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TEACHER: Dunca Melinda-Mdlina


GRADE: 9th



AIMS: Students will be able to use correctly so and such. A1

Students will be able to predict content of missing sentences from a text. A2

TEACHING AIDS: smart board, textbook, whiteboard, hand-outs, cards

METHODS: individual work, pair work

Stages of the lesson Teachers and students Reason for activity Timing
Warm-up activity Teacher introduces himself and To create a pleasant 8 min.
makes sure that the students are atmosphere and
ready to start the lesson. generate interest.

Teacher checks the homework To check previous

and corrects the mistakes knowledge.
together with the students.

Lead in Students are asked three To introduce the new 3 min.

questions about their future: topic to the students.
Where do you see yourselves
in ten years?
What dreams and ambitions do
you have for the future?
What can you do to achieve
your dreams and ambitions?

Controlled practice Students are doing a pre- A2 12 min.

reading activity from the book.
They have to say if they know
the people in the two photos.

Students take turns to read the

gapped text about David and
Victoria Beckham (Dream
on, pg. 36). Before that, they
are asked to pay attention to
what the text is mainly about
(ex.2, pg. 36).
Teacher explains the stages that
need to be followed in order to
decide which sentences should
go in the gaps in the article
(ex.3, pg. 37).

Students read the article again,

filling it in with the most
suitable sentence from a list
(ex. 4, pg. 37).

Students are asked to

summarize the text orally.

Presentation Teacher says some sentences A1 12 min.

related to David and Victoria
Beckham. The sentences are
formed with so and such:
David and Victoria Beckham
are so famous.
Victoria Beckham is such a
beautiful woman.

Students are asked to read the

sentences from ex. 1, pg. 31
(Grammar 2). The sentences are
written on the whiteboard and
in students notebooks.

Based on these sentences,

teacher explains the use and the
form of so and such. The
rules are written on the
whiteboard and in students

Semi-controlled practice Students do ex. 4, pg. 32 A1 5 min.

individually. They have to
complete the exercise with
so, such or such a.
Teacher checks the exercise and
corrects the mistakes together
with the students.

Free practice Students receive a hand-out A1 6 min.

containing sentences with so
and such. In pairs, they have
to match the beginnings of the
sentences with their correct
endings. When they finish,
students read the sentences.
Teacher corrects the mistakes
together with the students.

Feedback and evaluation Teacher asks students to choose To check students 4 min.
a card. Students have to form a knowledge.
sentence with so or such,
using the word written on the

Students receive a hand-out as To provide further

homework. They have to fill in practice at home.
the gaps of 20 sentences with
either so or such and write 4
examples of their own.