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Stage 1: What I have done this year (Grabar)

Well I'm Soranny and I'm thirty-one. This year has been very good for me since I
have done some of the projects that I had postponed for some time. Firstly, I am
close to graduating as a technology in integrated quality management systems,
Environment and health and safety at work me I graduated in SENA, also in my job
I feel more than satisfied since I fulfilled one year there in which I perform as
supervisor is a very prestigious and stable company of services of special toilets
where in January they gave me the great news that my Contract of work step from
fixed term to indefinite term also there they are allowing me to carry out the
practices to be able to graduate me as I have planned, For which I am very happy
because it has been a great achievement for my life. Also recently I went on
vacation with my children to sn Andres was something wonderful just seeing the
joy to my children is more qe enough for me to feel happy.