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April 2017


Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting New Main Street Vision for Fleischmanns Presented
Highlights April 2017 at Mark Project Main Street Boot Camp
The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Yvonne Robert and Victor Dadras delivered the Keynote
Reuter, at 9:30. at Mondays session of the Mark Projects Main
Street Boot Camp on April 3rd and 4th, presenting
The Maple Fest was a great success. A report from
a Main Street strategy for Fleischmanns. This
Michelle regarding the details of the attendance and
followed from a visioning session sponsored by
the sales from both the art show and Maple Store were
Fleischmanns First last December to obtain input
read to the group. All were pleased and impressed. The
from stakeholders. As part of their analysis they
group agreed that FF could purchase the Maple Tree reviewed past planning studies including one
Banner for $50.00. The artists at ARC will be pleased.
they worked on fifteen years ago. Themes from some of these
Larry Reilly was congratulated for being elected to the studies such as a walking village, baseball, and a Riverwalk are
village board. central to their recommendations.
Earth Day. Village clean-up day is scheduled for Satur-
day, April 22. Volunteers will meet at the gazebo at Key points were we need to be a place where
10AM, and can bring gloves, shovels, brooms and bags people want to go. More than retail, arts, culture
for trash. and entertainment were needed. Other present-
The Smart Growth Grant for the East end of the Village ers stressed the need for a story. It was suggest-
was discussed with the suggestion of moving the sign- ed that baseball from the hey days of the Fleisch-
age closer to Rt. 28, and a discussion as to what would mann family Honus Wagner, the Cincinnati Reds
go on the sign to best describe the Village. Committee could play a role in attracting visitors to the Vil-
plans are still in discussion stage. lage on their way to Cooperstown.
The theater was briefly discussed. There is interest in The five key components of the Dadras plan are:
using one store front for a community arts and theater
At the former VW Parts site at Main and Wagner they envisioned
program. Renovations will be extensive for any uses.
a Carousel Gateway Park & Visitors Interpretative Center. This
The first step must be to get the electricity and heat
would include a seasonal carousel, visitor center, bathrooms,
turned on.
parking and entry to the Riverwalk. The proposed Riverwalk
The Fleischmanns Community Church F.E.A.S.T. dinner
would follow Vly Creek westward towards the ballfield.
is held twice a month, is an enjoyable social time, and
all are invited. A new greenspace would be installed where the current village
Next Fleischmanns First monthly meeting is May 6th, 9:30am parking lot is on Main Street. A new footbridge would connect
at La Cabana. this Village Square to both the Riverwalk and relocated parking
between Emory Brook and Wagner Avenue.
The fourth component is the conversion of the theater it could
be used as a conference center/theater for regional events with
a capacity of about 200 people. Enhancements could be made to
nearby lodging establishment to provide some lodging. Addi-

Maple tional lodging is available within a few minutes drive at various

B and Bs, rental houses and motels.
Court The Riverwalk would continue to our historic ballfield which
would be restored and enhanced with among other things, a
foot bridge to Main Street. Parking would be created along Main

2017 Maple Court: Robbie Brybag, Simone Norwick, They also suggested that National Historic register District be
Carmen Norwick and Avery Fairbairn created.
Page 2 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - April 2017

Fleischmanns today boasts many attractions for residents,
second-home owners, and visitors, but few would maintain
that a busy nightlife scene is high on that list. But years ago,
this was one hopping place. Not only the many hotel visi-
tors, but also locals, would attend the dances at the hotels.
Posters and hand-bills would plug the different orchestras
playing for the dances, and our Village would get even more
crowded than during the sleepier daytime. There were mov-
ies at the Maxbilt Theatre (later called Whipples), and The
Cats Meow was, well, the cats meow. And just a short hop
up the hill, there was an intense (and very up-scale) social
whirl going on at the Grand Hotel. There were amusements
at the New Mountain Casino, on Main Street where the the-
ater is now. No, not gambling. But games, including bowling.
And many just enjoyed strolling Main Street, dressed to the
nines. Before Route 28 was relocated, it followed Main
Street; often traffic could be backed up due to the large
Skene Library New Book Acquisitions list: numbers of folks out strolling.

The Sleepwalker by Chris Bohjalian
Moonglow by Michael Chabon
Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
Faithful by Alice Hoffman
The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer
The City Bakers Guide to Country Living by
Louise Miller
The Underground Railroad by Colson White-

Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

Into the Lions Den by Linda Fairstein Festival Sponsors on the Sap House Run t-shirt


Memorial Weekend Street Fair
Sunday, May 28th, Sunday not Saturday, Main Street
will be closed from 11am to 4pm for the annual Me-
morial Weekend Street Fair. Already on board for the
festivities are music by Country Express and the
Bounce House and a variety of craft vendors. The
Food Court will be open with seating and entertain-
ment. See you then.
Page 3 - FLEISCHMANNS FLYER - April 2017

arla Weinpau
elland, C
e r s : S u san McL
Winn Bill Birns,
Bake Offis Buckholz Sugarin in
the Catskil
a nd Ch r ls

Maple Festival 2017 a Success!

Thank you to everyone who supported, volunteered and attended the events of Maple Festival 2017.

Despite the miserable weather during the weekend of March 25th and 26th, attendance at all Maple Festival events
was good and in the case of the Artist Reception, Bill Birns' Sugarin' in the Catskills and Maple Bake-Off Cafe, it was
plentiful too capacity. Over 100 people came to both the Artist Reception and the Cafe; there was an overlap of about
30 people who attended both. The Sap House Run with a small field took place as scheduled. Maple Festival brought
attendees into Fleischmanns Village from as far as Red Hook, NY. A good time was had by all!

Everything Maple, our pop up store, was a great success with retail sales over $1000. Most items for sale, soaps, can-
dles, syrup, cookies, candies and soft goods were priced at $20 and under. We are planning to focus mostly on edibles
next year; we had requests for maple cream, maple vinegar and chocolate and maple which we will source. We had
very strong sales, as expected, on maple syrup from Codys and Tree Juice. The maple cookies made by Fleischmanns
First volunteers were sold out as were the maple candies.

The Festival, along with Spillians Trout Tales, had good press and social media exposure contributing to the strong

Ate O Ate, Union Grove, Fleischmanns/Pine Hill Rotary and Two Stones Farm and music by Three Friends were wel-
comed attractions at The Bake-Off Caf, which featured the crowning of the Maple Court and the awarding of the blue
ribbon bake off winners in each of three categories. The spirited auction, conducted by Bob Novak, where each baked
entry as well as a beautiful clock, made from spalted maple from the former Kaplan farm, were auctioned. The funds
from the auction and from our sponsors helped support the Festival as well as other Fleischmanns First events through-
out the year.

Thank you to our sponsors and all the volunteers who made this annual festival a success again this year.

Save the date for March 24 and 25 for Maple Festival 2018!
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April/May Calendar
Fleischmanns Flyer
Fleischmanns Events ~ Save the Date! Editors
April 25th Tuesday, Fleischmanns Community Church F.E.A.S.T. dinner Rob Alverson
Paula DeSimone
Thursday, Fleischmanns Alliance for Business meeting, Skene Memorial
April 27th John Duda
Library, 5:30pm Jeanne Malaxos
Michelle Sidrane
Saturday, Fleischmanns First Monthly Meeting at 9:30 am, La Cabana
May 6th
Come & meet your neighbors and support your village
May 8th Monday, Village Board Meeting, 6:00pm at the Skene Memorial Library

May 28th Sunday, Fleischmanns Memorial Weekend Street Fair, Main St. 10-4

May 29th Monday, Memorial Day Parade

The Village Planning Board Meeting, as needed, (1st Tuesday) @ 5:30 pm, Skene Library
Zoning Board Meeting, as needed, (3rd Thursday) @ 6:30 pm, Skene Library
Check with Village Clerk regarding meeting statuses & agendas.
For Village info, please contact the Village Clerk, Lorraine DeMarfio @ 845 254 5514
To have your activity posted here, please contact the Fleischmann's Flyer

If you have something youd like to submit to be included in the Printing and distribution of the Fleischmanns Flyer is
Fleischmanns Flyer please write to: made possible in part by grants from A. Lindsay and
fleischmannsfirst@gmail.com or Olive B. O'Connor Foundation and The Pasternak
PO Box 111, Fleischmanns, NY 12430 Family Foundation.


Arkville, NY 12406
PO Box 516
NONPROFIT ORG Fleischmanns First

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