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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. May we request the Senior High School students to
please assemble now for the Grand March.

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as we welcome the pioneering batch of Senior High
School students. Lets meet them with a resonating applause, please.

Tailing next are the teaching and non-teaching staff of Rosales National High School
headed by Sir Miguelito L. Luna, Principal IV.

Please also welcome our Municipal Mayor, Hon. Susan P. Casareno.


Welcome to the biggest gathering of stars in history. This is a night of fashion, fad, and

Indeed, this is the much-awaited event in the pantheon of social graces. The red carpet
has been rolled out for the stellar cast of the box-office movie of the year.

This is a celebration of awards and achievements.

Ladies and gentlemen, Hollywood actors and actresses, welcome to the red carpet premier
of the award-winning film entitled Senior High School Promenade.

As one family, let us all rise and offer this night to the Lord Almighty through an invocation
to be led by the Senior High School Choir under the baton of Mr. Villamor Comilang Jr.

After which, please remain standing and imbibe among ourselves the virtue of nationalism
by singing the Philippine National Anthem.

One of the most inspiring lines in the movie Star Wars is this: Do, or do not. There is no
try. Certainly, our OIC-Assistant Principal for Academics is a man of action. He does not
merely try. He accomplishes great things. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet with a
resounding applause Mr. Jovencio Joseph C. Robles for his welcome remarks.

The movie Troy breathes life to the story of Paris and Helen. In the movie and in
mythology, Helen is described as the face that launched a thousand ships. The woman I
am about to introduce has both the face of Helen and the heart of a goddess. Ladies and
gentlemen, lets welcome the SHS-SSG Vice President, Angela T. Peralta, for her opening

When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming. Whos
familiar with the line? Its actually the most popular line of Dory in the movie Finding
Nemo. Indeed, all of us just have to keep swimming and keep moving forward.

As we travel towards success, we need light to guide our way. Ladies and gentlemen, we
shall now witness the lighting of the torch of wisdom.

And to light the torch, please welcome the student leader who deserves to be a lifetime
recipient of Best SSG-Director and Best Original Story Writer. Ladies and gentlemen, lets
welcome the Hermione Jean Granger of Rosales National High School, Mikaela Meline C.
In 2001, an award-winning film portrayed the true story of a math genius. The genius said,
Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind. But an even greater gift is to discover beautiful
heart. Ladies and gentlemen, Rosales National High School is led by a visionary man who
is not only brilliant but also tenderhearted. Let us then meet with a warm applause Sir
Miguelito L. Luna for his message.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. Victor Hugo emphasized this in his
masterpiece entitled Les Miserables. Rosales is now becoming an exemplar of good
governance and economic growth. Truly, Rosales has already surpassed the darkness.
This is all because of a strong woman who believes that Rosales should always be the
best. Fellow Rosalenians, please welcome our Municipal Mayor, Hon. Susan P. Casareno
for her message. A round of applause, please.

To showcase the gracefulness and the inclination of the Rosalenians, lets welcome the
Senior High School Group A for their ballroom dance number. Lets give them a resounding
applause, please.

Rosalenians are well-rounded learners. This will be proven by the students of Shielded
Metal Arc Welding or SMAW. Ladies and gentlemen, let us be entertained by the future
millionaires of the country, the Grade 11 SMAW Students. A warm applause, please.

This time, the SHS Group B students will show off their poise and elegance. Lets meet
them with a big hand!

This night is full of surprises. As they say, music is the expression of the soul. Let us, then,
sing along with the most popular band in Asia. I am referring to the Senior High School
Band. Please welcome the members with a resounding applause!

Are you craving for another spectacular performance? Gracefulness in social dances could
be one of the legacies of the pioneering batch of SHS students. At this point, lets welcome
SHS Group C for their dance number. A warm round of applause, please.

The best singers of all time are with us tonight. They are here for the grandest singing
showdown. Let us now witness this historical moment. Ladies and gentlemen, put your
hands together for the undefeated singers of Rosales National High School.

This time, let us welcome on this very stage the future scientists and engineers of this
nation. Please give a big hand to the STEM B students for their intermission number.

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