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Padmavyuha Charter


We bear witness to a critical moment in humanity around the world, in a space
and time where we collectively and individually must choose our future, molding
our destiny and the generations to come from the platform of today in an
unstable and rapidly changing global environment. We have many difficult
decisions to make, and it is our honor and duty to protect the environment, our
cultural practices of which we choose to maintain, and our human family without
fear and with love and respect for duality of which life on earth exists.

There are two pathways to the future we must choose from, and the first has
been made for us. The forests have been cut to heed our path here leaving no
room for self-determination, the water manipulated, the air filled with the dust of
the masses on the pathway to industrialization. This first path has been taken
may times by countless cultures and generations, and every time it is a one way
pathway that inevitably leads to human and resource exploitation, massive
urbanization, failing or destroyed agricultural production, cultural degradation,
environmental destruction, economic devaluation, and political corruption
culminating in the collapse of the society. The ruins of societies on this one way
path litter or world with their zombified masses shuffling around aimlessly and
aggressive, countless systems echoing the imagined mastery and control of
natural energies, gross and dishonorable elite resource misallocation, and
poverty so extreme that it carves souls from the body. We know this pathway

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Padmavyuha Charter
leads to our own demise, and yet so many are lulled into the false advertisement
of luxury, comfort, and decadence that they will never find there, so convinced
of the dream that many will even kill to protect or expand the imagined wealth of
the scraps they collect along their way.

The second pathway has no beginning because it must be started by each

person in their own way and time. It is a pathway leading to the same magnetic
destiny no matter where you start from, or what direction you follow to get
there. It is unique, defined only by you, where perspectives merge and cross,
and sometimes you travel in groups only to split up again and met up later on
down the road. The travelers on this path walk alone, carrying little but what
they need or is sacred and developing a close connection to their fellow
travelers and the environment around them. There is a pull to this pathway, a
longing to reach a destination that you can feel, an experience that drives you
on, the sense of peace, love, of family, of arts and creativity, and compassion for
life. The destination becomes an ideal, and no matter where you stop along the
way, you are always there. This pathway does not promise great wealth, or
luxury, or even comfort, but it does promise a future for humanity that does not
resemble a Hollywood apocalypse movie.

At Padmavyuha, we recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of

cultures and life forms we are one human family with a common destiny. We join
together to bring forth a sustainable Human marketplace founded on respect
for equity, nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of
peace. Towards this end, it is imperative that we, The Padmavyuha in the voice
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Padmavyuha Charter
of our Company, declare our responsibility to one another, to our marketplace,
the creation and maintenance of a just economy, and healthy, vibrant local
environment, to the greater community of life, to our world culture, and to future
generations to come.

Nepal, Our Home

Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe, and Nepal is evolving along with it.
Nepal, our home, is alive with a unique, diverse, and ancient people, a beautiful
and diverse environment, and the fearlessness to dream that there is another
way to develop our collective future which does not lead to industrialized or
westernized ideas of economy or society. The sustainable and equitable
development of the marketplace and the well-being of the local environment and
economy depend upon preserving a healthy society, environment, business
culture, economy, and strong social connections while expanding our horizons
with cultural exchange from around the world through hosting our signature
Equity Markets. Marketplace events act as our Marketplace Profit
Generator, leading to Vendors benefits including economic stabilization, market
access for marketplace small businesses, and increased access to opportunity
and services including employment, entertainment, education, and health care
for marketplace Vendors, but also offers the general public a glimpse into the
equitable future of humanity, in a way they can taste, feel, see, and hear. Equity
Markets are a journey to the primordial in all of us, Padmavyuha, and the
principles of this Charter are a common concern of all marketplace Vendors,
making our Markets an economic community. The protection of our

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Padmavyuha Charter
marketplace's sustainability, positive impact, vitality, diversity, and beauty is a
sacred trust of Padmavyuha and our Vendors, and it is with great honor we
serve the local areas, Nepal, and the sustainable future we strive to create.

The Padmavyuha Situation

Around the world, the dominant patterns of industrialized development, mass-
production, and fiat currency systems of economics are causing ripples that
reach into every corner and crevice, including our marketplace, reaching every
single Vendor, and impacting every single guest. Our economy, environment,
and sense of human unity is being undermined by the forces of industrial

Industrialized development has destroyed the sensitive environment of Earth,

and the extent and consequences of our industrialized world is yet to be seen.
At Padmavyuha, we carry a profound and sacred reverence for our Earth, and
believe that the consequences of industrialization will be paid for generations to
come, and ethically, scientifically, and sustainably cannot be continued for
continued human occupation of Earth.

Mass production has undermined the quality, value, and artistry of Artisan
craftsmanship where small groups or individuals cannot compete with large
corporations in a poverty stricken global marketplace, nor can they afford to
lobby for protections of interests from corrupted political systems. Mass
production creates economic slaves, exploited to work for the benefits and
interests of global capitalists, and being paid such low wages that it acts as

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Padmavyuha Charter
economic prisons, destroying the souls and decreasing the capacity of potential
of the worlds people.

The benefits of development are not shared equitably widening the gap
between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, the East and the West, rich
and poor, rural and urban, and can be easily identified in countless forms of
studies and blatant observation. An unprecedented rise in human population,
coupled with massive industrialized exploitation of human and natural resources
has overburdened ecological, economic and social systems leading to threats to
our future from civil unrest, financial system collapse, hunger, and disease.

The foundations of global security are threatened leading to threats to the

sustainable development of all places on earth. These trends are perilous, but
the answers are available, and it is our charge at Padmavyuha to find them and
implement them for the sustainable development and implementation of the
Padmavyuha Labyrinth marketplace and events.

At Padmavyuha, it is our mission to create a space which supports and

nourishes a sustainable and responsible form of business, production, economy,
and community.

The Path Ahead

The choice is ours: create equitable, profitable solutions within Padmavyuha to
care for the marketplace, Earth and one another or risk the industrialization of
our marketplace, and ourselves. Fundamental changes are needed in our values,
company structures, and ways of living. We must realize that when basic needs

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Padmavyuha Charter
have been met, human life is primarily about being more, not having more. We
have the knowledge and technology to provide for all and to reduce our impacts
on the environment. The emergence of our local Equity Marketplace creates
new opportunities to build a sustainable and just alternative marketplace,
dedicated to conscious consumerism and business. Our environmental,
economic, political, social, and spiritual challenges are interconnected, and
together we can forge inclusive solutions.

Equity and Unity

To realize these aspirations, we endow our company and our marketplace
Vendors with a duty of Equity, identifying ourselves with the past, the whole
Earth, and all of humanity now and into the future. We are at once citizens of
different nations and of one world economy in which the local and global are
linked. Everyone shares responsibility for the present and future well-being of
the human family and the larger living world, and in order to radically change the
way we do business and consume, we must collectively commit ourselves to the
creating a more humane and ecologically balanced economic value system. The
spirit of equitable business, human unity and kinship with all life is strengthened
when we live with reverence for the connections to all living things, love and
respect for justice and equity, and an open heart to the unique qualities
everyone and everything has to offer.

At Padmavyuha Equity Markets, we offer a convenient, fun, entertaining,

educational, and inspiring alternative economy marketplace, making transitions

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Padmavyuha Charter
from fiat based, mass production, and exploitative values systems existing today
to one of quality, craftsmanship, and artistry for tomorrow.

At The Padmavyuha Labyrinth, we share this vision of basic values to provide

an ethical foundation for the emerging world community of which our
marketplace is a part. Therefore, together in determination we affirm the
following interdependent principles for a sustainable way of life as a common
standard by which The Padmavyuha Company conducts of all business,
projects, and activities are to be guided and assessed.


1) Respect Earth and life in all its diversity.

a. Recognize that all elements of the environment and society are

interdependent and every element has value regardless of its worth to
human beings today.

b. Affirm faith in the inherent dignity of all human beings and in the
intellectual, artistic, ethical, and spiritual potential of humanity.

2) Care for the marketplace with understanding, compassion, and love.

a. Accept that with the right to practice business in the marketplace

comes the duty to prevent environmental or economic harm and to
protect the rights of people.

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Padmavyuha Charter
b. Affirm that with increased resources, connections, and power comes
increased responsibility to promote the common good.

3) Create and operate Padmavyuha as an equitable Private Limited

Company with activities and practices that are just, participatory,
sustainable, and generates positive impacts to the marketplace, and to all
Marketplace Vendors and guests.

a. Ensure that Company activities at all levels guarantee human rights

and fundamental freedoms and provide everyone an opportunity to
realize his or her full potential.

b. Promote social and economic justice through the exclusion of mass

production, and franchise or large industry, and the requirement of fair
trade and living wage business practices within the marketplace,
enabling all people who work within our Marketplace to achieve a
secure and meaningful livelihood that is equitable, free of monopoly or
large corporate interests, and allows all marketplace Vendors and
guests to participate in ethical business activities.

4) Secure nature's bounty and beauty for present and future generations.

a. Recognize that the freedom of action of each generation is qualified

by the needs of future generations.

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Padmavyuha Charter
b. Transmit through our programs the values, traditions, and institutions
that support the long-term flourishing of human, economic, and
ecological resources.

In order to fulfill these four broad commitments, it is necessary to:


5) Protect and restore the integrity of ecological, cultural and economic

systems, with special concern for sustainable development and the natural
processes that sustain life.

a. Adopt at all levels sustainable development plans and policies that

make environmental conservation and rehabilitation, economic justice,
and social prosperity integral to all initiatives and activities.

b. Establish and safeguard viable development initiatives, including

natural and passive intentional development projects, to protect
nature's support systems, increase tourism, preserve our theme and
aesthetic charm of the marketplace, and preserve our natural heritage.

c. Promote the recovery of endangered species, deforestation and


d. Promote poverty alleviation and agricultural productivity by stimulating

the market access and marketability of agricultural production and
promoting Permaculture in agricultural systems.

e. Control and eradicate industrialization and products of mass

production, plastic, or other synthetic materials.
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Padmavyuha Charter
f. Manage the use of renewable resources such as water, soil, forest
products, and marine life in ways that do not exceed rates of
regeneration and that protect the health of ecosystems.

g. Eliminate the construction and use of concrete, and non-renewable

energy systems in ways that utilize natural and abundant resources
wisely, maximize efficiency, decrease costs and negative impacts, are
more resilient to disasters, and cause no serious environmental or
social damage.

h. Eliminate all wastes produced through composting and biogas or


i. Utilize only renewable energy sources such as solar or wind to power

all marketplace electricity requirements.

6) Prevent harm as the best method of marketplace protection and, when

knowledge is limited, we apply a precautionary approach.

a. Take action to avoid the possibility of serious or irreversible

environmental, social or economic harm even when knowledge base to
take actions from is incomplete or inconclusive.

b. Place the burden of proof on those who argue that a proposed activity
will not cause significant harm, and make the responsible parties liable
for negative impacts.

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Padmavyuha Charter
c. Ensure that decision making addresses the cumulative, long-term,
indirect, long distance, and marketplace consequences of Padmavyuha
Company activities.

d. Prevent pollution of any part of the environment and allow no build-up

of radioactive, toxic, or other hazardous substances.

e. Avoid and work to eliminate company or marketplace activities which

are or could be damaging to the environment, society or economy.

7) Adopt patterns of production, development, and operations that

safeguard the marketplaces regenerative and resiliency capacities, human
rights, stable economy, diverse and thriving eco-systems, and general well-

a. Reduce, reuse, and recycle the materials used in production and

consumption systems, and ensure that residual waste can be
assimilated by ecological systems.

b. Build infrastructure and systems from naturally abundant local

resources, and systems including cob, bamboo, and other renewable
resources for structures, water harvesting, compost and/or biogas
waste management, and passive heating, cooling and lighting systems.

c. Act with restraint and efficiency when using energy, and exclusively on
renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

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Padmavyuha Charter
d. Promote the development, adoption, and equitable transfer of
environmentally, economically and socially sound technologies and
systems for the sustainable and passive development of the
Padmavyuha Markets.

e. Internalize the full environmental, economic, and social costs of goods

and services in the selling price, and enable consumers to identify
products that meet the highest social and environmental standards.

f. Create projects, products, and systems of operation that emphasize

the quality of life and material sufficiency in a finite world.

8) Advance the sustainability and stability of Padmavyuha.

a. Invest in and manage marketplace development initiatives in common,

public and production elements of the Padmavyuha Labyrinth based
on sustainability and passivity, with special attention to the needs of
high population density communities and the Equity Market

b. Recognize and preserve the traditional knowledge and spiritual wisdom

in all cultures that contribute to environmental protection, economic
justice, and human well-being.

c. Ensure that information of Marketplace activities and operations,

including financial, social, and environmental impact information,
remains available and transparent in the public domain.

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Padmavyuha Charter

9) Eradicate poverty as an ethical, social, and environmental imperative for

the sustainability of Padmavyuha.

a. Work to ensure the right to potable water, clean air, food security,
uncontaminated soil, shelter, and safe sanitation, coordinating and
managing the Marketplace and marketplace resources required.

b. Work to empower every one with the education and resources to

secure a sustainable livelihood, and provide social security and safety
nets for those who are unable to support themselves.

c. Recognize the ignored, protect the vulnerable, serve those who suffer,
and enable them to develop their capacities and to pursue their

10) Ensure that economic activities and company operations at all

levels promote human development in an equitable and sustainable

a. Promote the equitable distribution of wealth within the company and

among the various marketplace Vendors and local businesses.

b. Enhance the educational, intellectual, financial, technical, and social

resources of the marketplace, and relieve them of consequences of
urban migration patterns and brain drain.

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Padmavyuha Charter
c. Ensure that all permitted private business activities and support
sustainable resource use, economic justice, environmental protection,
and progressive labor standards.

d. Require administration and staff to act transparently in the public

good, and hold them accountable for the consequences of their

11) Affirm gender equality and equity as prerequisites to sustainable

development and ensure universal access to employment, benefits, and
payment for services.

a. Secure the economic future of women and girls in the marketplace and
end all inequality against them.

b. Promote the active participation of women in all aspects of

Marketplace operations as full and equal partners, decision makers,
leaders, and beneficiaries.

c. Strengthen families and ensure the provision of child care, and paid
paternity and maternity leave for all staff.

12) Uphold the right of all people now and forever, without
discrimination, to a natural and social environment supportive of human
dignity, bodily health, and spiritual well-being, with special attention to the
rights of impoverished peoples and minorities.

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Padmavyuha Charter
a. Progressively work to eliminate discrimination in all its forms within
Padmavyuha, such as that based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation,
religion, language, and national, ethnic or social origin.

b. Affirm the right of all staff to their earned benefits from Marketplace
contribution, knowledge, skill and time dedicated to their related job in
the marketplace.

c. Affirm that all staff are required and valuable to Padmavyuha.

d. Honor and support the young people of our marketplace, enabling

them to fulfill their essential role in creating The Padmavyuha
Labyrinth as a sustainable marketplace of all ages.

e. Protect and restore outstanding elements of cultural, economic, and

environmental significance.


13) Encourage local and Democratic participation at all levels of

Marketplace operations, and provide transparency and accountability in
governance, inclusive participation in decision making, and access to
benefit of Marketplace activities.

a. Uphold the right of everyone to receive clear and timely information

on Marketplace matters and all plans and activities which are likely to
affect them or in which they have an interest.

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Padmavyuha Charter
b. Support local, regional, national and global civil society, and promote
the meaningful participation of all interested individuals and
organizations in decision making.

c. Protect the rights to freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful

assembly, association, and dissent.

d. Institute effective and efficient access to administrative and managerial

procedures, including remedies and redress for marketplace harm and
the threat of such harm.

e. Eliminate corruption in all levels of Marketplace operations, and

charge perpetrators with redress or penalty from corrupt activities and
the consequences of these activities.

f. Strengthen and empower staff, enabling them to take pride in their

work, and assign responsibilities to the skilled staff who can be most
efficient, capable, and thorough in their assigned task.

g. Eliminate connection based human resource sourcing at all levels of

operations, and hire, train, and pay staff for work that is rewarding,
valued, and skilled.

14) Integrate into operations and programs the knowledge, values, and
skills needed for a sustainable way of life.

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Padmavyuha Charter
a. Provide all staff with educational opportunities that empower them to
contribute actively to sustainable development and implementation of
Marketplace activities.

b. Promote the contribution of the arts and humanities as well as the

sciences in marketplace based education.

c. Enhance the role of the marketplace newsletter in raising awareness

of ecological, economic and social challenges faced with operating an
equitable company.

d. Recognize the importance of moral and spiritual wellbeing for

sustainable living.

15) Consider all elements of sustainability with equal value in decision


a. Use of Equitable accounting methods measuring social,

environmental, and political measures of impacts and success with
financial considerations in accounting systems.

b. Require all administration, management, and staff to take an Oath of

Allegiance to this charter upon assignment.

c. Failure to abide to the Charters parameters in the role of the staff

appointments will result in termination of employment, position, and
potentially charges or penalties determined by democratic votes of all

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Padmavyuha Charter
16) Promote an internal and external marketplace culture of
transparency, equity, and sustainability.

a. Encourage and support mutual understanding, solidarity, and

cooperation among all Marketplace vendors and staff, and within
and among the Padmavyuha Labyrinth.

b. Implement comprehensive strategies to prevent corruption and

greed, use collaborative problem solving to manage and resolve
conflicts and other disputes.

c. Create and maintain policies and systems to the level of an

Equitable company, and convert event generated profits to
marketplace sustainable development purposes, including
ecological restoration and protection, economic stability, common
and public infrastructure and systems, social support and peace,
and a future of justice and democracy for all.

d. Recognize that sustainability of the marketplace is the wholeness

created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other
cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a

e. Recognize that honorable and equitable business has the potential

to impact and positively influence the marketplace, and that with
that potential, it is a responsibility of our Marketplace to ensure
those impacts remain positive throughout the life of Padmavyuha.
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Padmavyuha Charter


As never before in history, common destiny beckons us to seek a new
beginning. Such renewal is the promise of these Padmavyuha principles. To
fulfill this promise, we must commit ourselves to adopt and promote the values
and objectives of the Charter.

This requires a change of mind and heart. It requires a new sense of business,
profit, success, marketplace, and universal responsibility. We must imaginatively
develop and apply the vision of a sustainable way of life locally, nationally,
regionally, and globally. Our cultural is an ancient, precious heritage and we
must carefully decide what and how different cultures will find their own
distinctive ways to impact and evolve our ways forward. We must deepen and
expand the multicultural dialogue that generated The Padmavyuha Charter, for
we have much to learn from the ongoing collaborative search for alternatives and

Business often involves tensions between important values, and at The

Padmavyuha, our cultural diversity is what will make us magnificent. This can
mean difficult choices and clashes of ideas and cultures. However, we must find
ways to harmonize diversity with unity, the exercise of freedom with the common
good, short-term objectives with long-term goals. Every staff Fellow, individual,
family, organization, and marketplace guest who interacts with our Marketplace
has a vital role to play. The arts, sciences, religions, educational institutions,

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Padmavyuha Charter
media, businesses, nongovernmental organizations, and governments are all our
partners in creating a sustainable and prosperous marketplace. The
partnership of government, civil society, and other businesses is essential for
effective Marketplace efforts of sustainable development.

In order to build an equitable marketplace, the Vendors of the marketplace must

renew their commitment to the sustainable development of the area, participate
in development initiatives, and support the implementation of The Padmavyuha

Let The Padmavyuha, the Padmavyuha Labyrinth, and the Equity Markets be
a remembered for the awakening of a new era for honor and equity in business,
with the firm resolve to achieve sustainability for the Marketplace and
Padmavyuha, the quickening of the struggle for justice and stability, and the
joyful celebration of life.


I, _________ (Name) do so hereby pledge my allegiance to the principals of
The Padmavyuha Charter, and will personally and professionally maintain
these principals in all aspects of my involvement with the Marketplace. My
signature of this charter is proof that I have read and understand this charter,
and understand and support my role in The Padmavyuha as a responsible,
participatory, and just member of Padmavyuha.
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Padmavyuha Charter
________________ (Signature)

_______ (Date)

Designation: _Executive Producer _Director _Staff Member

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