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Economic Process journal

Finding research topic

Pleum: Find research topic, find the topic that interested in
Tar: find research topic, find the topic that interested in

We come up with many research topic such as the top about Brand Name, Marketing, Stock
Market, Drug, Etc. We try to choose the topic that we both interested in and the result is we
will do the topic about drug

Researching about drug that effect economic think about what we do in product.

Pleum: Researching / Find the topic
Tar: Researching/ Find the topic

Result: We find the information about the famous drug that were legalizing by some of the
country and really effect the economic that is a drug call Marijuana. We try to find that how it
effect the economy in Thailand. So the research topic is How legalizing Marijuana effect the
economy in Thailand.

The economic Benefits of Legalizing Weed:

Pleum: Do a little research to get idea about the topic
Tar: Do a little research to get idea about the topic

Goal: Research about the topic and get the information for the product

Pleum: Note down information
Tar: Find the information how it effects the econmy in Thailand. Find the information what it
effect like Employment effect, Tax Revenue, and Industry growth.

The problem we have is It very hard to find the information and statistic because in
Thailand they dont legalize the marijuana yet. Therefore, We change the topic to How
Legalizing Marijuana affect the economy in Amsterdam.



Find more information about how marijuana affect economy in Amsterdam.

Pleum: Find more information. Find the main point that it effect

Tar: Find more information design the product. Find the specific thing of the main point.
For example, statistic of the Employment effect.


Here is the information we find

Legalizing Marijuana will effect in benefit way to the economy in many way.

The two main point is Employment Effects and Tax Revenue that will increasing a lot.


Do the product and introduction

Pleum: Do the introduction

Tar: Do the product/ Find more specific information and more statistic/ number

This is the information we find.
Legalizing of Marijuana job created

In 2014 they created about 14,209 jobs

-Direct employment (FTE) 9936 job

Retail operations, Administration, Management, Agriculture Specialize

-Indirect employment 2285 jobs

Security Guard, supervisors

Induced employment 1987 jobs

Reseller, Reseller Employee

In 2015 they created about 18,205 jobs

-Direct employment (FTE) 12,591job

-Indirect employment 2,896jobs

-Induced employment 2,518jobs

Tax Revenue in formation

Legalizing Marijuana will increase the tax revenue for the state and country

In 2015, Marijuana taxes were the second largest revenue source among excise
products in the Colorado.

In 2015, the Tax Revenues of Marijuana is 14% larger than gaming and casino and 3
time larger than Alcohol Revenues.

We find some information but not finish the research topic so I designed to do it over the
weekend. We will find for information and statistic about Before and after legalizing
marijuana and Tax/Revenue they make.

Pleum: Find more information
Tar: Find more information

The Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado:

6 Powerful Reasons to Legalize Marijuana, From the New York Times:

Marijuanas $2.4 billion impact in Colorado is a lesson for 5 stated considering legalization

Finish the Product and Introduction

Pleum: Introduction/ Product
Tar: Introduction/ Product

We almost finish the introduction of the research. But the problem about the product is we
have very less information to put it in. We try to go to many website and we still get the same
information. Almost website always talk about Tax Revenue and Employment rate.

Try to put something in the product

Finish all the work

Pleum: Do introduction and product.
Tar: Do introduction and product.
We will do the product in form of infographic and powerpoint

We put all the information in the product and we done the introduction. We will do some the
decoration and we done.