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computer [entry_8] ENGAGE What is the context here? When does ENGAGE appear? It is on a button, IE, CLICK TO ENGAGE an action
computer [entry_39] BIRTHING LAB NEXUS What does NEXUS mean here? Nexus as in a central meeting place
computer [entry_49] IRR PUMP What does IRR mean? It is a term used for Air Conditioning - leave as IRR in all translations
computer2 [entry_0] CREW ANNEX Is this the same as CREW FACILITIES? No, this is a different area of the game, it is not accessable by the player, but is visible, so it is a central meeting Annex
computer2 [entry_26] to 29
FACILITY A (and B, C, D) What happens in this facilities? This word facilities has multiple translations possible. A place where experiments are done, ie, lab facilities.
computer2 [entry_23] *skip* What does 'skip' mean here? Ignore any mention of *skip* it does not need to be translated - it is an internal engine reference
computer2 [entry_33] Im sorry... Shit, Im... I didnt have a... What would be the end if the sentence weren't cut? Who is sorry, a male or a female? FEMALE, I didnt have a choice. - PS I am going to include the screenplay document that will show and describe the flow of the language.
computer2 [entry_35] Jesus - still pregnant... Who is talking? Are the ommited words "SHE IS still pregnant"? No, Hadley is talking to herself, ie. I cannot believe I am still pregnant. Because she is referring to herself, she wouldnt say, I AM STILL PREGNANT
computer2 [entry_44] Okay, breathe, Hadley. This must be a side effect. Youre still asleep.Is someone talking to Hadley? Or is Hadley talking to herself? She is talking to herself.
computer2 [entry_60] I found some spares... "'Spares" in what sense? Who is talking, and what is he/she talking about? She is talking to the man, joking with him that she found some spare body parts.
All conversation files N/A N/A Would you have a script indicating who is talking for each entry in the conversation files? Without this information, there will be grammatical issues as the adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, verb endings, etc. are different according to the gender of the person talking and to the genders and number of the people he/she is talking to. Wihtout the proper grammar for gender
YES - will send
conversation_character_2 [entry_0] *Danie Initial* What does initial mean here? First letter? Ignore - internal code - do not translate.
conversation_character_2 [entry_5] How ya get in here, ey? Who is talking to whom here? DANIE (male) is talking to Hadley (female).
conversation_character_2 [entry_13] id_0=*Split* What does "split" mean here? Ignore - internal code - do not translate.
conversation_character_2 [entry_27] Sweet cheese and crackers... Dont make a joke... Its not funny Hadley. Can you please clarify this string? She is talking to heralf, this is a US phrase where a person is saying something nice to remind themselves not to say something bad, so she is saying sweet cheese and crackers, I mustnt make a joke here.
conversation_character_2 [entry_47] They had me strapped down Who was strapped down, male or female? SHE was strapped down - Haldey is Female
conversation_character_2 [entry_49] Whoever took me...Whoever took you Are "me" and "you" male or female? ME is female, YOU is male
strings beginning with "id_0=" N/A N/A Can you please confirm that we must translate the "id_0=" strings? All seem to be placeholders (*cuttingSounds*, ARM_COMPUTER, SEE NOTES IN EMAIL
menu N/A N/A Could we get screenshots of the menus to translate the options accurately, and to ensure the translation fits into the space available?
Sure - dont worry to much about string length as the game will dynamically scale the font size. - will send menu shots.
menu [entry_14] 2nd BLANK What does this option do? IGNORE - Technical Term Do we translate "2nd"?
menu [entry_17] BLOOM What does this option do? It Means GLOW - but leave as BLOOM if it is hard to translate
menu [entry_41] VIGNETTE What does this option do? it means a soft black broder that sits around the edge of the screen - leave as VIGNETTE if it is hard to translate
conversation 4 [entry_4] P-D-T... Are the letters written as graphic text? In French "PDT" has been translated as "Matricule de donnes personnelles", so the letters would be MDP.
I would leave it as PDT as this would rather be SLANG and may confuse players
conversation 7 [entry_31] Well, hallelujah then. Does Hadley say 'hallelujah' as in "well it's a miracle then, because he is here in front of me"? YES .
conversation 7 [entry_38] Nothing... What question is this a reply to? A question in his head, it referes to what happens afet he dies - ie, he wont leave anything behind and we are all just matter
conversation 3 [entry_20] Defrosted What is defrosted? Is it Cayne? And what does she mean exactly, is it "at last, it's defrosted"? Slang for bringing him out of his long frozen sleep
conversation computer [entry_10] THE CAYNE STASIS FACILITY HAS BEEN COMPROMISED. What is this facility, is it a whole building? Or only a room? A room
conversation computer [entry_14] C-SEC HAS BEEN NOTIFIED. What does C-SEC mean? Is it a man, a team, an organisation? Leave as C-SEC / it is the name of a security team
What are the Groomlake properties? Are they facilities too? The properties would be undefinted items, like experiments and documents
Pda 0 [entry_4] The ARM chip failures have made Dr. Adams What does ARM stand for? leave as ARM it is the name of the system
Pda 1 [entry_1] She will be genuinely surprised when I reveal this delight to her. Is the 'delight' the fact that Moose can say "Sharon is a fucking freak"? YES
Pda 2 [entry_2] He will be reborn of his own duplicate flesh and not that of Adams and his ridiculous mind transfer parlor trick.
What is this mind transfer trick? He is being demeaning of the other doctors experiment and likening it to a cheap magic trick
Pda 2 [entry_3] Our next patient has undergone the new and improved genetic fusion procedure, and is reacting well.
Is the patient male or female? male
conversation computer [entry_44] Sit back and relax and let the Broseph take you to a better place. Can I get a J O S E P H?
Can you please clarify this string? This is a voice over that a Disk Jockey on the radio would say, he means, that if you sit back and listen to his music it will relax you. His name is JOSEPH and he is asking people to say his name and spell it out.
description [entry_19] TWISTED WRECKAGE What is this object? This is a crashed mechanical machine
A data disk that contains the medical records of one #PATIENT
NO, it should be translated - as in medical patient
item [entry_1] #140312109 Is #PATIENT a placeholder?
item [entry_2] A sharp edged lancet removed from the extraction apparatus. Is the apparatus the biomechanical fetal extraction arm? It is the blade on the end of the arm
All that have not fins and scales in the seas, and in the rivers, of all
that move in the waters, and of any living thing which is in the
Good Catch, I think change it to 11:10
waters, they shall be an abomination unto you.
item [entry_16] Leviticus 9:10 Isn't it Leviticus 11:10, rather than 9:10? http://biblehub.com/leviticus/11-10.htm
The melted circuit breaker is now imprinted on the cards
item [entry_20] surface Circuit breaker like this? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fd/Jtecul.jpg/220px-Jtecul.jpg
Correct, thanks for picking that up - it is GRUBLINA
item [entry_23] data_0=A pinkish fluid discharge from Gurblina. Typo in source: Grublina/Gurblina
As far as Sharon can tell, Adams' unrighteous creation has wasted
precious flesh in making a toy of some kind.
Yes, Hank (the Hobo) was created by Adams
Just like its' creator, the abomination has been an unholy waste of
pda 2 [entry_11] resources. Who is the creator mentioned? Is it the Hobo, Hank, which was himself created by Dr. Adams?
description [entry_22] LACERATED FLOOR STRUCTURE What exactly is the structure? An object (like a table)? The structure of the floor itself (what remains of walls, etc.)? The Floor itself
I have discovered that a recent but otherwise bureaucratically
pda 3 [entry_2] insignificant employee in the Facility is related to Cayne. Male or female employee?
those sluts from the organ grinder are gonna be slip-n-sliding off
YES, but it is sland he is using to refer to the place - ie, that hospital lab is an ORGAN GRINDER
pda 4 [entry_1] their seats. Can you please clarify "organ grinder"? Is it literally a machine used to grind organs?
N/A N/A host Are the hosts from the shipments all females? YES
YES - gaint stone hands
description [entry_142] Cayne is kept safe in this custodian's cradle. Is Cayne's statis pod held by giant hands?
description [entry_206] The fey beast has been splayed in two. Would you please clarify "fey beast"? fey beast as in a terrible monster - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fey_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons)
description [entry_212] POWER GENERATION Does it mean "POWER GENERATOR"? The function of the place where the power generator exists