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Our college, VJIM has been taking an immense pleasure to conduct 10th
national conference. From past 9 years national conference has been conducted by
vjim . Every year the trending topics will be taken for discussion. We invite experts
from industry, researches, policy makers and academicians to draw insights and
recommend plans for the development of the country. We chosen a topic INDIA
2022- THE ROAD AHEAD and sub topics are start-up india , make in india ,
digital india , FDI in india , skilling india and managerial skill for india. There are
about 23 speakers shared about each track effectively.


The conference started with the Inaugural function.


Firstly, Mr. Ch. S. Durga Prasad, Dean of VJIM has introduced us to this topic. He
said that

Knowledge, Democracy, Youth power, women empowerment and education

are the areas of improvement for our country.

The seven focus areas namely, Digital India, FDI in India, Make-in-India,
Start-up-India, managerial skills should be focused upon in order to achieve
a vibrant economy by the year 2022.

Chief guest : Mr. Santhanu Paul(CEO & managing director, talent spirit,

Automation of intelligence is very important, of which, bots is the most

important one which can learn on its own and are more smarter than robots.

Software bots are very efficient in terms of cost, time and efficiency.
Turing test to test the machines ability to exhibit intelligence as humans.

Artificial intelligence, mobility & cloud, Big data & Analytics are very
essential for a successful digital world.

Key note speaker: Mrs. Selina David(country director(L&D),hitachi


4 Industrial revolutions of the world that emphasized on transformation of

mechanism to automation involving production and fusion of technology in
the 4th revolution.

Agriculture on which about 70% of Indian population depends contributes

20% to GDP. In spite of this, the country is good at financial services, banks,
media, insurance, information and communication.

According to a research conducted by global international report, the net

worth readiness of any country across the world is determined by the
following 4 key indicators:

1. Overall environment of the country

2. Net worth readiness in terms of affordability, skills, communication and


3. Technology adoption and usage by the government and private sector.

4. Economic and social impact of technology.

The development of all the sectors in a country is determines by its NRI
position, ranks India at 99th position, led by Singapore at 1st position.

In order to become fully digitalized by 2022, India has to focus on three

main guidelines,

1. Have digital assets

2. Digital usage

3. Digital labor ( if succeeds, labor becomes key capital)

Presided by: sri.Dr.AS.Rao(director , centre for project mobilization &

globalization, vjim)

How IT revolution, Globalization and financial management has changed

the world.

Angel investors, venture capital funding and assetization has increased.

Disruption provided the youngsters with many opportunities to introduce

new product.


This session was presided by Mr. Atha khan, Mr. Sridhar and Mr.
Prashanth lingham.

Very firstly, Mr. Atha khan, business developer at Go Ambee, Hyderabad has
addressed on:
Problems in health care transportation in India

How their start-up has served this purpose

Three questions which every entrepreneur should ask themselves in order to

succeed with their start-up.

Mr. Sridhar Irventi, founder of GoBharathi pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad said that:

Problem solving is very important for entrepreneurs.

Any youngster has to unlearn everything and must be ready with an open
mind in order to learn new things.

Mr. Prashanth lingham, founder of Bamboo house India is the worthy example for
every upcoming entrepreneurs.

He can help more than 5 million people to cross the poverty line if given a
proper support from government.

His life is a perfect example of how patient we need to be in order to


He started a second start-up, Recycled India to transform all the waste

products into beautiful furniture.


Mr. A.S. Murthy, executive vice-president at Tech Mahindra, Hyderabad has

gave wonderful insights regarding digital marketing.
Most of the automation in US is through digital mode.

About 46% of worlds population have access to internet, of which, 17% is

used for social media.

But in India, only 33% of population have access to internet and this may
increase to 55% by 2022.

IoT can make everything possible within a short span.

Mr. Srinivas Yeluripati, senior assistant, Hyderabad technologies ltd. addresses the
problems in India as

Only 30% of people use e-mails.

Security is a major concern in few digital areas in India.

Apart from this, a village in Rajasthan has digitalized 100% with solar power.

Mr. Charan, founder of Stumagz said that digital mode is very useful as

Crores of business can be done through a single click on WhatsApp.

Stock advisors

Every company needs to localize first, then globalize.


Its a campaign launched by our prime minister, Shri Narendra Modi for
employment generation and skill enhancement.

Mr. Jagannath Rao, EVP-Exports, Nagarjuna Agrichem, Hyderabad has said that
This camapign covers 25 sectors.
India is a good company to invest as its one of the fastest growing economy
and has demographic advantage.
His SWOT analysis of Indian market is really good.
But in spite of all this advantages, India has to prepare itself for other
countries to invest in it.

Mr. Suryanarayan Bhat, System ISC leader, Honeywell, Pune said about Honey
well company. Its opportunities and challenges faced. And also about its presence
in India.

Mr. A.K. Palani, Executive Director, Usha fire equipment(p) ltd, Hyderabad has
said that India gains through Make in India in terms of job creation and exports. He
says that safety is the important concern.


FDI was very well explained by industry experts as follows:

Europe is the worlds largest country investing FDI. USA stands 1st in the world
with $ 375 billions followed by China with $543 billions.

Mr. Prasad kantamneni, Former Associate Vice President, Deloitte has explained
that companies are interested to invest in other countries for the following reasons:

Economies of scale
Expand/ access to larger market
Product life cycle
To create opportunity for ourselves in the international market

Followed by Mr. J. Venkata Ramana, MD, Sujana Power and Infra, Hyderabad,
has explained that
Countries like India, China and some of the countries need FDI because of
low capital, excessive spending and political factors.
FDI plays a wonderful role in sectors like defence, manufacturing, digital,
smart cities and agriculture through which India can progress a lot.
Concept of FDI
As per worlds report, India stands at 10th position in attracting FDI.

Mr. P.V Rao, Visiting Professor, M K Nambyar SAARC Law centre , Hyderabad
has explained the merits and de-merits of FDI:

It is not good for all the countries to open up to FDI.

FDI is best only for unemployment, raw materials and technology.
National treatment aspects in article 3 of TRIMs.


Skill India is a campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15 July

2015 with an aim to train over 40 crore (400 million) people in India in different
skills by 2022.

The chief guests for this track are Mr. Ramarao B. Veluri, Director-Marketing,
Asabhanu Technical Service Previous Reliance Industries, Mumbai, Mr.Pranav,
Director-Operations, Dr.Reddys Foundations, Hyderabad and Mr. G.Venkatesh,
Asst. Director, ATI, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,

Mr.Rama Rao.B briefed about soft and hard skills, Industrial training Institutes,
Attitude toward work and 8 skills which are necessary for an individual to achieve
the job in any specific area.

Mr. Pranav, explained about Dr.Reddy operations and how they are supporting
government for Skill India. He gave productive information about GROW-skilling
program etc and how they mould their candidates as per their interests and train
them accordingly.


Managerial skills are what the manager uses to assist the organization in
accomplishing its goals. Specifically, a manager will make use of his or her own
abilities, knowledge base, experiences, and perspectives to increase the
productivity of those with whom they manage.

The toolbox for what a manager needs in order to perform their job effectively,
typically, fall into one of three categories: technical skills, human skills,
and conceptual skills.

The chief guests are Mr. S.R Tulasi, Former Vice president, ITC limited and Mr.
Venkatesh Palabatala, CHRO, GMR Hyderabad International Airport.

Mr. S.R Tulasi explained about Skill development, Skill requirement 2022, Future
innovations, Ever changing skills, Academic skills being imparted

Mr. Venkatesh explained about top 10 skills which are required to a manager and
explained about few challenges as a manager in GMR Hyderabad airport.


The chief guest was Ms. Manisha Saboo, Centre Head, Infosys, Hyderabad and Sri
B. Sarat Gopal, General secretary, Vignan Jyothi.

Ms. Manisha explained about her education from Boys school to Higher degree
from U.S and said about 3 important things that she learnt from her life are Dream
Big, Package options and Team work.