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Talentime -2016 is pleased to invite you to be one of our sponsors for the 32st edition of

Talentime the flagship event of School of Management Studies, CUSAT with this
proposal letter.
School Of Management studies (SMS) was established in 1964 as the States first
management school. Over the years, SMS has continuously attracted the best of students all
over India, turning them into worthy Managers.Talentime- where time waits for talent, is
one among the oldest and most prestigious management festivals in India initially conceived
and conducted in 1982.
Talentime has grown both in its magnitude and reach, attaining an iconic stature. With a
participation from around 200 colleges and an audience of over 10000 witnessing this
amazing extravaganza, Talentime has transcended the boundaries from being a college fest
to a festival celebrating skills and talent.
Over the years several prestigious firms such as Airtel, Vodafone, Malayala Manorama,
Medimix etc. has associated with Talentime as its main sponsors. The previous edition of
Talentime Talentime 15 was conducted with the theme Abyudaya To begin. The
event drew an affluent audience and participants across the nation competed in various
management and cultural events. The major sponsors for the season where Terumo Penpol,
Barathiya Mahila Bank and CERA.
The year 2015-16 is a milestone in our timeline as SMS has completed 50 golden years.Also
the 32nd edition of Talentime is scheduled on January 28,29 and 30 th of 2016 at CUSAT
Main Campus. During this prideful occasion of our Golden Jubilee,Talentime 2016 intends
to promote the Mission statement of SMS - Managers for Mankind. We intend to continue
fulfilling our commitment to the core theme with a handful of various activities throughout
the year.
We feel that Talentime would be an outstanding opportunity to raise your brand awareness.
We look forward to an affirmative response of sponsorship from you to make this event

The Oldest Management Fest in India initiated in 1982.

TALENTIME is celebrating its 32nd Anniversary and this year, we are expecting more than 10000
floating crowd.
Easy access to the venue.
Our University Campus has over 7000 students
Over 1000 Participants from 200 colleges across the country.
An extravaganza with attractions such as Corporate Quiz, Band Performances, Fashion Show and
much more!

Particular Amount
Stalls 15,000
Kiosks 10,000
Banners 10,000

Vouchers are distributed among the participants along with the folder provided to them including pen, notepad and
name tag. This year we are expecting around 1000 participants.

Vouchers can be of Rs. 1000 and Rs.500. Vouchers can also be distributed to the audience especially to the Corporate
Quiz audience, one of our most viewed and participated events for right answers as complementary prize.


Event sponsorship means sponsorship in any of the management or cultural event. The event sponsors have
the following benefits:-

Branding the game in Sponsors Name.

Banner display with brand logo in the venue of that event.
Event brochures with brand logo.
Facility for distributing hand-outs or leaflets.
Facility for sales promotion by incorporating in the event.
Souvenir CD at Alumni Meet.
Space in the website for the event.
Social Media Marketing.
Media exposure (Radio, Newspaper, Television).
Audience Characteristics and Reach
CUSAT Students - 7000
Participants - 1000
Staff - 1000
Outside Spectators 1000
Total Audience 10000



34% 25+

Target Audience
CUSAT students Outside Spectors Participants Staff



20% 60%
All the above Tariffs are negotiable.
The terms and guidelines are flexible and open to sponsors proposals.
Any additional promotional activity can be undertaken subject to conditions.
Research studies and surveys can be undertaken according to the sponsors needs.