing it. As weird as it seems I have been running in the
shower. Almost every time I have one. I understand that it
is not the same as running outside. However I have other
actives that evolve running. I have been doing these
actives every week.

Caitlynn Chock January 24

I am working to this goal, but I am still not very condent
in my running. So far I have not had I opportunity to run
on the weekends. However I have been doing squash. I
think that I could try to run in place to help me, with this

Caitlynn Chock February 28

I have been running around the house and I think that I
am retry to try and run the mile again. I am hoping that I
can switch my events and do the mile as a event be
faster then 10 minutes. I also am going to do volleyball
which requires running so if I fail I can still get better. I
also have been getting faster so I should get maybe
around 10 minutes.

Caitlynn Chock April 18

I believe that I got a 10.09 minute mile, the last time I ran
one. I think that I deantly run faster then this. I have
been running more often since I have started doing
volleyball again. I have been doing 20 sit ups before I go
to bed.

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5/26/2017 Portfolio

Caitlynn Chock May 16

I think that I am ready to try on run the mile again, I am
sure I will get a 10 minuet mile. I think the only I should
really try to improve on, is to have better stamina. I would
also like to run alone, because I can focus more on

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