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Out World Feudal Fortress

A typical Out World fortress usually located in a remote and desolate region in order to avoid the unwanted
attentions of the Imperial Inquisition. Many of the more powerful Lord Knights maintain clandestine bases
from which they are able to oversee their feudal domain without the imposition of Imperial controls.

Typically, each fortress will consist of a fortified entrance with heavy armoured doors (count as power
armour for penetration) and numerous well-sited firing positions with an array of heavy and support
weapons deployed. The exterior walls of the fortress are constructed from reinforced plascrete offering a
high degree of protection from all but the most intensive bombardment (count as dreadnought armour for
penetration). All apertures are fitted with heavy blast screens, which can be deployed under siege to prevent
penetration by enemy fire. In addition, it is not uncommon for a protective Holtzmann shield to be used as a
screen, enhancing the strength of the fortress defences; an adaptor enables the occupants to maintain
defensive fire on any approaching enemy whilst maintaining the integrity of the force field (although it will
be subject to penetration by well timed shots).

Typically, the fortress will include a sally port to enable the occupants to escape or to allow reinforcements
to enter the complex undetected. The exact location of the sally port will often remain a closely guarded
secret and will be known to only a handful of the Lord Knight's entourage (typically his household troops and
personal bodyguard).

The sally port will often be disguised through the use of an Invisibility Cloak. This negates the use of any
other form of shield and will therefore make the sally port a point of weakness in the defences which may be
exploited by a shrewd attacker.

The interior of the fortress will include the usual accommodation, power, maintenance and storage areas. In
addition, there will be a barrack block for the garrison, which normally consists of an elite bodyguard of the
Lord Knight's personal household troops. They will be led by a trusted lieutenant handpicked from the
amongst the Lord Knight's closest relatives. Up to 10% of the force may be equipped with Power Armour
(usually standard Imperial Armour but with occasionally adapted with individual configurations of weaponry).
The standard armament of the garrison will consist of a combination of bolt rifles, rapid-fire bolters and
grenade launchers. Most troops carry side arms, force swords and advanced grenade packs. Auto rangers
are also common both in support and direct fire modes. Normal light armour or mesh armour suits will be
worn incorporating the heraldic insignia of the household.