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In My Opinion: Atul Bhatnagar, IXIA VC TALK: Ashwin Raghuraman, Ashwin Raghuraman, India Innovation Fund BPO Special



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The repor t, titled "Digi tal Plane t 2008" , releas d.
(WCIT 2008), indicated that slowing
16th World Congress on Information Technology
ries would lead ICT spending into a period of slower growth
economies in developed count Clearspring
Cl r in ssecures $18 Mn M in i Funding
up to 2011. Thursday, May 22, 2008
Clearspring secu
res $1
Thursday, May 22,
2008 8 Mn in Funding McLean: Clearspring Technologies, the world's largest widget syndication
McLean: Clearsp and tracking service, has secured $18 million in a series C funding round
ring Technologies,
and tracking serv
ice, has secured
the world's largest
widget syndicatio that includes leading venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA),
that includes lead $18 million in a n
ing venture capital series C funding
round Novak Biddle Venture Partners and other..
Novak Biddle Ven firm New Enterp
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siliconindia JULY - 2010
Contents July2010
Harvi Sachar

High Time to Renovate! Cover Story


Pradeep Shankar
Managing Editor
Christo Jacob
Deputy Editors
Jayakishore Bayadi Jaya Smitha Menon
he BPO industry got India the tag ‘back office of the
world’. But now Indian players have to strive hard to
retain the status as they have to compete with the newer
Anonya Roy
Binu T Paul
Editorial Staff
Benny Thomas
Eureka Bharali
destinations like Philippines, China, Vietnam, and Mauritius.
While India's business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is
forecasted to increase its revenue this fiscal by 15 to 16 percent,
Gargi Sinha Juby Thomas there are serious challenges to achieve the grand goal of $50
in IT Services Upinder Zutshi
Kukil Bora Pragyan Acharya billion exports revenue by 2020. The domestic market seems to Market
Roshna Sankar Vimali Swamy be a silver lining and it opens the doors for new hopes for the By Christo Jacob & Vimali Swamy

Indian BPO players. But, to win the game it is high time for In-
Sr.Visualizer Raghu Koppal dian BPO players to think about the right model and fresh man-
Subscription Manager P Magendran agement in order to redirect further growth.
As the domestic BPO market is following the same curve 06 [In My Opinion] 24 [Business] 36 [Technology]
as that of BPO export market to move up the value chain, the Preparing for the Promise Indian BPO Industry A Silver Testing, the ‘Cloud’ Way
Mailing Address challenge for these players will be acquiring the right talent of 4G Lining Ahead? By C.V. Narayanan,
with domain expertise, especially in the rural areas. Moreover, By Atul Bhatnagar, CEO, IXIA By Vimali Swamy Sonata Software
SiliconIndia Inc they have to compromise on the pricing and also will have to
44790 S. Grimmer Blvd find their own solutions for infrastructure as there are frequent
blackouts in rural India. 09 [Infocus] 26 Expansion of Domestic BPO 39 Software Testing The Next
Suite 202, Companies Into Smaller Big Employment Wave
Fremont, CA 94538 In the coming years, opportunities will not only be in back of-
fice augmentation, but they will extend to processes through 13 [VC Chakra] Cities, a Boon By Pradeep Chennavajhula,
which enterprises will be able to reap the benefits. Though the LucidMedia Raises $ 4.5 Mil- By Sudip Saha, Springboard Research Edista Testing
T:510.440.8249, F:510.440.8276
concept of BPO in prisons and rural areas has already been im- lion
plemented, it will be difficult to crack the mindset of the cus- Jivox raises $4 Million 28 Healthcare A Challenging yet 40 M-commerce Commerce for
tomers to gain the buyer’s confidence. It’s high time for all the Promising Market for India the Masses
BPO players to think about a strong business model that will By Nayan Bheda,
work in the domestic market. Let us wait and see, and not count
14 [CEO Spotlight] By Gopi Natarajan, Omega
Suvidhaa Infoserve
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Effective End-to-End Service Healthcare
Delivery Capability is the Mantra
42 Indo-US Trend in AMS
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Today 30 Managed Payroll Processing
By Vishwanathan K A, Ramco Semiconductor Design
BPO Vendors Align with Clients Via Systems Services
Right Shore Global Delivery By Ash Patel,
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siliconindia July 2010
By Atul Bhatnagar
The author is CEO, IXIA

Preparing for
jitter, and packet loss, service
providers need to use QoE testing to
understand the user experience prior to

network deployment. This requires the

the Promise of
ability to correlate QoE statistics on an
aggregated and per-user basis, deter-

in my
mine if the service level agreements
(SLA) are being met, and understand
opinion Wireless service, end-to-end figure 2 the impact of one service on another as
they compete for network resources.
End-to-end testing of a wireless to the customer, and the lynchpin in Traffic shaping and QoS policies
riven by the increased 300 Mbps downlink and 150
are critical to the integrity of these

consumer demand for Mbps uplink bandwidth when service must separately test the com- preventing customer churn. Networks
ponents in each of the radio access net- must forward and shape traffic so as to SLAs, and a growing and important
wireless data bandwidth, using 4x4 MIMO.
work, wireless core network, and ensure balanced quality of experience trend in service provider network
cellular data speeds have  Latencies of less than 5 ms.
Internet core networks, test each of the (QoE) for all network users. traffic shaping is the use of data
increased over the last  Hundreds of users per cell.

iPhone is the perfect example of a high

decade by a factor of 10 every 3-5 Most major telecom equipment man- three subsystems independently and
years. Reporterlink has estimated that ufacturers (TEMs) and carriers have test the entire system end-to-end. As

performance, multimedia-capable
wireless data traffic will increase ten- announced their intention to develop wireline and wireless networks con-
verge, multiple types of interface

device, and is the tip of the iceberg of

fold between 2009 and 2017 – a 59 per- and provide LTE products and serv-
cent CAGR. Fueled by a rapid increase ices. As of early 2010, 51 providers speeds must be tested in conjunction,
including 10 GE, 40 GE, and 100 GE.
what is to come
in interactive data and multiplay appli- in 24 countries have made commit-
cations, data traffic is expected to hit ments. Early deployments are ex- Proper testing occurs at multiple
1.8 exabytes/month. Video is the largest pected in Asia and North America in levels, usually in a sequential manner:
bandwidth consumer today, a trend that 2010, with significant expansions in  Compliance testing is an essential
first step in ensuring correct opera- As smart wireless devices become packet inspection (DPI). DPI goes be-
will continue in the foreseeable fu- all major markets in 2012. 2013 will
tion and interoperability. Compli- more and more prevalent, service yond the typical processing of header
ture.(see figure 1) see some 85 million LTE subscribers
ance tests are built from RFC and providers must be able to test their information and looks at the data
Mobile carriers are hard at work de- and nearly half a billion people will Atul Bhatnagar
other standards. networks with exponential amounts within the packet to determine the
veloping next generation of networks to use LTE by 2015.
 Functional testing further exer- of application traffic in diverse type of traffic being processed. DPI

The perception of service quality is

handle the huge increase in mobile traf-
cises device capabilities with com- mixes. They must anticipate the del- allows for better network control,
fic. Long Term Evolution (LTE), also
binations of options, multiple uge of voice, video, P2P, gaming, and prevents unauthorized users and serv-

everything to the customer, and the

referred to as 4G, is widely acknowl-
connections, differing types of traf- other data traffic on their wireless ice types, limits denial of service at-
edged as the next generation technol-
tacks, malicious traffic, and allows
lynchpin in preventing customer churn
ogy for both voice and data wireless fic, and many sequences of opera- networks. (figure 3)
tions. In addition to traditional network providers to manage bandwidth-in-
transmission. With the exception of the
 Performance testing measures raw based packet metrics such as latency, tensive data such as P2P.
air interface, LTE is an all-IP network
– taking advantage of and converging capacity, such as the maximum
At scale, using well modeled sce-
number of connections, maximum

with IP network technology. LTE has In order for enterprises and carriers narios based on actual subscriber
some impressive capabilities: to be fully ready for the 4G transition, rate of connection establishment,
usage patterns.
 Support for multiple-input, multi- they must fully test their devices and and maximum uplink and downlink
At load, especially over the mobile

ple-output (MIMO) antenna tech- networks: backhaul network as it necessarily
nology, including 2x2 and 4x4  From end-to-end, from the radio  Scalability testing measures real
moves from TDM to Ethernet-
configurations. tower through the IP core. world ability to handle a complete
based infrastructure.
user community, and requires real-
istic traffic loads that meet and ex-
End-to-End Wireless Testing
ceed network capacity.
Wireless network testing must en-
compass not only the latest technolo-
LTE Service Validation
gies, but incorporate the interactions
Multimedia and peer-to-peer applica-
between existing systems and emerg-
tions account for the lion’s share of the
ing solutions. The major components
3G and 4G bandwidth usage. The per-
of an end-to-end wireless network so-
ception of service quality is everything
lution are shown in the figure 2. figure 3
figure 1

July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
It is essential that wired and wire-
less components now be tested with
the same types and scale of traffic seen Over 500 Biggies Listed in

in actual network deployments. The
iPhone is the perfect example of a high Tax Defaulters’ List for 2010
performance, multimedia-capable de-
vice, and is the tip of the iceberg of
what is to come. Networks, both wire- t’s time to pay the unpaid. At least dividuals’current assets and to infor-
less and wired, must forward and 550 high net worth individuals mation like investment in mutual
shape handheld-driven traffic so as to and entities have been listed by funds, shares, and other expenditure.
ensure balanced quality of experience the Income Tax Department who In 2009, the IT department’s Di-
(QoE) for all network users. each have unpaid tax of Rs. 25 crore rectorate of Recovery had analyzed
Such increases will require and above. The amount has doubled the dossiers that had outstanding de-
providers to understand the network’s in the last two years to Rs. 2.5 lakh mands of more than Rs. 25 crore. Out
ability, including mobile backhaul, to crore, almost 66 percent of the total of the total of 551 such dossiers, only
deliver services to millions of cus- direct tax collection of 2009-10. 258 cases were found to be having
The total tax arrears were Rs. wholly actionable demands. These chief commissioner of IT.
tomers in a timely and consistent fash-
2.30 lakh crore till March 31. But an- are the demands that had not been According to sources officers in
ion. In order to accomplish this goal,
other Rs. 20,000 crore has already covered by any write-off proposal, the Joint Director and Additional
Subscriber modeling, including mately 25-30 percent of total operat- providers must employ subscriber
been added to it in the new fiscal. The BIFR proceedings, and settlement Commissioner ranks, armed with
multi-UE emulation, allows telecom ing expenses. Rapid growth in mo- modeling in order to understand what
department has targeted to recover commission proceedings. these dossiers, have been asked to
equipment manufacturers (TEMs) bile broadband traffic, however, has their networks can handle in real
Rs. 14,000 crore this year. In the pre- As further analysis showed, 227 supervise the cases and initiate at-
and service providers to assess the overloaded TDM circuits. world situations.
vious year, nearly Rs. 12,000 crore out of 258 cases were concentrated in tachment proceedings, if necessary.
performance of their service delivery. Adding additional TDM circuits
was recovered by the department. nine major cities. At the time of an- They can ask for records and latest
Test engineers must: to address this challenge is not a vi- Conclusion
With the help of the Individual nual general conference which was balance sheets in order to detect cur-
 Define how users connect to their able option. Operators are instead The transition from 3G to 4G wire-
Transaction Statement (ITS), income held in the capital last year in August, rent assets from which recoveries
service provider network. looking to move to packet-based less networks and the required inter-
tax officers can have access to the in- a list was also handed over to each could be made.
 Designate upstream and down- backhaul techniques using IP and operability with legacy technologies
stream bandwidth for each sub- Ethernet to gain a lower cost per bit. will unleash a level of unprece-
scriber. Using Carrier Ethernet for wireless dented complexity. Legacy tech-
 Specify which applications are backhaul potentially allows operators nologies need to seamlessly interact
used and how they behave when to support large bandwidth increases with newer technologies in order to
traversing the network and inter- from cell sites, while only incurring attract subscribers and limit mainte-
acting with each other. small increases in operational nance and upkeep costs.
 Configure multi-service traffic costs.(figure 4)
distribution for each subscriber. The move from TDM to Ether-
 Model usage for each application net-based transport does not come
with advanced timelines for traffic for free. TDM circuits are well es-
load profiling over an hour, a day, tablished at providing ultra-high re-
or a number of days. liability, voice quality of service, and
 Measure QoE per-application, in- accurate timing. Ethernet technology
cluding response latency, packet requires careful attention to match
loss, jitter, MOS scores for VoIP, these capabilities.
and MDI and MOS_V for video. Testing for Ethernet-based mo-
bile backhaul systems can be split
Validating Mobile Backhaul neatly into performance testing and
Mobile backhaul is the network for conformance testing. Performance
transporting mobile traffic between testing determines how a deployment Service providers will continue to
cell sites (BTS/NodeB’s) and radio will handle real world traffic interac- support multiple wireless technolo-
controllers (BSC/RNCs). Backhaul is tions at full scale, while conformance gies. It is essential that the wireless
one of the major contributors to the testing determines if the appropriate core network be tested using multi-
high costs of building out and run- standards have been implemented on UEs, subscriber modeling, and end-to-
ning a mobile network at approxi- networking devices correctly. end network testing. si

July 2010
in in

Indian Companies Created Indian Scientists Should Pioneer

60,000 Jobs in the US New Technologies: Kalam
ven though India has become Minnesota, Virginia, and
synonymous with outsourcing, Texas, in that order.
Indian companies have created The report, jointly pro- he growth that India has Kalam emphasized on green en-
says. IT services sector, which ac- achieved so far is based on ergy and told that scientists should
an amazing number of job opportuni- duced by University of Maryland,
counts for the bulk of the outsourcing patents that have been gener- focus on moon-based solar power or
ties in the US. Through nearly 500 in- India-US World Affairs Institute, and
deals, received less than 15 percent of ated outside the country and it’s time space power as it is non-polluting.
vestment and acquisition deals worth Federation of Indian Chambers of
the total investment. for the scientists in India to become “We should work on safe transmis-
$26.5 billion, Indian firms have cre- Commerce and Industry, gives a com-
During 2004-09, 239 Indian com- pioneers in innovation and technol- sion of solar power from outer space
ated about 60,000 jobs in the US in the prehensive analysis of America’s eco-
panies made 372 acquisitions in the ogy development. “Research now to earth for human habitation. The
2004-09 period. nomic engagement with India during
United States. The five US industrial must be national, especially in basic earth, moon, and mars are not sepa- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
A report, ‘How America Benefits the period. It comes on the heels of US
sectors that received the most green- science, to be able to meet global rate entities but strategic entities for prevention of HIV/AIDS, forecast-
from Economic Engagement with President Barack Obama ending tax
field investments were metals, soft- competitiveness,” said former Presi- humanity,” he added. ing earthquakes, and work on adult
India’, released by the prominent Con- incentives to the US companies that
ware and IT services, leisure and dent A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Chalking out a mission for scien- stem cells, umbilical stem cells, and
gressman Jim McDermott highlights move jobs outside the country.
entertainment, industrial machinery, Addressing scientists and stu- tists, Kalam put forth some scientific embryonic stem cells.
that during 2004-2009, 90 Indian com- The report focused on the specific
equipment, and tools, and financial dents at the Homi Bhabha audito- challenges such as increasing solar Kalam presented a model of AS-
panies made 127 greenfield invest- aspect of globalization of the Ameri-
services, accounting for almost 80 per- rium, Kalam said that the institute photovoltaic cell efficiency by using TROSAT, India’s first multi-wave-
ments worth $5.5 billion, and 16,576 can economy, especially the US, India
cent of the total greenfield investments with its rich heritage in research, carbon nano tubes, nuclear power length astronomy satellite, which
jobs created in the US greenfield in- business relationship.
in the US. basic sciences, and technology re- generation using thorium based re- will be launched on board the Polar
vestments were those that were made The investments mainly were in
A 2004 Goldman Sachs report had search can help in upgrading the actor, proteomics research, inte- Satellite Launch Vehicle in April
to start a new venture by constructing mining, manufacturing, and other in-
forecast that nearly six million US jobs

new operational facilities from the dustries, the report says. The top three country’s growth and prosperity. grated vaccine development, 2011.
would be shifted overseas to low-wage
ground up. The top three destination states in terms of jobs created were
countries like India.
states for greenfield investments were Ohio, Texas, and California, the report
t may be a small part of the overall
Prachee Devadas Shares Stage business process outsourcing sec- KPO space in India to grow by
tor, but the emerging KPO space in
with President Barack Obama India with a market size of $50-70 mil- 25-30 percent a year till 2013
lion at present is likely to grow by 25-
and CEO of Synergy Enterprises, a cer- dred people including her husband 30 percent annually till 2013.
tified woman-owned company, which Anand,” said Obama with the Indian According to Gartner, coming from a ing, India is still ahead. Countries like
provides information technology and American couple sharing the stage smaller base, the growth is higher. Philippines and Indonesia are still not

management consulting services to with him after the meeting with small Gartner Research Director Tervin- mature enough in high-level profes-
local, national, and international clien- business owners. derjit Singh said that the growth in the sional work which India can provide.
tele in the public and private sectors. Her According to Obama, the central industry is expected to be driven by Though the ongoing European
n a bid to inspire the budding entre- husband Anand Devadas is the Vice promise of America is that it is a na- the rising demand for profession- debt crisis is not likely to affect the
preneurs, Obama has met the small President of the company. Before start- tion where anybody who’s got a good based services. They include research business volumes of domestic KPOs,
business entrepreneurs at White ing SEI, Prachee Devadas worked for idea and willingness to work hard can for capital and financial markets, para the outsourcing firms having more
House and lauded an Indian woman en- small companies gaining experience in succeed; and small businesses had cre- legal works, editing jobs for interna- than 30 percent exposure in northern
trepreneur for her success. Prachee J. business development, managing multi- ated roughly two out of every three tional publishing houses among many European countries will be facing
Devadas, who moved to the US to turn million dollar contracts while providing new jobs in our country. others. tough times even as their long-term
her entrepreneurial dreams into reality, professional services in training and “It’s that promise that has drawn KPOs core value propositions are prospects remain strong. Infact for
successfully set up a technology services technical assistance, publication devel- millions of people to our shores. It’s premised on providing business-re- analysis is a KPO analytics service. him, the domestic outsourcing firms
company in the US that has grown from opment, grant review, and conference what drives workers to become their lated analysis and expertise on an on- In terms of the growing competi- should maintain a right geographical
1 to 120 employees. Synergy Enterprises management. own bosses. It’s what propels some going basis rather than transactional tion from other emerging markets for balance from the point of view of their
was named among Washington Tech- “Prachee told me that when she basement inventor to bring a new con- business process or technology-based such services, Singh opines that al- client base and opt for multi-shoring
nology’s 2008 top 25 small contractors. started she had just one employee. cept to market,” Obama said citing the expertise. For example, contact centres though other offshoring sites like of their operations to hedge against
Prachee Devadas is the President Today, she employs more than a hun- example of Devadas couple. si are a BPO capability, but collections Philippines and Indonesia are emerg- such a crisis. si

|10| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010

LucidMedia Raises $ 4.5 Million

given an opportunity to de-
Two Indian Students velop and introduce a prod-
uct in just ten weeks.
Develop Top Paid News organizations are jay Sravanapudi on-spend through its patent it comes to real solutions where one

yet to get accustomed to founded Lucid- ClickSense. The company can log into and traffic a campaign ef-
Apple Apps iPad strategies but are quite Media has re- plans to use the funds to ex- fectively there are not many players.
hopeful about the success of cently raised $4.5 million pand its recently launched The field is narrower than all the mar-
wo India-born Stanford gradu- c l e s , Pulse. “You absolutely do in funding, led by MMV self-service DSP platform, keting hype implies, says Sravanapudi,
ate students have created a which are Akshay Kothari & Ankit Gupta not have to give away some- Financial (MMV). This which enables agencies and Founder and CEO, LucidMedia.
$3.99 application in the iPad. It basically thing great for free. If you funding follows the in- advertisers manage their Online advertising is a $30 billion
is the top paid app in the entire iPad cleaned-up versions of a news site’s build something great, peo- vestment in December online advertising cam- business globally. Since users are mov-
section of the App Store. Akshay RSS feeds, or to see the full articles as ple will pay you for it,” says Michael 2008 from institutional Ajay Sravanapudi paigns. The DSP leverages ing away from fixed, premium place-
Kothari (23) and Ankit Gupta (22) at they are presented on the Web. It also Dearing, a former eBay Executive and individual investors LucidMedia’s patented ments to realtime bid inventory across
the Institute of Design of Stanford lets sharing articles through Twitter who is a teacher of the Launch Pad including Lake Street Capital and contextual targeting technologies to the many exchange aggregators, the
University have developed the Pulse and Facebook by passing the individ- class. Redleaf Group, bringing the total fund- provide more than 14,000 categories demand-side advertising platforms are
Reader app in the iPad. ual sharing tools presented by each Nearly 15,000 people have down- ing to $13.3 million. along with page-level transparency and the wave of the future as their valua-
Pulse is a clean and visual news news site. loaded this app and it has generated Founded in 1999, the Virginia multiple layers of filtering to protect tions are strong. “We hold a strong
aggregator and the reader takes up to Kothari says that the project was more than $40,000 in revenue, taking headquartered company categorizes branded advertisers from inappropriate foothold in the DSP space and have a
20 news sources that can be followed inspired by ‘a personal frustration at into account Apple’s 30 percent cut. traffic from many of the Web’s most content. 10 year track record of success, which
and a visual mosaic of the news can be the whole news reading experience’ on Akshay and Ankit have created a com- respected networks and exchanges, With many networks now reposi- makes us appealing to the VC commu-
created. The article can be tapped and mobile devices. The stylish and easy pany, Alphonso Labs, and are now providing advertisers with a way to tioning as demand-side platforms, the nity,” says Sravanapudi. LucidMedia
a clean rendered view of the news to use news aggregator service was de- working on versions of the app for more effectively target online advertis- competition has increased but the team today is 30 people strong with offices
story can be presented. The app allows veloped in the Launch Pad class, other devices, as well as talking to po- ing inventory and increase their return- at LucidMedia is not perturbed. When in New York as well.

Jivox raises $4 Million

users to see text-only versions of arti- where the budding entrepreneurs are tential investors.

iaz Nesamoney founded online while a sizable part of the new to what we have already
video advertising firm Jivox, has advertising money was coming raised depending on how
Most Indian firms desire tax sops
raised $4 million in the follow- into online video, the advertising we chart our expansion,”
for green investments: Survey on investment round from Opus Capital market still remained ripe for says Nesamoney. The com-
and Helion Venture Partners. With this print especially in the vernacular pany has an employee base
lutions provider Regus. Majority of In- world, however, are well below this latest round of funding, Jivox has raised industry,” Diaz Nesamoney, of 45 people.
dian companies feel tax incentives average in their actual and predicted $15 million till date. President & CEO, Jivox. Jivox works with most
from the government are required to level of green investment, indicating This new round of funding would be The three-year-old firm of the top brands in the au-
accelerate adoption of energy-efficient smaller businesses are harder pressed used for promoting the brand and ven- Jivox offers advanced ad cre- tomobile, financial services,
Diaz Nesamoney
business practices. to select low-carbon equipment when turing into Chennai markets. California ation tools and targeted distribu- electronics, travel & leisure
“A majority 85 percent of com- this comes at marginally higher based Jivox is a provider of interactive tion through its network of over and entertainment sectors in
panies said if the government of- price. In India, only 25 percent of video ad technology that enables busi- 1,000 media and content websites, as India. The company’s India operations
fered tax incentives to invest in small firms monitor their carbon nesses to reach new customers online. well as through directory listings, viral are handled by Naren Nachiappan, who
energy-efficient or low-carbon footprint compared to 45 percent of Many of the large media companies and marketing programs, email campaigns, is the Managing Director at Jivox India.
equipment, businesses would signif- large businesses, the survey noted.

advertisers are using the Jivox platform social networks and more. Jivox also The firm’s revenue model works on fee
icantly accelerate their green invest- “Adoption of green equipment to create and distribute interactive video provides sophisticated analytics that per impression. It books spots on most of
ments,” the report stated. Globally, and monitoring initiatives is still dis- ads and manage their ad operations more drive continuous campaign improve- the top online publishers in India, and
only 37 percent of companies actu- appointingly low, particularly for effectively. ment, including a unique “video engage- also in the U.S., and works on revenue
hough India has been criticized ally measure their emissions and smaller companies. Yet small and Currently, Jivox is aggressive on tap- ment score” that gives advertisers sharing basis in some cases. The Global
for its high emission levels, less than a fifth of companies (19 medium-sized companies account for ping India’s growing online advertising immediate insight into campaign per- online video advertising is $1 billion
around 30 percent companies in percent) measure the carbon foot- half of any country’s business market which is estimated at around formance. “At the moment, the plan is to market and expected to grow at 20 to 25
India monitor their carbon footprint, print left by their activities. turnover,” said Madhusudan Thakur, $300 million, with the video component look at funding in the first quarter of percent and Jivox is trying to make a
states a recent survey by workplace so- Small companies across the VP, Regus India Regional. si estimated at just $30 million. “ In India, 2011. We could look at a figure similar mark in this market. si

|12| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Effective End-to-End Service Delivery BPO Vendors Align Demand for Game
Capability is the Mantra Today with Clients Via Changing Ideas

Caliber Point is the independent BPO arm of Hexaware Tech- Right Shore Global By Keshav Murugesh, CEO, WNS

nologies Limited, a leading global IT & BPO services company.
By R U Srinivas, CEO, Caliber Point Delivery
By Nitin Pangam, CEO, ost reduction dominated the
Maeflower Consulting mind space of outsourcing
specialized offerings complemented by urrent client demands make it companies in the last
add-ons like six-sigma and other pertinent for every BPO ven- decade. India is past that stage,
process improvement capabilities. Now, dor to align with the clients to when we could provide basic cost
nitin PangaM

customers expect comprehensive capa- create better value and such ap- advantage to service our clients. In
Nitin Pangam is the CEO of
bility on the part of service providers proaches have popularized the con- our conversations with clients, the
Maeflower Consulting, a consulting
and the ability to help them to be the in- cepts like transformational over-arching theme is around using
firm specializing in Demand
dustry benchmark, in addition to in- outsourcing. BPO not just as a survival tool but
generation & FDI Investor targeting
KeShav MURUgeSh
creasing efficiency at functional levels. It is the capability acquired by a also one that serves as an engine for Keshav Murugesh, CEO, WNS. The
for Economic development of clients.
Moreover, customers are increasingly BPO after servicing multiple clients in growth. It’s about helping compa- company is a leading player in busi-
He is also the Director of QEDbaton,
looking at on-shore and near-shore de- the different space that allows the firms nies weather the storm by reducing ness process outsourcing.
an Integrated Demand generation
livery capability of service providers, in to study the different experiences and their cost structure rapidly and
company, catering to the business
using these cost savings and effi- outsourcing.

addition to offshoring. make them capable enough to draw development needs of ISV’s,
On a different note, a noticeable out operational efficiencies, and en- ciency improvements to set a foun- But the BPO industry still re-
IT services companies and BPOs.
fact now is the lucrative prospect that hance them via usage of technology. dation for fueling their growth as mains highly under-penetrated. Ac-
the domestic market holds for the Thus, it ensures flexible and adap- globe. However, in terms of optimiz- the economy starts to recover; truly cording to the latest Nasscom
R U SRinivaS
ne of the hardest hit industries BPO sector. Domestic market is ex- tive business architecture. The compa- ing their cost or scouting for certain partnering with the client to drive reports, the addressable BPO mar-
like many others during reces- ploding in a big way with BFSI, tele- nies acquire intelligence via working niche capabilities like efficiency in a competitive advantage. The cus- ket is estimated at $180-220 billion,
sion, the BPO sector is now com, government, and public sector on the clients’ processes and use the particular language, the companies tomers now demand that service of which offshore was just $29 bil-
witnessing a gradual upturn. Times becoming major consumers of IT en- learning to service the client organiza- have renewed their interest in emerg- providers come with game chang- lion. So the head-room to grow is
have changed and so have the demands. abled services. tion in a much effective way. The ing markets like Africa, China, and ing ideas that ensure revenue conti- tremendous. For this, client focus is
While in the past BPOs were looked at usage of business intelligence in the Latin America. nuity and winning over going to be the paramount require-
as a separate service when compared to Service providers are BPO firms has increased as there are It gives a boost to their onshore- competition. ment and offering customized solu-
expected to have compre- offshore blended delivery. With their tions will be the way forward to
The over-arching
IT, today the IT and ITeS services are competitive pressures to deliver effec-
often coupled together as a single sec- hensive capability and to tive results. presence well-balanced, the outsourc- bridge this gap. This may mean
tor. Thus organizations like ours (Cal- help organizations to be The cost consciousness dawned on ing industry tends to constantly evalu- theme is around using providing onshore, near shore, and
BPO not just as a sur-
iber Point & Hexaware), which have a ate opportunities to innovate. Thus, by offshore services to clients that are
blend of these services, provide a win- the industry benchmark firms during the recession has made
staying closer to the clients, the com- going global.
vival tool but also one
every client demand additional cost ad-
ning combination to customers. Some These developments have thus re- vantage in services, resulting in cost panies can churn out different solutions One of the biggest challenges
companies like ours are now bringing a sulted in a change in the operating optimization pressures in the vendors. amidst turbulences like the current Eu-
ropean crisis or the recession.
that will serve as an en- Indian BPOs will face in the future
is a crunch of employable talent. Of
gine for growth
third element to this service combina- model of BPOs. Increasing demands The challenge lies in providing service
tion - analytics. It is one of the ways to have forced large players to partner with at the same or better level at a reduced Especially for new entrepreneurs, the 4 to 5 million students that
move up in the value chain while pro- smaller firms and collaborate with them cost. So, the industry has to scout new the competitive advantage lies in inno- graduate each year, the industry is
viding value to customers. With tech- to provide services to their customers. technology advances that will help vating to make their business processes The scope of outsourcing too able to employ only about 10 per-
nology trends like cloud computing, Hence, the environment beckons co-ex- them to constantly optimize their cost. more efficient through the cloud and has widened beyond belief. There is cent. That causes the crunch. The
software-as-a-service (SaaS), and plat- istence than competition. These devel- Also, the political and economic com- PAAS. Also, with the regular issues of a high level of activity in finance industry and the government need
form-as-a-service (PaaS) coming into opments will also result in the pulsions are forcing the IT vendors to investments haunting them every time, and accounting across all indus- to worry about the un-employabil-
the market, customers want their ven- de-concentration of industries. The seriously consider stronger globaliza- collaboration has come to play a big tries, a lot of new companies are ity of the remaining 90 percent. It
dors to be capable of delivering an over- BPO sector will no longer be a business tion and they are continuously setting role in successfully sustaining the busi- willing to outsource for the first is important that we, the industry
all solution. concentrating on only tier-1 cities, but up hubs in U.S., UK and Europe. ness. The collaboration of different time, especially in the F&A space. leaders, take measures along with
With the outsourcing industry ma- will trickle down further. The oncom- Companies are increasingly foraying processes within the organization or There is also significant activity in the government to build strong ed-
turing, customer expectations also have ing years will witness the spread of into different countries to get close to collaboration of different services be- the CPG, logistics, and media and ucation programs specific for this
undergone a transition. Previously, BPO related activities into these lesser the clients, and in return have readily tween organizations deliver comple- entertainment industries. New in- industry across India including in
value-addition was synonymous with known areas. increased job opportunities across the mentary processes is important. dustries like retail are now open to tier-2 and tier-3 cities. si

|14| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010

in IT Services

By Christo Jacob & Vimali Swamy

he last three years, had been testing times for

Fast Facts the IT industry across the world. While large
corporations hardly grew by 10 percent, the
mid tier companies were on a decline. How-
Founder & Chairman
ever, there is one among the few companies
Sanjay Govil
that managed to change the script – Infinite Computer
Managing Director
Solutions, posted a growth of close to 35 - 40 percent; a
Upinder Zutshi
feat rarely accomplished.
Founded by Sanjay Govil in 1999, the Bangalore
Bangalore, India
headquartered company is one among the many mid-tier
IT service providers in application development and
$140.9 Million
maintenance, testing, infrastructure management and in-
tellectual property (IP) leveraged solutions. But what sets
3800 (as of June 2010)
it apart in the vast pool of players? Upinder Zutshi, CEO,
Infinite, is quick to answer, “A healthy mix of Fortune
IT services
100 and mid level organizations as customers coupled
with IP based solutions in niche services areas across
large number of verticals.”

Upinder Zutshi
July 2010
A step ahead of others The engagement model also of- The recession has been a key billion market—virtually untapped
Zutshi believes that to exist in a fers flexibility in terms of tailoring REVENUE* driver in helping us reach this stage by Indian players. While this market
competitive market as that of IT these models to suit customer’s says Zutshi. While IT outsourcing is is still a tough one to crack and re-
services, one has to build long last- business requirements. The value part of ‘business as usual’ CIO strate- mains dominated by global giants —

ing partnerships, to make every as- proposition in these models is built gies in the aftermath of the recession, the likes of IBM, EDS and CSC—In-

sociation mutually profitable, around the theme ‘cost effective, most technology leaders are paying finite sees itself competing with pure-
Growth 32%

rewarding and enjoyable, thus en- faster and better’. Further, Infinite’s “far more attention” to what they are play Indian software services biggies
120 106.8
Growth 26%

hancing the scope of engagements Global Delivery Framework cou- getting for by leveraging

by expanding the breadth of serv- pled with the three-tiered delivery 80

their money. its offshore
ices, cross-selling opportunities, de- approach comprising on-site, off- Hence, CIOs expertise.
livering end-to-end solutions and site and offshore delivery options of Fortune Most For-

addressing new areas within clients’ complemented with the wide range companies are tune compa-

organization. While, disruptive in- of flexible engagement models pro- 20

under pres- nies are
novations, especially, in the areas of vides clients the flexibility in terms sure to strike a reluctant to
technology, revenue and delivery of engagement with access to best of balance be- hand over

models have created a level playing the processes, methodologies, tools tween innova- control of
FY 08 FY 09 FY 10*

opportunity for players globally; a and resources across various global able, royalty bearing worldwide li- tion and their networks to
Number in USD Mn*

reflection of strong understanding of locations. This framework focuses cense to Motorola’s messaging transformation outsiders. Also, un-
the business, customer centricity, on bringing in processes, efficien- product solutions. It will now de- thereby putting pressure like application de-
and desire to constantly innovate and cies and productivity tools to en- velop an application product that for IT services company. v e l o p m e n t ,
do all this with simplicity and trust, hance revenue productivity and will be sold as a licensed implemen- “Today quite a lot of infrastructure man-
has been Infinite’s edge. Through deliver time and cost efficiencies. tation back to Motorola, its clients, companies have started agement is a critical
strategic and truly collaborative re- The Technology and Solutions and third parties. While the IP of the engaging with mid tier issue where even min-
lationships with top technology Framework is integrated with Infi- licensed messaging product will re- companies as they are utes of downtime can
providers, Infinite brings its business nite’s engagement and Global De- main with Motorola, Infinite will re- looking at right mix in cripple a client’s busi-

In a re-set world
insight, accelerated methods and livery model, to ensure effective and tain rights to the IP of all add-on their vendor list, provided they have ness. The ideal route would be to
greater convenience to customers. efficient delivery execution. The en- software that it develops. a good track record. Infinite is rightly start with an onsite model and then

Infinite made significant progress by acquiring post the recession,

positioned to serve this market,” says move the services offshore, as is
Zutshi. done in the software services indus-

customer IP in exchange for a revenue share

Today, Infinite has emerged as the
old equations of try. However, Infinite has taken this

more people
alternative mid size provider of Ap- route years back and this has given

model and their own investment in IP creation.

plication Management outsourcing confidence to its customers.

equalling more
(AMS), Infrastructure Management Today, Infinite’s IMS business is
Services (IMS) and Intellectual prop- gaining momentum and this year

revenues may no
erty leveraged solutions (IP) for sev- IMS brings in close to 16 percent of
The company’s global delivery gagement models start with onsite “Our sustainable engagements eral large clients in telecom, media, the overall revenue. One of the

longer hold true

model and offshore transition managed projects and extend up to with clients using innovative risk-re- energy, manufacturing and healthcare major reasons is its strong traditional
methodologies ensure that cus- IP leveraged, revenue sharing ward, revenue-sharing models, acquir- verticals. capabilities in IMS like supporting
tomers enjoy all the benefits of off- model. ing proven revenue generating IP or the back end like servers, switches,
and maintenance of IT applications
loading work offshore. It works with “We are testing out new business creating our own, together with our Businesses Galore routers, applications and managing
for its clients. Infinite provides vari-
a variety of engagement models, and models that could be crucial to fu- improved value offerings allow our Being a mid-level services company, them remotely. Infinite has a three
ous levels of support and enhance-
recommends the one most suited to ture growth and profitability. In a re- customers to better align their R&D Infinite has its presence in multiple year alliance with iYogi, to setup and
ment ranging from handling initial
the customer’s specific needs. “Our set world post the recession, old spend, extend flexible multi vendor sectors providing a myriad of serv- manage service desk operations and
service desk queries and correcting
staff is highly skilled and has sig- equations of more people equalling product portfolios to their end clients, ices, but Zutshi is sharp to realize that also provides L1, L2, L3 support for
application errors, to preventive
nificant experience overseeing more revenues may no longer hold with reduced risks,” Zutshi adds. having competence in niche areas is iYogi’s clients across the U.S,
maintenance, for both packaged and
large-scale Application Manage- true,” says Zutshi. The strategy has worked well. the way to go in the long run. Hence, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
custom application systems. “While
ment Outsourcing engagements for The company, for instance, has Today the company is witnessing Infinite is focusing strongly on mul- and other geographies in the future.
AMS continues to be our bread and
Global 1000 companies. We employ entered into a 10 year strategic al- growth, from $85 million revenue in tiple service lines like AMS, IMS and This business is expected to scale
butter, currently IMS is our key
a scalable staffing approach as well liance with Motorola to develop and 2008 to $140.9 million in 2010, out of IP leveraged solutions. between 500 to a 1000 employees
focus, as we have traditional
as a 24x7 virtual workday model to support its software enabled mes- which 90 percent of the revenue share Having traditionally started as an for Infinite over next 12 months.
strengths in this area.” says Zutshi.
meet the specific needs of each saging products — SMS and MMS. is from top 10 customers which are AMS shop, the company today takes This comes in as a catalyst for Infi-
IMS represents a massive $126
client,” says Zutshi. Infinite will acquire a non-transfer- Fortune 100 companies. care of development, management nite to get more big deals and look

|18| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
culture and value imbibed in them by into a ‘great’ place to work. Our this year in India. Zutshi believes that in the U.K., India, Singapore,
the organization. Zutshi beams global headcount as of now is about being a publicly listed company Malaysia and China, thus increasing
Infinite Service Offerings

proudly when he talks about the com- 3800 employees and contractors put brings in additional advantages and its geographical footprint in an ag-
pany’s work culture. The Infinite together, with attrition rate way at the same time pressures of more gressive manner while bagging some
Applica#on Management | Infrastructure Management | Product & IP Leveraged Solu#ons

DNA provides a non-hierarchical below industry average at 8.67 per- expectations of the shareholders- the of the leading global names as its
Offering Telecom Telecom Healthcare Manufacturing

open work environment. “At Infinite, cent, thus strengthening our commit- new owners of the company. clients.
*AMS | PSD | V&V | PDS* Telecom | IT
OCMs SP SP Units

we are proud to offer employees a ment to service,” explains Zutshi. Infinite has expanded its delivery

Celebration of
workplace infused with positivity and centers in India, including its sub-
laced with a feeling of happiness. We The Vision Ahead sidiaries; Infinite currently has five
success at Infinite
Ver#cals Telecom | Media | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Energy & U#li#es

believe that workplace celebration is With Indian IT industry pegged to delivery centers in India – with two

is not only about

an opportunity to relive accomplish- grow significantly year on year and in Bangalore, one each in Chennai,
ments – both personal and profes- off-shoring increasingly being ac- Gurgaon & Hyderabad. “Our Corpo-
T&M | Managed T&M | Fixed Bid | Revenue Sharing

sional, providing a platform to cepted, with large global corpora- rate campus in India is housed in
celebrate them is integral to our “In- tions consolidating and reviewing Whitefield, Bangalore in an area of
Shared Services | Offshore Factory | DDC | BOT

recognition, but

finite Spirit” he says. their vendor list, putting higher em- about 4.48 acres. We have also been

Our global
Infinite’s employee recognition phasis on specialization, flexibility, allocated 4.87 acres of land in the
* AMS – Application Management Service | * PAS – Packaged Application Service | IV&V – Independent Verification & Validation | *PDS - Product Development Services

for acquisitions in this space to

also building a
strengthen its presence. program is a combination of both in- agility & focus, with growth in R&D Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Hy-

delivery model
formal and formal acknowledgement and IMS Services, the market looks derabad for our plans to build a sec-
happy and
Infinite has made significant
of a person’s/teams’ performance, ef- interesting and challenging too. ond campus,” Zutshi says.
and offshore
progress in moving its revenue base to

fun-filled work
IP based revenue sharing model. This forts or business results that support ‘‘In past, several mid-tier compa- Having a legacy in telecom, Infi-

shift is achieved via a combination of the organization’s goals and values, nies have been high on spurge of nite is now also geared to tap oppor-

acquiring customer IP in exchange for where often performance has been growth but have become dormant tunities in the emerging verticals like

a revenue share model and their own beyond expectations. Employee after crossing a certain revenue mark. healthcare, energy and utilities. Its
investment in IP creation. recognition is therefore a potent com- Our strategy for long term growth is recent win of the Uttarankhand R-

ensure that
“We are bundling our service of- munication at Infinite, with awards simple. We are looking at engaging As the world-wide industry APRDP project bears testimony of its
ferings to enhance customer time to like the Star Performers, Eagle of the with at least 10-20 Fortune 100 com- moves ahead after the recession and strengths in the utilities vertical,

customers are
service initiation or significantly re- Year, Best Project/ Best Department panies for a long term business rela- the outlook for growth of the Indian where some of the leading Indian IT
Awards, Best Quality Person of the tionship and the rest with mid-sized IT industry looks strong, Infinite is companies dominate. Moreover Zut-
benefited by
duce the operating costs,” says Zutshi.
In this model the company takes own- Year and many others. clients. This will ensure that there is well positioned to grow ahead of the shi is confident that each of the three

off-loading work
ership of the customer IP under a li- Celebration of success at Infinite constant source of revenue in tough industry average. Infinite today has businesses of Infinite- AMS, IMS
censing agreement and provides full is not only about employee recogni- times while we constantly scout for established its presence in most of and IP leveraged solutions, will con-

lifecycle R&D support in exchange for tion, but is also about building a more business,” explains Zutshi. the large Telecom & IT Services mar- tribute about a third of the revenue
revenue share on the business. This al- happy and fun-filled work culture. I- The latest landmark in Infinite’s kets of the world with offices in the by Fiscal 2014.
lows the customers to better align their verve -Infinite’s Employees’ Club journey so far, has been its IPO early U.S. in multiple locations, as well as As per the Nasscom study, the In-
R&D spend, reduce their risks and In- represents the collective energy of dian IT industry is expected to be
finite in exchange gets a more prof- Having established its compe- the organization. Apart from infusing worth USD 225 billion. This also re-
itable business model. This also allows tence in the telecom services indus- an element of fun and frolic in the flects that this growth will bring in
Infinite Vision, Mission & Values

the company to increase its value of- try, Infinite is now eyeing the remote Company, I-verve also works to- opportunities for mid-size players
fering for customers. The alliance with infrastructure management (RIM) in wards social causes. like Infinite, who have all the requi-
Growth Strategy

Motorola is an example of the new IP the U.S, Europe and Indian markets. Infinite’s other initiatives like I-
• Con!nued Focus on Large Companies
sites in place.
based model. The company expects While currently it serves few key engage, are focused on conceptualiz- Infinite’s business model of focus
• Posi!on Infinite as the Alternate Service Provider

customers in RIM vertical in these

• Differen!ated Business Models & Service Offerings

the share of revenue from this project ing and organizing activities to on areas which are unique and differ-
to be $20 million in fiscal 2010-11, markets, the company is hoping to be deliver engaging and compelling Organic Corporate Governance Inorganic entiated, has helped it grow its net
while starting fiscal 2011-12 this is ex- a major player in this domain in the communication for employees and profit by $4.8 million in the quarter
pected to be upwards of $40 million near future, as companies in U.S. and the community. This initiative facili- ended March 31, 2010.
• Grow our business from • Strengthen &
exisng clients harmonize our Core

Europe are moving from software

per year. However, as a large part of tates pro-active conversations be- With veterans at the helm and
Capabilies through

outsourcing to RIM outsourcing to


the revenue will be derived from the tween the employees and their committed associates and well satis-
• Increase focus on new Process
markets by harnessing

• Selec!vely Acquire

sale of Capacity Licenses, which is managers, buddies and mentors. fied customers, Infinite is a trend set-
Global Client-base Revenue Genera!ng
Technology Customer owned

based on growth of customers and the “Our focus on unique people ter for unique engagement model and
IP / Product
• Focus new client

The Work Culture

messaging usage in the future, the total management initiatives has been en- niche in the IT services market, to
acquision strategy • Acquire Companies to
gain complementary

The true testimonial of a company’s viably electrifying and it’s been our define the way global leaders engage
• Use Dis!nc!ve Offerings to

deal value may be significantly differ-

Skills / Revenue
penetrate new clients
Genera!ng IP

strength lies in its employees and the constant endeavor to build Infinite with vendors in India si
Leadership Team

ent from the current forecast range.

|20| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
VC Talk: By Ashwin Raghuraman
The gap between a great idea and
The author is Vice President, India Innovation Fund

We come across young teams as

a commercial success is a wide

well as seasoned professionals,
sometimes with prior entrepreneur-

chasm, bridged by the ability to

ial experience. While we love the
young teams because they often

have the ability to fail, and have the
resilience, flexibility and time to
pick themselves up and give it an-
other shot, the seasoned profession-
als are often preferred for more than
a reason. In youth, it is the norm to We are also still searching for tized successfully. The gap between

to Fund
be hungry. Hunger in a seasoned that elusive B2C model that would a great idea and a commercial suc-
professional is rarer and tempered propel India on to the world map. cess is a wide chasm, bridged by the

We Would Like
with wisdom. The prior success of The reason is simple - B2C is typi- ability to execute.
these professionals also often means cally synonymous with scale. It is the successful confluence of
that their aspirations are on a far the above enablers that brings an idea
bigger scale. Execution-ability to success and if even one of these is
The execution-ability of an idea is outstanding, the idea could eventu-

Many a great
contingent on several factors includ- ally be a gamechanger. We therefore
ing the ability of the team to execute invest, not merely in the idea, but in

technology has
in as much as whether the business the potency of these enablers.
environment will allow the idea to The India Innovation Fund is, of

failed to be

flourish e.g telemedicine with a rural course, governed by a mandate. In
focus cannot be an executable propo- line with the areas in which the pro-

sition until the telecommunication moters of the fund viz. NASSCOM
and end device ecosystem in rural and IKP Knowledge Park operate in,

areas is developed. Many a great ideas in the ICT and the Healthcare
technology has failed to be mone- spaces are where we see ourselves
equipped with the ability to provide

The crux of it
value to an entrepreneur. Further,
spontaneous answer to of start-ups that we encounter are the A compelling value proposition while in most cases, a funds fiduci-

usually lies in the

this question would team, a compelling value proposition with the ability to scale ary responsibility is to its investors,
read “those that would with the ability to scale and the “ex- The value proposition is often re- we carry the additional expectations

business model. Is
generate returns that ecution-ability”. When we come flected in the idea. The crux of it of our promoters – a strategic role to-
would keep us smil- across start-ups, we often wish that "The Secret Life of Teens", a
usually lies in the business model. Is wards the development of the ecosys-

your venture, for

ing”. Deeper thought suggests that we could pick different components survey by Harris Interactive
your venture, for example, building tem. Ideas that we would like to
would not be a root cause, but merely from different companies and put on the online behavior of
fund, would therefore revolve around
example, building
water purifiers and selling them, or American teens shows that
a symptom. Therefore, if the ques- them together to combust – We often is it creating a solution that will sup- the development or advancement of
tion were to be broad-brushed, the wish we had the luxury that the se- 69 percent of 13-17 year

water purifiers and

ply water to a city if it fails to rain technology and hence, creation of in-
answer would be – “We would like lectors of a World XI have- putting a olds have updated their sta-
for a year. The scale and complexity tellectual property.
tus on social networking

selling them, or is
to invest in ideas that change the way Sachin Tendulkar with a Wasim of the problem and the uniqueness “Imagination is more important
we live our lives today”. If this hap- Akram in the same team. Add Shane sites. 28 percent of teens,
of the solution combine to provide a than knowledge”. What Albert Ein-

it creating a
pens, other things follow. Warne to the mix, and they mere especially girls, chat with
compelling value proposition. stein stated in the early 19th Century
How do we therefore determine thought of the combination is heady people they don't know. The
Ideas which are great candidates holds true to the day. The power of

solution that will

if an idea has the potential to change survey, released by McAfee
for funding also those that will seed imagination must however not be
the way the world lives today? If we The Team says that 14 percent of teens
viewed in a limited sense, to a great
supply water to a
other businesses. Take for instance admit to having engaged in
do not wish to play Nostradamus, the We also often wish that we could Apple’s I-store or Twitter. The num- idea alone, but also, to its application
only way to answer that is by evalu- merge teams as well. Most often, it some form of cyberbullying

city if it fails to
ber of applications and businesses towards the execution. It is the potent
ating the enablers that enhance the is to put together a great set of tech- behavior in 2010. 16 per-
developed by third parties that have combination of a technology idea
cent of 16-17 year old boys

rain for a year.

probability of success of an idea. nologists with a group talented in sprung to life on account of these with an imaginative business model
The enablers we constantly ex- marketing and organization building have downloaded x-rated
are testimony to the power of these - and a top class team to deliver - that
plore when we analyze the multitude skills. content.
offerings. will rule the day. si

July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Business: By Vimali Swamy
payers now need to provide end-to- to-end solutions, shared vision with opportunities in BFSI, telecom, gov-
end processes and solutions that customers on driving transforma- ernment, and the public sector, which
would boost revenues for customers. tion, and enterprise-wide cost effi- is going to be a big consumer of IT-en-
Large market segments and buy- ciency. “BPO 1.0 was built upon abled services.
ers are now not increasingly looking cost efficiencies and productivity, Highlighting some of the trends,
at BPO in synonym with IT, where and BPO 2.0 focused on greater Mittal says that the industry is wit-
their only concern is business out- breadth and depth while embracing nessing a balanced regional growth
come and effectiveness. Hence, it is the globalization of delivery capac- with 16 percent of BPO revenues com-
no wonder the BPOs are now re- ity,” says Som Mittal, President, ing from tier-2 and tier-3 cities in
ferred to as IT-enabled services. Nasscom. FY10, and over 5,000 people em-
“As the market continues to fluc- ployed in rural BPOs. The
tuate due to incomplete recovery, or- BPO industry has con-
ganizations across industries have
as the market continues to tributed to the creation of
realized that they cannot continue fluctuate due to incomplete 4.5 million jobs and also
doing what they did in the past,” helped in empowerment
says Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of recovery, organizations of the youth. 50 percent of
Everest Group. They are looking at employees are below 25

indian BPO partners in their vendors.

With the clouds just clearing
over the U.S. economy, the Europe
across industries have
realized that they cannot
years of age and women
constitute 45 percent of all
employees and 50 percent
indUStRy market is currently undergoing a
slump. Europe accounts for about 30
continue doing what they
did in the past
of new entrants. 63 per-
cent of companies employ
percent of the IT industry’s revenue, the differently abled.

a Silver Lining with UK contributing 18 percent

and the rest of continental Europe
12 percent. The debt-hit countries
like Greece, Hungary, Portugal, and
Spain contribute a very small per-
Business models have also shifted
from being cost-oriented to revenue
models. Customers are looking at
outcome-based engagements, and ‘ef-
The Nasscom study
that was co-authored by McKinsey
India adds that the current economic
slowdown is a path to revival for BPO
companies. “In a sense, the slowdown

ahead? centage to the overall revenue of the
Indian IT industry. But most Indian
BPO companies are optimistic about
the euro zone crisis being an oppor-
tunity to deliver high-value work at
fective solutions’ is tomorrow’s
With such transformations hap-
pening, being just a BPO company
would not suffice. In times like this
has given them a chance to get their
costs back in line. Companies need to
move up the value chain and go into
non-traditional areas such as telecom
and the government which have a lot
low costs. the fort would be primarily held by of opportunities,” he adds.
With cost being an important companies with both technology and The study says that the total ad-
f the year that went by was tough, then the BPO sector is surely factor, organizations are looking at BPO services. dressable market for the BPO indus-
a witness to it. Of all the industries, the BPO sector was per- end-to-end capabilities from their Despite existing markets in the try is $630 billion. To achieve this, the
haps the most affected, especially those in the BFSI sector. But vendors. Emerging utility delivery U.S. and the UK, analysts feel that industry will have to gear up for mul-
as is often said, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining;” the same models such as SaaS, PaaS, and emerging markets hold a promising tiple challenges, especially for com-
is true of the BPO industry as well. As the economy grows, the cloud computing will lead the eco- future for BPOs, where there is a need petition from other countries such as
future seems to have something else in waiting. nomic recovery and most organiza- to cater to new sectors. China, Vietnam, Brazil, and Egypt,
A recent study by Nasscom states that the BPO addressable mar- tions are making investments in New sectors such as healthcare, among others.
ket will be larger than IT by 2020. The market is likely to grow in utilities that are based on industrial- new markets like BRIC (Brazil, Rus- The exports revenues is expected
size from $200 billion in 2010 to $ 980 billion in the next decade. ization, rather than resource-inten- sia, India, and China), Japan, and Ger- to expand more than four fold and
What is more interesting is that 80 per cent of the incremental sive models. “A combination of many, and new service lines (process reach $50 billion by 2020, while the
growth is predicted to be driven by opportunities outside the current resource-intensive and industrial- transformation for productivity im- growth in domestic revenues is ex-
core markets, verticals, and customer segments. ized approaches will prove success- provement) are where the opportuni- pected to expand seven fold to reach
Traditionally, the U.S. and the UK have been the strongest markets ful in Europe,” says Ian Marriott, ties lie. $15-17 billion during the same
for BPO since its evolution and they continue to be so. But what has Vice-President – Research, Gartner. The domestic market is another time. What remains to be seen is how
changed is the business outlook. In the past few years the BPO sec- According to Nasscom, the in- large driver for the BPO industry in far the Indian BPO industry would be
tor has undergone a tremendous change in outlook. From a supply- dustry is moving towards BPO 3.0, India. The domestic market is explod- able to prove its mettle in the promis-
side definition, today it has become outcome-oriented, where the which means value enhanced end- ing in a big way and there is a pool of ing future. si

July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Business: By Sudip Saha
The author is Senior Analyst, Springboard Research
adopters, currently constituting over of their BPO business. Despite the panding their horizons beyond tradi-
60 percent of the total pie, some other fact that cost structures of captives are
tional metro cities. This provides en-
emerging verticals include govern- typically higher when compared to terprises with ways and means to avail
ment, aviation, healthcare, retail, third party service providers, there aremultilingual skills as well as taking
transportation and logistics, and certain benefits like protecting confi- advantage of lower cost of operations
he Indian domestic market is going the market is witnessing intense interest from
media. dential information in-house. How- like rents and salaries. However, this
through a crucial transformational customers as well as outsourcing services
From a service line perspective, ever, the domestic third party BPO is not an easy task as massive public-
juncture over the last few years – providers that are not only based out of India,
the domestic BPO market is following companies are using this opportunity private partnerships in education and
rising from a ‘good to have pres- but are also players at a global level.
the same curve as that of BPO export training is needed to re-
ence’ to a ‘high potential opportu- The key factors which will continue to fuel the
market to move up the value chain. duce the gaps in the skill
nity’ for the country’s IT-BPO sector. Until a few growth of Indian BPO market are:
The service lines are evolving from BPOs have a great scope of future levels in the tier-2 and
years back, the domestic business opportunities  According to IMF forecast, the Indian econ-
being predominantly voice based to a growth as the Indian economy will tier-3 cities. This has re-
did not even figure on the agenda of Indian ITES omy will continue to register a healthy GDP
mix of voice and non-voice services. sulted in the emergence
companies. However, recession in the U.S. econ- growth of over eight percent for the next
Moving forward, in the next 2 to 3 continue to register a healthy GDP of rural BPO model,
omy and the domestic IT/ITES sector’s re- five years. To keep pace with such an expo-
years, opportunities will not only be which was well received
silience helped the market to earn a respectable nential GDP growth across the economy, the growth of over 8 percent for the
limited to back office process aug- among the vendors. In
position in the strategy roadmap of IT/ITES Indian companies need to concentrate their
mentation, but will also be extending next 5 years addition to overcoming
to processes through which enter- the language barrier, this
prises will be able to reap the benefits to acquire captive centers to build model has also helped to reduce cost
Expansion of Domestic BPO Companies of economies of scale along with a
single window view of all processes
scale and for acquiring new technolo- of operations and managing the attri-
gies, particularly to increase geo- tion rates.
across locations and business units. graphic reach as well as to inherit new Going ahead, adopting the right

Into Smaller Cities, a Boon However, the challenges that remain

are insufficient processes and stan-
capabilities. business model will determine the
The key challenges for the domes- success of individual vendors in the
dardization approach within the tic BPO market are almost similar to marketplace. Trends like ‘moving
buyer’s organization. Also, fear of los- those in the export segment. They in- from CAPEX to an OPEX based ap-
service providers. At focus on their core competencies while
ing control continues to be an in- clude rising operating cost, lack of proach’ will get traction in the mar-
a time when compa- leaving IT/ITES in the hands of third party
hibitor for the next generation growth skilled man power, and absence of an ketplace, as clients will necessarily
nies are developing IT service providers.
of the domestic BPO market. industry ready curriculum along with pay only for usage and will not have
strategies to tap the  Another key reason driving the growth is
According to Springboard Re- high attrition rates. To address these to worry about payment for licenses.
missed opportunities in the increasing globalization. The Indian en-
search, the Indian domestic BPO mar- challenges, the companies are ex- Various other business models like
the domestic sector, terprises are pursuing their dream to get
ket was estimated to be $2.6 billion in ‘transaction based’ or ‘outcome
global; as these companies intend to expand
2009 and is expected to be a $5.8 bil- based’ are emerging in the overall
their presence across the world, they will
lion industry at the end of calendar ecosystem. All these models are
need to inherit the global best practices
year 2010, registering a faster growth playing a vital role in expanding the
where the ITES services will come handy
rate than the export market. Currently, market as well as becoming a strate-
for them.
close to 75 percent of the industry is Software as a Service (SaaS) gic ploy in the Indian outsourcing
 The number of service providers having
captive in nature while the remaining would have a role in the business.
end-to-end capabilities to provide outsourc-
25 percent is with the third party BPO future of IT but not a With maturity of the domestic
ing services has increased over the years.
service provider. As the industry ma- dominant one as was market, the customers’ requirements
This growing number of vendors, along
tures, the Indian domestic market is thought earlier, according are changing very fast and vendors
with increasing maturity of Indian enter-
witnessing increasing consolidation to IT research and advisory will need a great degree of customiza-
prises towards benefits of availing out-
activities for the past few years. After firm Gartner. In 2009, tion and understanding to be success-
sourcing services, will act as a catalyst for
the economic downturn, many com- within enterprise ful in this front. They will need to
the growth of the domestic IT market.
panies are wary about continuing with applications, SaaS think ahead of the curve on business
 A steep decline in the connectivity
their captive center operations in India represented 3.4 percent of total models, pricing, and have to build in
costs is gradually building new busi-
and thereby started to pull out their enterprise spending, slightly up capabilities that cater to the Indian
ness models that will be able to meet
well-established captive BPO invest- from 2008 at 2.8 percent, market. Profitability is the other area,
the rising customer demands and the
ments. Over the last couple of years which shows that there is no which will be determined on the ven-
service level agreements.
several large captive centers, includ- major change in terms of the dors’ effectiveness in delivering by
The domestic BPO opportunity is
ing Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, and demand for SaaS. way of cost structure, people manage-
scattered into a number of verticals;
more recently UBS, have pulled out ment, and value creation. si
whilst telecom and banking were the early

July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Business: By Gopi Natarajan
The author is CEO, Omega Healthcare
order to keep the monies flowing ICD-10 codes are about 64,000 and and fairly recession-proof and the
between the various con- more. huge opportunity they foresee
stituents. While this trend has been makes them too eager to get into the
changing over the years, it will still Challenges industry. Therefore, they tend to get
take a very long time for systems to The opportunity for IT and services into undesirable business practices
catch up and replace the amount of outsourcing companies in the US like arbitrarily lowering the pricing
manual work that will always be healthcare industry is bound to in- and paying more for labor in India,
needed. crease over the next few years. As in effect squeezing the margins and
It is anticipated that over the the US economy slowly recovers, jeopardizing the long term viability
next few years the amount of data companies will look to get more ef- of the services industry from a qual-
entry work will probably reduce, as ficient and profitable leading to in- ity perspective.
systems get more sophisticated and creased usage of offshore Security of information is ex-
data transfer between the various resources. A lot of entrepreneurs and tremely important when servicing

The risks of leaking out sensitive

systems become more seamless. Re-

gardless of this, the need for value

information and its negative

added services like medical coding,
insurance follow-up, collection ac-

effect on the future of the entire

tivities, and claims adjudication
services will continue to in-

industry is a serious issue to be

a ChaLLenging yet PROMiSing crease. The healthcare reform pack-
age recently announced by President

dealt with
Obama, which is considered the
MaRKet fOR india most sweeping change in the indus-
try since the Medicare changes in

the 1960’s, has some challenges to
overcome in terms of financing the
various programs and reforms that Indian companies understand that the US healthcare industry and a lot
have been announced. the US healthcare industry is stable of companies in India do not under-
In any event, some form of the stand the risks associated with sen-
reform is much needed in the indus- sitive information leaking outside

Over the next

try and will go into effect only over and the negative effect it will have
he recent healthcare been termed the laggard when the next 3 to 5 years, and will add on the future of the entire indus-

3-5 years about

reforms announced it comes to technology adop- more than 40 million Americans try. Servicing the US healthcare in-
in the U.S. have ar- tion, and the IT spend is esti- (who currently don’t have insur- dustry properly will require a good

40 million
guably been one of mated to be about two percent ance) to the insurance system. This The Zinnov Management amount of capital investment up-
the most oppor- of revenues compared to the fi- will increase the magnitude and research shows that front to set up the proper infrastruc-

Americans will be
tunistic business areas that In- nancial or banking industries scope of the administrative com- Software-as -a Service ture. Serious entrepreneurs should
dian services industry can look where it is about 8 to 10 per- plexity, thus leading to more manual (SaaS) would touch $650 be cognizant of this, if they are in it

newly added to
forward to. While the quality of cent. work that has to be performed. In million in 2015.Services like for a long haul. The other challenge
healthcare in the US is ar- addition, the US has mandated that Platform-as-a-service will be to find good talent in India

the insurance
guably one of the best in the Trends the entire industry move from ICD- (PaaS) and to provide the services, especially
world, the administrative as- There is a major reason why 9 (International Classification of Infrastructure-as-a-service the voice based ones as this requires

system, increasing
pects of the industry is by far technology adoption is difficult Diseases) to the usage of ICD-10 (IaaS) would attain a mar- not only good English communica-
the most complex and difficult in the administrative side of the codes throughout. This move to the ket of $434 million. The tion skills but also very good ana-

to comprehend systems and healthcare industry; it is the ICD-10 coding system is forecast to domestic Indian Cloud lytical skills.
processes in the world. The regulatory complexities in- be as big as the Y2K opportunity. computing market is In summary, while the opportu-

complexity that
healthcare industry currently volved. Most IT companies Thousands of companies in the in- expected to be $66 million. nity remains huge for the healthcare
represents about 12 percent of have found it difficult to build dustry will have to make changes to The Indian companies outsourcing industry in India and

will lead to a swell

the US GDP and is expected to systems that are able to handle their systems and processes to ac- provide with PaaS and IaaS can grow 20-fold from where it is
reach close to 15 percent over the ever changing federal, state, commodate this transition. For ex- to bring out the hidden today, it will happen only if we col-

in manual work
the next 7-8 years. Tradition- and private insurance regula- ample, there is a total of over 16,000 market potential. lectivity provide a lot of value added
ally, the administrative side of tions. There is a lot of work ICD-9 codes while the number of and high quality services. si
the healthcare industry has that has to be done manually in
July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Business: By Vishwanathan K A

The author is Head – BPO, Ramco Systems
 Lack of process innovation: Payroll
processing is overlooked by organ-
Time and Resources
izations for improvements as gener-
ally no problem is reported on the
People Process Technology

overall delivery mechanism. Em-

Subject matter expert Query Mgt Infrastructure
Supervisor Compliance Storage ployees are also happy to get used
to the existing process issues with
their focus set more on the value of
Validator Procedure Communication

the payslip. The point to be con-

Training - S/w version changes

- - Technology veyed is that simply everybody
misses the opportunity and the
Payroll is mostly ‘policy’ driven and tions the internal resources working
scope ‘payroll processing’ provides

partly ‘statutes’ driven: The business on payroll processing do not have a
as an improvement area and its con-
rules of an organization determine the career plan to look forward to. Due to
temporary alignment

apportionment of the various compo-
to overall business
nents of the payslip. These business People usually miss the opportunity and the
objectives. People
rules are susceptible to changes due scope ‘payroll processing’ provides as an im-
are the most impor-
to various factors - competition provement area and its contemporary align-
tant assets of any or-
changing the rules, aggressive growth
ganization and
trajectory of the organization, or it
ensuring timely de-
ment to overall business objectives
can also be based on demands of the
livery of error-free
various stakeholders. These rules are the complex nature of payroll pro-
merging businesses are faced with tough challenges in terms of people management, payslips can add to the satisfaction
very specific to the organization; a cessing, their knowledge is indispen-
process improvement, and quick technology adoption. They are looking for contin- at the workplace.
simple example could be the incen- sable to the organization and
uously redefining their competitive advantage, strengthening the delivery of their
tive calculation for a manufacturing movements to other internal openings
value proposition in the market place and improving the overall organizational po-  Technology: Organizations use pay-
industry and a FBP (flexible benefit are not encouraged. This leads to sud-
sitioning vis-a-vis its peers. The role of HR in such organizations is becoming more roll application, which is a standard
plan) for aservices industry. den attrition and an open vacancy,
strategic than operational. With aggressive business growth, HR heads need to build in scalabil- or customized solution provided by
Payroll processing is also af- which becomes difficult to fill as the
ity of HCM (Human Capital Management) processes in their long-term strategic plans. a vendor or a third party
fected by periodic statutory changes expertise specific to company busi-
Payroll processing, which is primarily managed by HR department in most of the organiza- service provider. In either case, up-
but they are far less complex in na- ness rules is built over a time (big risk
tions, offers a great scope for process improvement and cost reduction. Realizing this potential, grades call for investment which man-
ture as compared to the policy driven factor) and is available only with the
some of the emerging businesses in the telecom, IT, ITES, and even manufacturing sectors have agement is unwilling to make as payroll
issues. But statutes driven changes individual.
outsourced this to experts so that they are able to focus on issues more strategic in nature. This processing is not viewed as critical. De-
impact the competition also in equal
trend is catching up and the inherent complexity of payroll processing is making this ‘next-gen pendence on software service providers
measure and hence the overall effect
HR move’ a reality, quite sooner than anticipated. Current Issues Faced by Organizations in Pay- is high and further investment is diffi-
is minimal.
roll Processing cult to justify in terms of ROI. End re-
Organizations having multiple
sult: Legacy rule continues.
locations have to make investment in
resources to take care of the actual fil- A study done by Forrester Way Forward ….IP3 Framework
ing of compliance related procedures. Research on top technologi- Service Providers
This resource is expected to manage cal companies like Mi- IP3 (Infrastructure–Product–Process–
the relations with the local statutory crosoft, Dell, HP and IBM People) framework deployed service
office personnel and also be able to shows that internal IT is not provider are the best fit service
understand the periodic changes in mentioned in the reports. providers for the above issue. World
regulations. Merely I6 percent of the over, Ramco are among the very few
An in-house team will find it CEO’s mention about IT in companies who have the IP3 frame-
very difficult to make rapid changes their reports. Forrester's work advantage. This framework helps
in the payroll processing arising out concept of Business Tech- organizations to switch models; from
of policy or statute changes, as pay- nology suggests that a com- BPO to licensing to hosting. The switch-
roll is construed as a non-core activ- pany should focus on at ing model gives flexibility to an organi-
ity. least 10 to 15 IT projects zation to decide on the ‘right solution’
Growth plan for payroll processing rather than focusing on within its budget without compromising

personnel: In most of the organiza- hundreds at a time.
on the quality of delivery. si

|30| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Business: By Ashwini Kumar
The author is Lead Consultant, Finacle,
Infosys Technologies of asset quality. In addition to the special We have seen the various measures late since the continued dependence of
measures, other measures usually taken taken to revive the economy; however, financial institutions on the stimulus
at macro and micro levels by regulators the outcome of all these measures on the packages for their survival would be

Rescue Measures
are: lending behavior and their impact on disastrous for the system.
various economic factors governing the All the funds that are being pumped
Stabilizing interest rates growth of economies such as budgetary into the market are to stimulate demand

A Conundrum

 Stricter guidelines on exposure to deficits and fiscal structures are to be ob- and provide temporary resources to
single line and segment of busi- served. banks to lend. Presently, the banks are

 Greater mandatory disclosures and There is no one best solution for the problem
scrutiny of their businesses and
as it is not the same in all countries; and so
 Moving away from the regime of each country adopts a different strategy to
self regulation and voluntary disclo-
sures for financial institutions
address the economic crisis
he world is now seeing an  Regulating the entry of new banks
unprecedented weakness in Some Measures for Re-  Strengthening corporate governance Budgetary deficits are expected to not being forced to take losses on the
lending flows - be it mort- vival of Economy and increasing accountability rise; however, controlling the interest balance sheet and dispose a delinquent
gage lending or unsecured Deposit insurance is one gov-  Heightening requirements to im- rates becomes very important. The coun- asset, which means that the results
lending. A silver lining in a such special measure for re- ernment guar- prove quality of credit tries having healthy public debt finances shown by them in the ensuing quarters
rather gloomy market condition is that vival, and as a concept it is as old antee, the will come out of the woods earlier than may not be a true depiction of their fi-
in the current year financial institutions as banking. Deposit insurance helps banks get additional The initial support provided by the reg- others. India is projected to have a rea- nancial status. This is one of the main
are witnessing a marginal growth in their prevent run on banks and thereby in con- funds to source their tier-1 and tier-2 ulators ensured that the financial sys- sonable budgetary deficit of 6.8 percent concerns of the investors: undisclosed
business and not a decline as was seen trolling the short term liquidity crisis. capital requirements from the market. tems did not collapse; and by supporting at the end of the year as against a 12.3 delinquent assets and this, in the near
in 2008. Major economies have raised the limits Asset purchase of the banks im- the immediate funding requirements of percent budgetary deficit in the U.S.. term, may lead to stagnation. It is very
The global retail lending market on the deposit insurance to boost the in- proves the liquidity position. There are the banks they ensured that the trust was This shows that economies such as India interesting to watch the effect of these
shrank by two percent in 2008 to vestor’s confidence to stem the runs on two implications, in case the purchase is not lost and there were no unprece- would come out of the recession faster and the counter measures the govern-
$27,500 billion. However, the global re- the banks. higher than the book value it results in dented defaults. These were important than many other developed nations such ments will take to address this problem
tail lending market is forecast to have a Stock markets are the pulse of fi- shoring up the capital, and in cases it is short term measures, but for the finan- as the U.S.. in the long run.
value of $32,750 billion by 2013, an in- nancial markets and the barometer on below the book value it helps in im- cial system to sustain and operate inde- Secondly, some fiscal measures The present economic situation
crease of 19 percent since 2008. Mort- the health of an economy. The positive proving the balance sheet of the banks. pendently it requires infusion of long such as tax cuts may be taken in the will trigger mergers and acquisitions
gage lending dominates the market with sentiments of the stock market help in Asset guarantee provides an assur- term funds. coming year, resulting in stimulating in the financial services sector in the
just over 80 percent of the market share improving the general sentiments in an ance to the creditors on the quality of the The central banks have provided the demand of the household sector. near and medium terms. We have not
in value terms and America accounts for economy. Restrictions in short selling portfolio of assets of the bank. Thereby debt guarantees to usher in long term This could potentially increase the dis- seen much of M&A happening in the
50.4 percent of the global market value. are one such measure to restrict and con- the creditors do not withdraw funds as funds, though this is not a sustainable posable income in the hands of the con- recent past as the banks and govern-
The measures taken by Americans to re- trol the bear sentiments in the market, they are covered from risk of default. funding mechanism. Private equity in- sumers, but in the current market ment have adopted a policy of wait
vive the mortgage portfolio are closely thereby reducing the investor anxiety. Nationalization is the harshest meas- vestors have been the source of long conditions consumers have limited or and watch. It is a matter of time before
watched as their revival is key to reverse It is a catch 22 situation for many ure to shore up the confidence of in- term funds for the banks for a long time no access to credit, which causes them we see this happening.
the present sagging sentiments. banks. The banks’ balance sheets are vestors and depositors and boost their now but they weren’t forthcoming to in- to hoard cash. To encourage savings To conclude, the effects of the meas-
There are largely two main players skewed with delinquent assets portfolio sentiments. This measure is adopted vest more, fearing the potential undis- consumers can expect, as a one time ures will vary based on time, country,
in the act of revival - government and on one side and on the other they do not only when the failures of such banks closed losses. These guarantees may not measure, lenient approach by banks on and overall sentiments. A sustainable
regulators. The actions of these players have the capital to sustain lending. have very high impact on the financial hold water in the long term unless dis- lending to individuals based on credit measure would be to create separate in-
would help the industry and economy Banks’sources of funding have dried up system and the government anticipates closures are complete. ratings and providing them with access stitutions to handle such assets and fund
turn around. There is no one best solu- as investors have lost confidence, and that it may lead to chaos and mayhem in Impaired asset portfolio manage- to credit. them directly and or through consor-
tion for the problem and the problem it- hence the governments are stepping in the financial market circles. ment is one other area that has brought In the long run, the challenge will tiums. Consumers and businesses
self is not the same in all countries; and to help some of the major banks by pro- Regulators play an important role in sleepless nights to regulators. The regu- be for the government and regulators to should expect further monetary and fis-
so each country adopts a different strat- viding capital infusion. bringing back trust and buoyancy in the lators came up with special measures withdraw the stimulus packages that cal measures coming their way to make
egy to address the crisis. Secondly fi- There is a limited way in which a economy. Recessionary periods are such as providing insurance for losses are being offered to the financial insti- this turnaround a reality. Banking is the
nancial institutions, anticipating the government can participate in direct cap- challenging times for regulators, on one or purchase of assets. Secondly, guaran- tutions. The timing of this exit is as im- backbone of global economy and will
reactionary behavior of these players, ital infusion. Hence, for other banks the hand they need to encourage banks to teeing of debt by government may not portant as its beginning; it cannot be too not perish on account of cyclical
will survive and emerge as leaders in the government has introduced a debt guar- lend and on the other they need to en- work, as sovereign ratings of many early as that may lead to recurrence of changes but will only bounce back with
long term. antee scheme wherein, based on the sure that there is no further deterioration countries have fallen. the problem and cannot either be too greater resilience. si

|32| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Technology: By Kiran Datar
The author is Managing Director, Cisco WebEx India
w a r e scaling is absorbed by the service Conclusion
change provider. The service is always Hosting and on-premise collabora-
control, over-provisioned in order to have tion both provide great benefits for
plus server capacity available, and there are no organizations needing to connect
and net- additional IT costs for adding users. with global partners, customers, and
employees. Each approach has asso-
On-demand vs On-Premises 2. Reducing network congestion and ciated requirements that weigh
maintenance against benefits, but are tempered by

Collaboration An on-premise solution requires

that all network congestion, appli-
cost. Organizations must weigh the
value of a solution by balancing the

cation provisioning, and bandwidth total cost of ownership against mis-
management be handled by IT and sion-criticality and the timing of re-
telecom services within the enter- turn on investment.
prise. This may involve firewall fil- Time, then, becomes the most
tering, Access-Control Lists (ACLs) valuable commodity, followed
in routers, and other network infra- closely by IT resources. How much
work provi- structure configuration and moni- time is required to deploy? (IT ef-
sioning that toring exercises. In the on-demand forts) How long before users adopt
s collaboration gains Organizational Requirements for come into scenario, all of these issues are man- the solution? (Training ramp-up)
adoption within enter- Hosting Collaboration Solution play both in- aged as a service. When will we experience process
prises of all sizes, it’s fast Deploying a full-featured collaboration ternally and ex- 3. Assisting users time reduction? (Adoption and pro-
becoming a valuable tool suite that addresses the needs of several ternally. As collaboration usage grows in the ficiency) How much downtime will
for the productive knowl- departments calls for a single point of ad- An im- enterprise, hosts and attendees often we experience? (Availability, scala-
edge worker. Organizations now recog- ministration. Because IT frequently ad- portant ask for assistance. This support is bility) How quickly can problems be
nize the compelling value of interacting ministers collaboration, well-architected, distinc- more readily given by the service resolved? (Support, service) Will
any time and anyplace with peers, cus- managed solutions requiring minimal tion be- provider that maintains over-provi- communications remain totally pri-
tomers, and partners, and seek to round time and resources are favored. The table tween sioned customer service resources. vate? (Security, threat detection).
out their collaboration solutions with in- below represents the typical short-list for hosted This eliminates the bottlenecks nor- Quantifying people’s time shows
tegrated instant messaging and asyn- selecting a collaboration solution. and on- mally associated with internal IT clearly the costs with which IT must
chronous workspaces as well as premise col- teams fighting fires in favor of a contend. Knowledge-workers who
on-demand system management. Comparing Technologies of Hosted vs mount importance laboration is that scalable, 24x7x365 support team, use the collaboration system consis-
Accelerating interactions while On-Premise Collaboration to the company. On-demand services both collaboration and conferencing that’s well trained and ready to tently and proficiently will attain
boosting productivity means organiza- The architecture of any software deliv- provide intense, standards-based security have attained ‘utility’ status due to wide- move users forward. rapid benefits through accelerated
tions accomplish more in less time — ered as a service has commonalities that shielding without compromising reach. spread adoption in everyday business results and abbreviated business
and at lower cost. Once an enterprise re- transcend applications. On-premises so- With service monitoring available to col- processes. Providing such a communica- The Checklist for CIOs process.
alizes obvious gains from Web collabo- lutions are generally chosen to provide a laboration administrators, the company tions utility, not only internally, but also There are several important items to The on-premise approach will re-
ration, it first becomes an initiative, then sense of tighter security to the organiza- relying on hosted solutions need only externally — tying partners, customers, consider when evaluating an on-de- quire significant upfront and ongoing
a mandate. Extending the ability of em- tion at the expense of reach and costly IT manage access. In the case of an on- and remote employees together — could mand collaboration solution vs an on- efforts by the IT and training depart-
ployees to reach global colleagues, cus- support — both of which are of para- premises system, there is regular soft- place a huge burden on IT staff. These premises one, including: ments. The hosted, on-demand ap-
tomers, and partners via a hosted features will persist in addition to meet- proach alleviates these efforts and
collaboration model ensures that produc- OrganiZaonal Need IT Issue Soluon
ing expectations for service, perform-  How much work will my IT teams shifts the responsibility and resource
tivity will increase substantially. ance, and privacy. have to perform? expenditure onto itself, freeing the
The evaluation and final decision for
100 percent service access No downtime High availability, redundancy

 What will the support desk impact organization to realize the benefits of
choosing between a hosted service or an Three Major Concerns among CIOs be? widespread collaboration use across
Ease of use Minimal support Online training (live/archived)

on-premise, self-managed model usually 1. Scaling up the number of sessions  How do I scale the solution when all business processes. With a multi-
falls to the IT department. The key con-
Good performance Performance complaints Low-latency service

In the on-premise case, scaling in- my organization grows? tenant architecture, dedicated global
siderations for making this decision en-
Confidentiality of information Information security and privacy SSL, AES encryption, complex

volves adding servers and increas-  Will the service provider be more network, and highly available serv-
passwords, access restriction

compass architecture, infrastructure, Loss of time, data, setups Crashes, interruptions Global backup capability
ing IT headcount. The additional reliable than a self-built, on- ices designed to scale to a large num-
manageability, and total cost of owner- hardware cost plus the capital ex- premise solution? ber of concurrent users, the hosted
ship. Organizations must typically de-
Expanded use as a result of growth More stuff to manage Managed scalability,

pense and incremental IT headcount Do a global network and dedicated service provider will deliver a return
over-provisioning at the ready

velop a full cost-profile of choices, not create a stair-step increase in cost. backbone make a difference for my on investment much faster than an
Global reach Connectivity Global data centers, private fiber

just the purchase price. ROI Usage monitoring Self-service monitoring, Back-end stats
In the on-demand case, the cost of worldwide operation? on-premise solution. si

July 2010 siliconindia
|35|July 2010
Technology: By C.V. Narayanan
The author is Head - Managed Testing and
Web Technologies, Sonata Software provide sufficient coverage, with need based sourcing of infrastruc- computing. A key attribute of cloud
Various types of testing required for ture, quality tools, and human resources computing is how it changes econom-
a cloud set up include: leading to multi-tenant, efficient, and ics. You only pay for what you use, and
 Functional testing certain utilization. With cloud testing, rates are typically lower than the equiv-
 System integration testing enterprises have unlimited resources at alent cost of building and supporting
 User acceptance testing (UAT) their disposal, paying only for what they these services internally. There is a
 Non-functional testing consume, only when and if they con- growing trend towards cloud enable-
 Security testing sume it. ment of applications or hosting applica-
 SOA testing tions on the cloud, but
Cloud testing leverages cloud stand the risks associated with it
 Performance testing companies also need to under-
 Load testing
 Stress testing computing resources to and adopt proper mitigation
 Scalability testing increase testing functionality plans, the core of which is test-
 Compatibility and interoperability
and significantly decrease ing. The above model also
works well for businesses that
 Disaster recovery testing costs are not clear about the business

Testing, the
model by reducing the entry
Several other variables like multiple barrier. This provides a great value for
browser platforms and versions, operat- Cloud testing is practiced in the industry customers who can consume these
ing systems, and hardware further com- in two ways: products and services at a reasonable
plicate the situation. It is evident that a price point.
one-size-fits-all approach would not Testing cloud: This is to perform Cloud computing represents a shift

work in such a scenario, and may in- testing of the applications, which have towards delivering dynamically scala-

The Promise of the Cloud for ever. Over the next five years, IDC izations generally opt to migrate to the
deed prove to be a recipe for disaster.
Rather, comprehensive cloud testing ac-
quires prime importance that cannot be
With the scope for cloud computing
increasing, there is a spike in demand
migrated or are to be migrated to the ble IT resources as services over the In-
cloud so as to ensure that their perform- ternet. These services typically share
ance, security, and reliability match or some key attributes, such as elasticity,
exceed expectations in view of the resource sharing, multi-tenancy, self-
changing delivery methods service, and pay per use. Three types of
services can be delivered via Cloud
loud computing is ac- expects spending on IT cloud services cloud, especially since it enables them for cloud testing as well. As software Testing using the cloud: The second Computing:
tively revolutionizing the to grow almost threefold, reaching $42 to focus on their core activities, in- applications become more critical for one is to leverage the cloud-based hard- l. Software as a service (SaaS)
traditional IT landscape. It billion by 2012 and accounting for nine stead of worrying about maintaining business changes, the software devel- ware infrastructure and computing re- 2. Platform as a service (PaaS)
is all about paying only percent of revenues in five key market their IT infrastructure. opment process is becoming more agile, sources to perform traditional testing 3. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
for what you consume. It segments2. More importantly, spending distributed, and non-cohesive. This, like function, performance, load, stress,
is a legitimate way for companies to sig- on cloud computing will accelerate The Role of Testing along with the emergence of a global security, and compatibility testing for In addition, there is the concept of pub-
nificantly lower costs of infrastructure throughout the forecast period, captur- Migrating to the cloud has its own set of delivery model, has resulted in smaller regular, on-premise applications lic cloud and private cloud. All these
while increasing scale of operations. ing 25 percent of IT spending growth challenges and risks such as data in- distributed teams operating independ- Both the approaches enjoy wide- kinds of clouds need different types of
Cloud computing promises to in- in 2012 and nearly a third of growth the tegrity, security, privacy, reliability, scal- ently for development, testing, and in- spread popularity, and there are numer- testing, as traditional testing is not suf-
crease the speed at which applications following year. ability, business acceptability and tegration. To support this kind of ous vendors and service providers who ficient in a cloud environment. Enter-
are deployed, foster innovation, and development processes and the need for are providing these types of platforms prises need to have a better
lower costs, thereby increasing busi- Several variables like multiple browser platforms and continuous testing, organizations spend and services to both consumers and or- understanding of the way different types
a major part of their budgets in setting ganizations. of cloud work, how they impact busi-
ness agility. Forward-looking compa-
versions, operating systems, and hardware in cloud up test environments and automated nesses and which testing approaches
nies are now looking at this model to
reduce infrastructure costs and simulta- computing make comprehensive cloud testing necessary tool licenses. Cloud testing leverages Testing Cloud should be used for them. They need to
neously increase computational capa- and one-size-fits-all approach would not work cloud computing resources to increase One of the most common statements adopt an end-to-end testing approach,
bilities. Gartner has predicted that cloud testing functionality and significantly made by experts about cloud computing starting from requirements to deploy-
computing will be the top most tech- Businesses today require a fast, re- manageability, which can be mitigated decrease costs. The biggest saving on models is that somehow the economic ment, because each stage has different
nology area IT should concentrate on in liable, and secure IT infrastructure to through adoption of additional proce- account of testing in the cloud is crisis of the last few years is pushing en- testing requirements.
the year 2010. Compared to the begin- flourish. Small and medium enter- dures. To overcome these challenges, achieved through the conversion of cap- terprises to use cloud to save money on
ning of 2009, the cloud computing prises are generally unable to meet the thorough testing of applications be- ital expenditure (capex) to operational IT operations cost. Tightening budgets Testing Using Cloud
landscape now is very different with a huge capital outlay that such an IT comes mandatory. Traditional methods expenditure (opex). Huge initial invest- have opened the minds of enterprises With the availability of massive cloud
huge potential to change the face of IT setup requires. Therefore, these organ- of testing on-premise software will not ments in building capacity are replaced everywhere to the possibilities of cloud infrastructure (servers / load farms)

|36| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Business: By Pradeep Chennavajhula
around the globe, some companies have
started leveraging them for conven- Funconal Tesng
tional testing activities, the most promi-
nent one being Performance Testing of
At the first level System integration testing and user acceptance testing needs to be carried out to ensure
the developed cloud meets functional and business user needs.

Web applications using cloud infra- Non Funconal Tesng

structure. Prominent tool vendors are
also aligning with this business model
Software testing
Performance Testing Performance Testing including load and stress have to be carried out ensure the

to provide the tools using cloud.
developed cloud is scalable and meets end user performance requirements

Performance testing is usually asso-

Security Testing Security Testing is very important for a cloud environment and has to be

ciated with huge capital expenditure due the next Big employment Wave
performed to ensure application and data integrity.

to investment on tools, infrastructure,

Compability & Interoperability Tesng

and resources. Moreover, with the in- oftware testing industry is gearing up to be one with high growth
potential, and the inequality in supply and demand of talent makes
There are two angles to this. First ensure the developed cloud works on multiple environment like browsers,

crease in the number of concurrent

OS and other software and hard ware platforms. Second to ensure the developed application is compatible

users, the costs of tools also increase ex- it the next wave of employment growth
with different cloud platform providers like Amazon and Go Grid.

ponentially. Due to this, most compa-

Disaster Recovery Tesng
nies do not test applications for the According to Gartner, independent end-to-end testing projects and the riculum that teaches enough and that
expected number of users, resulting in testing as a business globally is average deal sizes are around $2-4 includes relevant topics that are cov-
This is another important testing activity to ensure data recovery in case of hardware/ infrastructure failures.
In most cases since the applications are hosted on public clouds, companies must ensure data recovery due

their poor performance and huge in- growing at 40 to 50 percent and million. ered in depth. In addition to devising
Different Types of Testing during Cloud Enablement
to emergencies.

vestments on building capacities. there is a 35 to 40 percent growth in For India, to be prepared to grab the curriculum and delivering it,
However, by leveraging cloud in- offshore testing services. As per the a $9.1 billion pie of the outsourced there is a need for a industry-wide
frastructure, companies can eliminate livered, managed, and integrated. With more sense for small and medium-sized estimates of Ovum, the US alone testing market, the major challenge common agreement on the compe-
the investment on infrastructure and increasing focus on cloud computing enterprises and would be an example of spends a total of $ 59 billion on soft- is to overcome the shortage of tency framework for testing profes-
tools. Additionally, it also provides for technologies, cloud service providers business model innovation that will set ware testing. Of this total spend, skilled resources. As per estimates, sionals, and an acceptance by the
geographically distributed loads, which need to equip themselves with the nec- a new precedence in the IT industry. only a meager $13 billion is out- there is a shortage of 22,000 testers industry members for the same
are similar to a real-world situation, essary capabilities in order to meet the Cloud computing is clearly worm- sourced as a service to the Asian and potentially there will be a short- framework.
rather than tool-simulated loads. demands for cloud testing. The impor- ing its way into the enterprise, espe- countries. Given the reputation of fall of 40,000 more in the years to Considering the present growth
tance of cloud testing is highlighted by cially as a testing and development India as an IT country, a total of 70 come. and potential in the software testing
To sum up, the benefits of testing a study conducted by the research firms environment and as a platform for less percent, totaling to $9.1 billion is This shortage is now a major industry, the opportunities for soft-
using cloud are: The 451 Group and ChangeWave in than critical applications and services. garnered by Indian IT service concern for the IT service organiza- ware testers are enormous. While
 Elimination of upfront invest-
which 1,771 corporate software buyers Organizations can leverage cloud providers. The application develop- tions, considering that the academia there is not enough training available
ments on tools and infrastructure out of the 2,000 surveyed listed appli- based testing for higher flexibility and ment and maintenance market has is not geared up to support the pro- to them, the pay package is certainly
 Creation of real-world situations
cation testing and development as one lower cost. ‘Testing as a Service’ or only demonstrated a CAGR of 19 gram, and many of the training or- very encouraging with entry level
through simulation of geographi- of the top five uses of public clouds. Al- TPO (Test Process Outsourcing) pro- percent year-on-year, in comparison ganizations are not geared up to salaries ranging anywhere between
cally distributed load patterns most all Indian IT providers are ramp- vides organizations an option to set up to 47 percent by the independent meet the demand of the industry. In 1.4-3.6 lakhs. A career in testing can
 Facilitation of on-demand per-
ing up competencies in the overall a virtual test lab without any upfront testing services. this scenario, the question still re- be as challenging and interesting as a
formance testing for organizations cloud computing space by forging part- investment in lab infrastructure, au- Given the growth opportunity, and mains as to how is the industry plan- development job. In fact, in some
There are only a few services nerships with cloud providers like tomation tools licenses, and skilled re- saturation of the application devel- ning to tackle the shortage of companies these days, software
providers in the industry today that Amazon, Microsoft, Savvis, Vmware, sources. The pay-per-usage pricing opment and maintenance business, software testers? testers get paid even more than soft-
offer solutions for both testing of and Google. These hosting and plat- models can help in controlling IT all IT majors have made their in- The current education programs ware developers.
cloud and testing using cloud. To offer form-based players themselves are budget and maximizing ROI. The vestments in software testing serv- provided by independent training in- Customers will want to ensure
such services, companies need a deep being extremely proactive in pushing rapid pace at which the cloud is being ices. This is evident from the fact stitutes in the market do not meet in- that software bugs don’t eat up their
understanding of the cloud environ- cloud-based deployments and are part- adopted by users and corporations that all IT majors now have testing dustry expectations. While the dollar investments, and will demand
ment, factors affecting the environ- nering with service providers to deliver alike provides the next level of op- centers of excellence and offer inde- industry ideally looks forward to a better testing. This would make the
ment such as security, multi-tenancy, end-to-end solutions. Analysts and portunity for IT service providers to pendent testing service. “Till a few resource that is truly industry-ready total investments in testing grow, and
and compatibility, and more impor- technology advisory firms are of the ramp up their skills and address the years back, the average deal sizes in and can be deployed with minimal this would mean that testing is here
tantly, the requirements of cloud com- opinion that the number of applications demand, which is increasing by the outsourced testing projects were intervention of further training, most to stay and there is a great career for
puting infrastructure providers. and the amount of content in the cloud day. Testing teams should equip them- about $50,000 to $60,000 requiring programs provide superficial knowl- individuals with this skill sets. si
now available to both consumers and selves with viable strategies to miti- a few testers to be on the job. Only edge and do not concentrate on test-
The Road Ahead corporations have grown to a critical gate the risks and issues associated certain parts and types of testing ing skill development, thereby not About Author
Cloud computing became a buzzword mass and cloud computing is the way with cloud computing by covering ad- were being outsourced to India. Cur- capable of providing industry-ready The author is CEO, Co-
even before it was defined. It’s a game to go. A cloud computing based IT ditional capabilities available in the rently, independent software ven- software testers. The challenge we Founder, Edista Testing
changer in the way applications are de- services model would make all the cloud computing environment. si dor’s (ISV) are outsourcing need to work on is in devising a cur-

|38| July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Technology: By Nayan Bheda
The author is Vice President – Strategic Development, Suvidhaa Infoserve .
He can be reached at nayan@suvidhaa.net Banks and Financial Institutions for m-commerce transactions. As
With less than 59 percent of the total In- ‘opinion builders’, the media has a well-
dian population having access to any defined role to play in creating the cu-
banking services, with connectivity and riosity and confidence in the mindsets
electricity continuing to be a pressing of the consumers to try and experience

M-commerce challenge, the mobile becomes the ideal

device to access the common man liv-
so that m-commerce becomes a ‘cannot
do without it’ or ‘must have’ service.

ing in the remote villages of India. The
for the Masses The success of m-commerce can only be
a reality if the customer is at ease in
accessing and using the various
ven as we were marveling
at the way the Internet had
like Vietnam and Cambodia for in-
stance, which are much poorer
applications on his or her mobile
changed our lifestyles, the economies as compared to India and
increasing popularity of have much lesser credit card popula- RBI guidelines were largely SMS based Government, Regulators, and Policy
the mobile phone and de- tion, and yet m-commerce has already until recently when it relaxed the norms Influencers
velopments in mobile technology have evolved in these countries. So, can we B2B market for m-commerce in allowing domestic remittances and fund The impact of the global recession and
heralded a new era in mass communi- then say m-commerce will be a defi- India as well. transfers through the mobile. The do- economic slowdown in the recent past
scribers in India and still adding at a mestic remittances market in India has a was minimal on India and the Indian
cation and commerce for the masses. nite success in India? Well, the indus-
rate of 10 million every month, the huge growth potential as over 30 per- companies, mainly because of our reg-
Touted as the next-generation of e- try is in its nascent stage and is Telcos
success of m-commerce can only be a cent Indians are migrants in urban areas. ulatory framework, corporate laws, and
commerce, mobile commerce (m- evolving every passing day, and each Who else but the telcos can better un-
reality if the customer is at ease in ac- With the new guidelines, the receiver no the existence of effective policy guide-
commerce) enables users to access the one of the stakeholders in the ecosys- derstand the market, the customers,
cessing and using the various applica- longer needs to have a bank account and lines and tax regime. Thanks to the Tele-
Internet without needing to find a tem viz., content developers, telcos, and importantly their profiles? Telcos
tions on his or her mobile. The average can simply collect cash at the nearest com Regulatory Authority of India
place to plug in. A vast segment of the regulators, banks and financial Institu- can either fund the startups or offer
person in India who is not connected bank or its agent’s (i.e., business corre- (TRAI), the country has a much evolved
population that neither had a landline tions, users (consumers), and even the project specific funding assistance. If
will never be able to comprehend the spondent) outlet upon producing the telecom industry. The government
nor a bank account (unbanked) in their media have a definitive role to play. telcos prefer not to risk funding a
potential of the connected world. Tel-
A vast segment of the population that
names have had a rapid leap and now tPIN received via SMS and a valid ID should also consider extending financial
cos need to promote content bundled proof. Having said this, it must be noted support to application developers, eas-
not only they own a mobile handset

neither had a landline nor a bank account

with the connectivity and extend the here that most of the banks are yet to de- ing the tax laws for service providers
but are also well poised to transact on
market to even unconnected users. The velop their m-payment gateway; and the engaged in m-commerce, and offering
their mobile. The speed of mobile pen-
has had a rapid leap and is now well
cost of the connectivity could get ab- need for a robust m-payment gateway special tax rates for m-commerce trans-
etration is 10 times faster than the PC
sorbed by the restricted or proportion-
poised to transact on the mobile
penetration and is expected to become on the lines of the e-payment gateway actions.
ate usage. Some of my friends in the cannot be underestimated. It is also the
one billion by 2014. The mobile chan-
telecom industry shared some very in- assumed responsibility of the banks and Conclusion
nel has provided a rare opportunity not
teresting pointers on the price sensi- financial institutions to educate the The mobile, with its greater penetration
only to leapfrog years of poor infra- Content Developers project or a startup, they can look at
tivity. It has been estimated that if an common man to this effect and build than the Internet in India has already
structure development but also in by- India is a land of many languages but the option of evaluating and support-
application is charged, say at Rs. 10 trust. Banks must also come forward changed for ever the way people inter-
passing geographical constraints to only two percent of the Indian popu- ing quality projects by taking up the
per month, then an estimated 25 per- and take a bold step towards reducing act in their daily lives. The issues of
bring massive benefits and lifestyle lation prefers reading in English. If responsibility of marketing the con-
cent users download the content. 40 the cost of transactions on the mobile. physical presence at an outlet and access
changes to millions of under-served the content is in local language, it tent, thus saving huge marketing
percent of the people download the to the Internet, amongst others, are fast
people across India. The average In- will not only ensure quicker adoption budgets for startups. With such a
content at Rs. 5 and 60 percent down- Role of Media, the Opinion Builders getting eliminated, giving the consumer
dian does not own a PC, but the chai- by the user but also will be an instant backing from telcos, the startups can
loads it at just Rs. 2. At a charge of Re. For m-commerce to be a success in the opportunity to transact anytime,
wala (tea vendor), the taxi-wala, the success. Further, content developers approach potential investors and seek
1 per month, it is estimated that more India, the media has a great role to play anywhere. Yes, m-commerce is evolv-
farmer, the housewife, the kabadiwala, are tempted to look at India as one funding for the project. To me, such
than 80 percent of the users will down- in taking the issues of the ‘value-cre- ing in India, but if the stakeholders in
and just about everyone has a monthly market, and there are more players to a step by the telcos will encourage
load the content. Once the user expe- ators’ that include the content develop- the ecosystem put their heads together
budget to keep their mobile phone share the pie. Also emerging are the many young Turks. Some of the tel-
riences the content, chances are high ers and telcos, and getting them heard and join hands to address these critical
alive. The huge unbanked population regional markets, growing exponen- cos that I know have already made a
that he will opt for an upgrade to stan- by the regulators and the government. issues, the mobile could become the
and the lack of credit card penetration tially and offering a huge potential move in this direction but others
dard data plans and hence would The industry players need to come universally accepted de facto
can little hinder the growth of m-com- for developers especially the start- should also follow suit.
evolve into a full-fledged data user. together to establish industry standards commerce tool. si
merce in India. Let us take markets ups. These apart, there exists a huge With half a billion mobile sub-

July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
Technology: By Ash Patel
The author is Director of Business Development,
Sankalp Semiconductor As the world knows, software ing, and motivating them is the key goal of having 6 to 8 centers in differ-
services and digital design services are focus of AMS design service compa- ent parts of India. This gives engineers

very mature markets in India. In this nies. Being in the service industry, and managers an opportunity to return
domain, work is done from offshore there can never be enough attention to to their roots to do more meaningful
either through companies like Infosys, customer satisfaction. AMS compa- work closer to their home towns. This
Wipro, Mindtree, and Sasken or nies put their engineers through rigor- approach makes customer projects
through subsidiaries of MNCs in ous technical and professional training more manageable as it becomes possi-
India. Almost all U.S. semiconductor to meet industry quality standards and ble to focus on a particular discipline
companies have design centers in focus on these services: and or specific customer at a particular

in AMS Semiconductor
India that are located in hotspots like  Analog and mixed-signal solutions site, at the same time protecting IP.
indo-US trend Bangalore, Noida/Gurgaon, Pune, or
 Mixed-signal physical design
 IO solutions Services strength in numbers: For a

Design Services
In contrast, there has been more re-  Board design services design service company, the top line
luctance to outsource analog design,  Test and characterization services depends on the number of high qual-
since it is considered a black art. This ity engineers available to it. During the
is changing as the trends favoring the first half of 2010, design serv-

migration of software and digital work Having ices companies have turned
to places like India are also relevant to down a number of business
analog design and test areas. operations on opportunities since they are
Industry trend: Finding high quality engineers in the U.S. is a low on available bandwidth.
real challenge for companies. With the economic meltdown Growth of market: Software, more locations From a business point of view,
and the high cost of education in the U.S., the influx of for- firmware, digital design outsourcing, it is a great situation to be in.
eign students has slowed down, which would translate to and local markets have already grown helps attract talent from Companies are tackling the
less engineers available to companies. In conjunction, the to large numbers in India. The IT and problem by aggressively hir-
BPO industries of India is expected to ing from colleges and putting
the respective
cost of doing business in the U.S. has risen, which en-
courages companies to find alternative locations. As a have a growth of over 7 percent dur- surroundings, who in the recruits through rigorous
result of the above two forces, India has become a ing 2009-10 fiscal year and to log rev- training programs. In parallel,
hotspot for design service companies eager to serve enues of $64 billion. According to the turn focus on particular they are bringing industry vet-
the U.S. market. A word of caution - there is a big latest forecast of NASSCOM, the IT erans and senior leaders on
and outsourcing industry will log an disciplines and or a board as consultants. US hir-
The decrease export growth of 4-7 percent this fiscal ing is very selective and free-
to log $48-50 billion in revenues. Do- specific customer at a lance engineers are used to
of foreign mestic revenue for the industry is ex- execute projects, which have
pected to grow much faster at 15-18 to be done onsite.
particular site
student inflow percent to touch $13 billion, the in-
dustry lobby says in its annual survey Outsourcing analog design and test Values, customer services, and work
on the sector. work is not as simple as software or environment: It is of utmost impor-
and the increase in the
cost of doing business In the last few years, AMS design digital design since the process is not tance for a semiconductor design serv-
services market is steadily gaining well defined. Very few companies ices company to protect the client’s IP.
in the US have momentum. The market stood at about have succeeded in building a sustain- At Sankalp, we train our employees to
$1 billion in 2007 and the compound able business model. Such companies know the significance of IP protection
significantly turned annual growth rate (CAGR) is ex- have design centers in second tier and the measures they should take to
pected to climb by 11 percent from cities and work closely with colleges prevent any leaks. Honesty and in-
the attention of 2006 to 2011, according to Gartner es- there to get access to talent and re- tegrity are the values on which the
timates. sources. This approach lets them pass company is founded. Customer serv-
on the cost benefits to the customers ice is stressed upon and employee per-
companies toward India
differ- AMS Ecosystem: To build a world and helps to retain talent better. Em- formance is heavily graded based on
ence between a design service company and an AMS design serv- class AMS design service company, an ployees do not have to deal with big professionalism and customer service.
ice company. A high level of commitment along with professional ecosystem of Analog and mixed-sig- city hassles and achieve a better work Semiconductor design is a creative
training is required from engineers to be successful in AMS design services. nal services and solutions has to be life balance. Sankalp’s approach is process, and to foster talent employees
A handful of companies based in India like Cosmic, Sasken, and Wipro are already created. Highly talented engineers are even more notable since it already has are given the freedom to make deci-
competing globally in this domain. the heart of the company; hiring, train- two operational sites and has a stated sions and develop into leaders. si

July 2010 siliconindia
July 2010
CIO Profile: By Vimali Swamy
over 3 billion transistors and is able to Treading on a Challenging Path ing on robotics and solid geometric

Technology is Fast Changing

perform a multitude of functions, not The role of a CIO is a highly de- modeling technologies, Jayaraman

only in graphics but also in general manding job, especially at a dynamic quickly felt that he was more inter-

Be Open to Embrace the Change

large scale supercomputing. Designing, company like NVIDIA, states Jayara- ested in transforming business and
developing, and debugging these chips man. Keeping up with the current connecting with people. He then led
require the engineers to do millions of technology and judiciously deploying the storage business at IBM as the
compute jobs per day. These jobs are it to solve real business problems, CIO, which was then sold to Hitachi
run in large compute server farms with while ensuring information security to form Hitachi Global Storage
thousands of servers, crunching away and managing effective delivery of Technologies. After a five year stint
ocial networking its initial stages, is a very promising Cost Optimization, the Driving non-stop, day in and day out, utilizing services to customers is a challenge at Hitachi he joined Nvidia in the
and consumer technology that could transform the Factor petabytes of storage and very high that excites him. same capacity in 2008 and has been
Web applications way IT organizations function today. From a CIO perspective, Jayaraman is speed bandwidth networks within and Any given product at Nvidia has successfully driving the business
and their foray The idea that one does not require equally enthusiastic about one of the across datacenters. people working across different geog- since then.
into the enterprises everything within the four walls of the core challenges of any IT organization “In order to drive costs down we raphies. Enabling the employees to Jayaraman strongly feels that IT or-
is what one should look out for in the company to provide effective service — cost optimization. have focused heavily on how storage is work together and collaborate effec- ganizations should develop a culture of
near future,” says Ranga Jayaraman. As and support to customers is very attrac- “CIOs typically do not receive any utilized, identifying and eliminating du- tively, overcoming the geographic and ‘heroic professionalism.’ Due to the
the CIO of Nvidia, a leader in visual tive. And, companies like Sales- lasting kudos when it comes to manag- plicate content and migrating content cultural communication hurdles is an- dynamic nature of IT, problems con-
computing technologies, he is quick to force.com have proven this with their ing and reducing costs, but it is not that is not being used frequently to less other area of focus for him. Some of stantly arise in a business function and
observe the technology trends that will sales, customer relationship, and part- something they can afford to overlook,” expensive storage tiers according to im- the technologies he is exploring for this some employees become ‘professional
drive the industry in upcoming years. ner relationship management tool suite. says Jayaraman. Like his peers in the portance. Also we have been looking at challenge are pervasive video confer- heroes’ by making a diving catch and
The industry has been developing at a “Salesforce.com is an excellent exam- industry, optimization of resources has ways of partitioning these server farms encing, people search using profiles saving the day. People need to be able
fast pace and technologies like cloud and forming job queues in more intelli- rather than names, internal video pod- not only to solve the problem of the

One does not require everything

computing and enterprise versions of gent ways so that we can increase the cast publishing, and enterprise social day but also to really look at how to do
consumer Web applications are what utilization of those servers more and networking for work groups and com- things so that they are not inundated
will drive collaboration within enter- within the four walls of the more,” explains Jayaraman. mon interest communities. and buried by the problems. This is a

company and should utilize the

prises tomorrow. It is with such focused and well On the external business partners’s culture he has been instilling at Nvidia
Exemplifying his thoughts, Jayara- thought out cost management strategies side, Jayaraman believes that lack of IT over the past 2 years.
man talks about the scope of a popular expertise of external vendors to that Jayaraman helped Nvidia navigate transparency is a continuing challenge A people’s person, he believes that

provide effective service and

consumer application like YouTube. In through the tumultuous economic within the industry. IT organizations one cannot be a leader if driven by
a consumer’s everyday life, YouTube is downturn. Now, with future growth on rely, to a large extent, on the partner- selfish objectives and goals. A true
one of the most common platforms to support the horizon, he is enthusiastic to talk ships with organizations outside the leader is one whose goals are beyond
share experiences and perspectives Ranga Jayaraman
about the opportunities ahead. Nvidia’s company. A partner could be a self and has a vision for the organiza-
with each other as a video log. But at business spans the entire spectrum of provider of hardware, software or tion he works for. His mantra is ‘love
an enterprise level, it holds much more ple of major enterprise applications in been his constant focus as a CIO, and computing from mobile to supercom- services. “I feel that service providers all and serve all’. Jayaraman is a
potential. A lot of time and effort can be the cloud. Force.com, on which the over the years he has observed several puting. Mobile computing is a major spend tremendous efforts in building strong believer in developing a healthy
saved in the training of resources via Salesforce.com applications are built is areas of opportunity for effectively area of focus for the company. Today its partnership with customers, but they team, building a career path for his
YouTube like capabilities. A technol- a very good example of a powerful ap- managing it. Tegra chips are finding their way into often do not provide sufficient visibil- group, and giving everyone a chance
ogy expert or a trainer can effectively plication development environment as Any IT organization has a large extraordinary devices like smartphones, ity into their operations and cost. If the to prove their mettle. As for him, he
create a video podcast and post it with a cloud offering,” explains Jayaraman. number of contractual relationships for computing tablets, and smart books. partners will create a more open envi- says, “I don’t have a career to mind
careful packaging and tagging of the But where do these fit into the hardware and software products and One of the other core businesses of ronment it would enable a deeper un- but have a job to do. I give my all to
content on an internal video sharing larger scheme of everyday operations? services. It is imperative for a CIO to Nvidia is high-performance computing. derstanding and the partnership will be the job and the career is the side effect
site, where it is available and searchable Jayaraman is quick to answer. If one focus on what the real needs of the It’s CUDA enabled GPUs enable high more effective,” Jayaraman explains. of a job well done.”
by others in the company. The users can looks at the scope of what most IT or- company are for the products and serv- performance supercomputers to be built This is a challenge every company A word of advice from him to
watch it, add comments about what ganizations spend their energy on, a ices versus the contractual obligations at affordable cost. Getting into the mo- faces and the industry will have to take startup company leaders — “Work on
they saw and learnt and what they did very large fraction of their day would with the vendors. The entire vendor bile and supercomputing arenas means a collective effort to overcome it. problems that matter and validate them
not, what needs elaboration and recom- be consumed in routine tasks like server management cycle with a commitment the company is selling its products to with the customers in the early stage so
mend it to other friends. “This will pro- upkeep, networks, storage, training, and to achieve a win-win outcome is quite enterprises, including the CIOs of those Leadership and Vision that what you create indeed becomes
vide a means to augment organizational addressing problems of resources. essential for cost reduction, he insists. enterprises. So, Jayaraman ensures that An industry veteran, Jayaraman has valuable. Engage with potential cus-
learning capture and propagation mech- Adoption of these new technologies The next area is operational opti- IT is involved in the development and a vast experience spanning IBM, Hi- tomer prospects quite early, seek out
anisms such as documents and wikis,” will allow IT organizations to free mization. Nvidia makes some of the support of capabilities for NVIDIA to tachi Global Storage Technologies, the CIOs who see the potential for an
he says. themselves to develop new capabilities world’s most complex chips. For ex- market and sell to those customers and and currently Nvidia. Though he early engagement and strike a win-win
Similarly, cloud computing, even in of great business value. ample, its latest generation GPU has support them after the sale. started as a researcher in IBM work- value proposition.” si

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July 2010
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Index of the top tech public companies in U.S founded
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and managed by Indians 06.28.2010
1 Juniper Networks JNPR 24 32 21 -9 5 12480 From high profile columnists to Innovations in busi-
2 Cognizant Tech. CTSH 53 54 24 6 98 16
3 Microchip Tech MCHP 29 30 18 5 29
ness siliconindia gives you relevant information that
4 SanDisk Corporation SNDK 46 48 13 11 210 10600 truly matters to you.
5 Syntel SYNT 33 50 17 0 10 1380
6 Keynote Systems KEYN 9 12 7 -3 17 140
7 Qlogic Corporation QLGC 18 22 12 -2 40 1960 It also presents bold, forthright and objective views of
8 Tibco Software TIBX 13 13 6 11 70 2090
9 Sycamore Networks SCMR 17 36 2 -8 425
the trends in the Indian industry.
10 Cavium Networks CAVM 27 30 15 5 55 1210
11 Aruba Networks ARUN 15 14 7 18 71 1370
12 Infinera Corporation INFN 7 10 6 0 -24 680
13 Netezza NZ 15 15 7 13 76 900 We bring you information, ideas and insights to help you
14 Ixia XXIA 9 11 6 -2 37 586 pe.
navigate through today's changing business landscape.
15 NetScout NTCT 13 16 6 0 50 533
16 iGate IGTE 14 11 2 19 110 768
17 EXL Service holdings EXLS 18 20 9 8 74 536
18 OSI Systems OSIS 30 33 16 22 50 548 With its presence in the tech industry for over a
19 Isilon Systems ISLN 14 15 4 9 213 915
20 Magma Design LAVA 3 4 1 11 142 160
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Index of the top tech public companies in India INR Closing HIGH LOW 4 Weeks 52 Weeks In Rs. Crore

1 Infosys Technologies 2796 2070 1040 8 54 160327

2 Tata Consultancy Services 765 943 358 7 93 149287
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HCL Technologies
news every day. 362 352 87 -6 88 24525 covers business, technology, career, and entre-
6 Mahindra Satyam 91 299 6 10 24 10752
7 Mphasis 563 732 138 -13 41 11803
preneurship for Indian professionals in the U.S.
8 Financial Technologies 1366 1895 382 3 0 6267
9 Patni Comp 508 510 94 -9 86 6572 $24 for 12 issues
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