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Grasses & Sedges
Cool season grasses are at their prime during
the cooler months of fall, winter, and spring,
and usually bloom before the warmer summer
weather arrives. Many are evergreen. Cool sea-
son grasses should be received in fall or early
spring and be potted up immediately. They
will put on the most growth during these cooler
months. Though they should be kept from freez-
ing over the winter, they do not require much,
if any, supplemental heat. Cool season grasses
include: Calamagrostis acutiflora, Festuca, and


Warm season grasses grow most actively during
the warmer months, then flower in late summer
or fall. Most go completely dormant in winter.
Warm season grasses are not recommended for
fall planting. It is best to receive them from
early spring through late summer and pot
them up immediately. If necessary, provide
supplemental heat to keep the plants at 60F
or higher to stimulate top growth. Warm
season grasses include: Acorus, Arundo,
Andropogon, Calamagrostis brachytricha,
Carex, Chasmanthium, Cortaderia,
Erianthus, Hakonechloa, Miscanthus,
Panicum, Pennisetum, Schizachyrium,
Spodiopogon, and Sporobolus.

Sedges, or Carex, are not true grasses at all,
though they certainly look similar. They are
actually members of the Cyperaceae family,
which includes about 4,000 species worldwide.
We offer several varieties of Carex, including
variegated and yellow varieties, ground cover
and clumping types. Sedges tend to grow more
like warm season grasses, so we recommend
receiving them from early spring through late
summer rather than in the fall.

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growing information.

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Acorus calamus Variegatus

Photo courtesy of Intrinsic Perennial Gardens Arundo donax Golden Chain

Andropogon gerardii Indian Warrior PPAF

Arundo donax
Peppermint Stick

Acorus calamus Variegatus Calamagrostis acutiflora Calamagrostis acutiflora Calamagrostis acutiflora

ACOVAG1 (Variegated Sweet Avalanche Karl Foerster Overdam
Flag) Long, strappy leaves stand
tall, displaying their striking
green and creamy yellow stripes. Arundo donax and dark green striped foliage season, clumping grass. Com-
When crushed, they emit a Golden Chain and stalks. Has overwintered pact, erect growth habit. Wheat-
tangerine scent. This non-invasive ARUGC20 (Giant Reed) here for 3 years. like seed heads appear in late
selection grows in shallow water. This mutation of Variegata 7-12ft/MFa/Z6-10/20ct T spring and last all season long.
3ft/Z4-8/#1 Grade D boasts brighter gold and green Does not reseed.
striped foliage and a smaller, 5ft/LSp/Z4-8/#1 Grade, 20 &
less aggressive habit. Vibrant Calamagrostis acutiflora 72ct D
Andropogon gerardii variegation lasts all season. Avalanche Awards: PPA 01, MOBOT
Showy copper panicles in warm CALAV20 (Variegated Feather
Indian Warrior PPAF
ANDIW20, ANDIW72 (Big Blue- climates. Has overwintered here Reed Grass) Variegated form
stem) This long-lived grass forms for 3 years. of Karl Foerster. Deep green Calamagrostis acutiflora
a tall, strictly upright clump of 5-7ft/MFa/Z6-10/20ct T leaves with a wide, white stripe Overdam
green foliage that transitions to down the center. Distinctly CALOV20, CALOV72 (Var-
red then smoky purple beginning upright, clumping habit. Excel- iegated Feather Reed Grass)
midsummer. Deep purple flowers Arundo donax lent for screening or the back of Variegated foliage has bright
with bright red-orange pollen. Peppermint Stick the garden. creamy-white margins which
ARUPS20 (Giant Reed) Im- 4-5ft/ESu/Z4-8/20ct D turn white with a pink flush.
From Brent Horvath.
5-6ft/LSu/Z3-9/20 & 72ct T provement over Variegata in its Strikingly erect, feathery
Asexual propagation prohibited. ability to maintain its varie- plumes turn tan as they age.
gation all season. Very large, Calamagrostis acutiflora 5ft/LSp/Z4-8/20 & 72ct D
incredibly showy ornamental Karl Foerster
grass with cream, sage green, CALKFG1, CALKF20, CALKF72
(Feather Reed Grass) A cool

x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered 83

Photo courtesy of Piet Oudolf

Calamagrostis brachytricha Carex elata Bowles Golden

Carex hachijoensis Evergold Carex morrowii Ice Dance

Calamagrostis brachytricha Carex morrowii Ice Dance

CALBR30 (Korean Feather Reed Grass) Un- CARID20 (Variegated Sedge) Dark green
like C. acutiflora, this is a warm season grass leaves with bright white edges measure
that blooms later in the summer, even in part to inch across. Grows in nearly full sun
shade. Purplish red, fluffy bottlebrush plumes to shade in average to moist soil. A slow
age to greenish tan. Offers rare height for a to moderate spreader that can be used as a
shade tolerant grass. groundcover or in containers.
4ft/LSu-EFa/Z4-9/30ct S 12-16in/MSp/Z5-9/20ct D
Awards: ISU, MOBOT

Carex elata Bowles Golden

Carex siderosticha CARBG20 (Gold Sedge) Bright gold foli- Carex siderosticha Banana Boat
Banana Boat age with thin green margins. This selection CARBB20, CARBB72 (Creeping Broad-leaved
is taller than most other sedges. It needs Sedge) This showy broad-leaved, decidu-
consistant moisture to thrive. It will grow ous sedge lights up the shade garden with
in shallow water or in garden beds that are its wide, bright lemon to banana yellow and
watered regularly. green striped leaves. Creeps slowly to form
2-3ft/Z5-8/20ct D a dense mass of bold foliage. Insignificant
Award: RHS flowers.
6-12in/LSp/Z5-9/20 & 72ct D

Carex hachijoensis Evergold

CAREV20, CAREV72 (Variegated Japanese Chasmanthium latifolium
Sedge) This selection has creamy-yellow CHALA30 (Northern Sea Oats) Native to the
leaves with deep green margins. They cascade wooded slopes and damp forests of SE North
softly to the ground in a fountain-like man- America. A clumping grass with showy,
ner. Prefers dry to average soil. Makes an drooping flowers and unique bamboo-like
excellent groundcover. foliage. Has a tendency to reseed. Seed heads
1ft/Z5-9/20 & 72ct D can be harvested for bouquets.
Award: RHS 2-3ft/MSu-MFa/Z3-8/30ct S
Chasmanthium latifolium

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Cortaderia selloana Pumila Hakonechloa macra Helictotrichon sempervirens
CORPU20 (Dwarf Pampas Grass)
One of the most cold hardy
HELSEG1 (Blue Oat Grass)
Dense clumps of blue-gray
Cortaderias. A shorter selection (Golden Variegated Hakone leaves gently spray upward
with showy, medium-sized, silvery Grass) Green and yellow varie- and arch back downward at
cream plumes in late summer. gated foliage forms a cascading the tips. Small, tan seed heads
Wonderful in dried flower ar- clump like a golden water- appear on tall stems held well
rangements. fall. Reddish pink fall color. above the foliage. Resembles a
4-5ft/LSu/Z(5)6-10/20ct T Spreads slowly by stolons but is tall Festuca.
Award: RHS not invasive. 24-30in/ESu/Z3-8/#1 Grade D
1-2ft/LSu-EFa/Z5-9/20 & 72ct T Award: RHS
Awards: PPA 09, RHS
Erianthus ravennae Cortaderia selloana
ERIRA30 (Ravenna Grass) A Helictotrichon sempervirens Pumila
giant ornamental grass. The gray- Hakonechloa macra Sapphire
green foliage forms an upright Naomi PP19897 HELSAG1 (Blue Oat Grass)
arching mound about 5ft tall. HAKNA20, HAKNA72 (Hakone Similar to H. sempervirens.
Flower stalks reach an impressive Grass) Excellent fall color sets Bright steel blue leaves tend to
9-12ft. Silvery panicles with hints this cultivar apart from Au- widen as they mature. Dem-
of purple brighten to white in fall. reola. The creamy yellow and onstrates resistance to rust
Spectacular fall color. green variegated leaves become fungus. Small, tan seed heads
9-12ft/LSu/Z5-9/30ct S flushed with reddish-purple appear on tall stems. Grow in
tones during cool fall weather. rock gardens, coastal sites, or
From Olivier Bennato. containers.
Festuca glauca Elijah Blue 8-16in/LSu-EFa/Z5-9/20 & 18-24in/ESu/Z3-8/#1 Grade D
FESEB30, FESEB72 (Blue Fescue) 72ct T
Soft powdery blue, spiky foliage Asexual propagation prohibited.
forms a rounded clump and keeps
its color all year. Small, wheat-
like seed heads. One of the most
durable and long-lived varieties. Erianthus ravennae
8-10in/ESu-MSu/Z4-8/30 & 72ct D
Award: ISU

Hakonechloa macra All Gold

HAKAG20, HAKAG72 (Hakone
Grass) Brilliant solid gold foliage
glows in the shade. Compared to
Aureola, this variety has a more
upright habit and increased vigor.
Spreads slowly by stolons but is not
invasive. Reddish brown flowers.
9-14in/LSu-EFa/Z5-9/20 & 72ct T

Festuca glauca Elijah Blue Hakonechloa macra All Gold

Fall Color
Fall Color

Hakonechloa macra Aureola Hakonechloa macra Helictotrichon Helictotrichon sempervirens

Naomi PP19897 sempervirens Sapphire

x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered 85

Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus sinensis

Gracillimus Graziella

Miscanthus Purpurascens flowering stems, and brighter fall

MISPU20 (Flame Grass) Forms color. Copper seed heads become
an upright clump of foliage which fluffy tan panicles. Forms a siz-
Miscanthus sinensis starts out green, then takes on a red- able architectural clump. From
Dixieland dish hue later in summer. Brilliant Martin Quinn.
fall color. Magenta colored fans turn 7-8ft/LSu/Z(4)5-9/20ct D
Miscanthus into bright silky white panicles. Asexual propagation prohibited.
Purpurascens 4-6ft/LSu/Z4-9/20ct D

Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis Huron Sunrise
Dixieland MISHS20 (Miscanthus) The most
MISDI20 (Miscanthus) A dwarf profusely blooming Miscanthus.
form of Variegatus; similar green Full, burgundy plumes sweep the
and white variegated foliage but sky and remain standing through
a shorter, more compact growth winter. Mid-green leaves with a
habit. Does not need staking. Very silver midrib. From Martin Quinn.
showy, silky pink plumes. Nice in 5-6ft/LSu/Z4-9/20ct D
4-5ft/LSu/Z5-9/20ct D
Miscanthus sinensis
Little Zebra PP13008
Miscanthus sinensis MISLZ20, MISLZ72 (Dwarf Zebra
Gracillimus Grass) Like Zebrinus but shorter
MISGM20 (Maiden Grass) and more upright. Keeps its color
Miscanthus sinensis Beautiful rounded mounds of fine,
EXCLUSIVE Huron Sunrise all season. Reddish-purple plumes
silver-veined, green leaves with are produced reliably. They turn
an arching habit. Fan-like plumes creamy tan in winter.
Miscanthus sinensis emerge with a reddish tint, then 3-4ft/LSu/Z5-9/20 & 72ct D
Huron Star PP22468 age to a soft silvery-white and Asexual propagation prohibited.
remain all winter.
5-6ft/EFa/Z5-9/20ct D
Miscanthus sinensis
Mega Dot PPAF
Miscanthus sinensis Graziella WGI Exclusive
MISGR20 (Miscanthus) Developed
MISMD20 (Miscanthus) Use this
by Ernst Pagels from Germany. giant grass as a living screen or
Showy, silvery-white flowers are focal point in the landscape. Wide,
held well above the slender foli- strappy, green leaves with creamy
age. Copper-red fall color. Highly yellow, horizontal banding. Foliage
recommended, particularly for measures 6-7; up to 9 tall in full
northern gardens. bloom. Showy silvery cream flow-
5-6ft/LSu/Z5-9/20ct D
ers. From Gary Trucks.
8.5-9ft/EFa/Z5-9/20ct D
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Miscanthus sinensis
Huron Star PP22468
MISHU20 (Miscanthus) Im-
Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus sinensis proved Silberfeder; stronger
Little Zebra PP13008 Mega Dot PPAF and more upright habit, purple

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Photo courtesy of Rick Darke

Miscanthus sinensis Miscanthus sinensis Strictus Panicum amarum Dewey Blue

Morning Light

Miscanthus sinensis
Morning Light This grass is lovely in every
MISML20 (Miscanthus) Narrow
leaves with fine green and white
way. A see through plant
variegation. A late-bloomer. Flower that allows views through its
plumes emerge bronze-red, then graceful red margined blades
turn cream as they age. Has a beau- of glaucous foliage. The per-
tiful refined look. fect guest in the garden, never
4-5ft/MFa/Z5-9/20ct D a thug like some grasses.
Award: RHS P. Allen Smith

Miscanthus sinensis Strictus

MISST20 (Porcupine Grass)
Panicum virgatum
Distinctive yellowish-white, hori-
Dust Devil PPAF
WGI Exclusive
zontally banded leaves. Similar to
Zebrinus, but has an upright habit PANDD20, PANDD72 (Switch Panicum virgatum Cheyenne Sky PPAF
instead of arching downward. Use Grass) A durable, shorter selection
as a specimen or in large containers. with blue-green to green foliage
4-6ft/EFa/Z5-9/20ct DT that forms a strictly upright, dense
Award: RHS clump. Leaf tips turn purplish red
in fall. Wine purple flower panicles
are held in the center of the clump.
Panicum amarum Dewey Blue From Gary Trucks.
PANDE20 (Bitter Switch Grass) 48-54in/LSu/Z4-9/20 & 72ct D
All propagation prohibited.
Selection of a native dune grass. Proven Winners label and container
Superb glaucous blue foliage with required.
a fountain-like form. Blue-tinged Recommended Finish Size: Trade 1-GL
flowers are produced atop tall, arch-
ing stems. Shorter and more upright
in drier soils. Selected by Rick Darke. Panicum virgatum Heavy Metal
3-5ft/LSu/Z4-9/20ct D PANHM20 (Blue Switch Grass)
Handsome grass with stiff, metallic Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

blue leaves that form a rigidly up- Panicum virgatum Dust Devil PPAF
Panicum virgatum right clump. Delicate pink panicles
Cheyenne Sky PPAF dance 1216 inches above the foli-
WGI Exclusive age. Turns bright yellow in the fall.
PANCS20, PANCS72 (Red Switch 5-6ft/LSu/Z4-9/20ct D
Grass) Petite red Panicum; ideal
for containers. Forms a tight,
vase-shaped clump of blue-green Panicum virgatum Northwind
foliage that turns wine red in early PANNO20, PANNO72 (Upright
summer. Purple flowers. From Gary Switch Grass) A dark green, rigidly
Trucks. upright, clumping grass. Unique
3ft/LSu/Z4-9/20 & 72ct D flower panicles are held in the
All propagation prohibited.
middle of the clump rather than
Proven Winners label and container
required. arching away from it. Golden yellow
Recommended Finish Size: foliage in fall. Fast grower.
Trade 1-GL 5-6ft/LSu/Z4-9/20 & 72ct D
Award: PBM Panicum virgatum Panicum virgatum
Heavy Metal Northwind

x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered 87

Panicum virgatum Panicum virgatum Pennisetum alopecuroides

Prairie Fire PP19367 Thundercloud PP20665 Burgundy Bunny PP21917

Gary Trucks
Introducing Gary Trucks,
hybridizer of some of the best
ornamental grasses we offer including
Desert Plains, pictured left. This grass
has been selected for the Proven Winners program
along with three more of Garys introductions including
Panicums Cheyenne Sky and Dust Devil and Sedum
Maestro. Gary is the former owner of Amber Wave
Gardens nursery near Benton Harbor in West Michigan,
zone 5. Read his entire breeder profile on
Pennisetum alopecuroides Desert Plains PP20751 www.WaltersGardens.com.

Panicum virgatum panicles are produced just above red in summer. All-over blazing bottlebrush plumes held above
Prairie Fire PP19367 the blue-green leaves. Strongly red fall color until frost. Cream the foliage emerge smoky purple
PANPF20, PANPF72 (Red upright foliage remains stand- flowers. Excellent in containers. and age to tan. Foliage takes on
Switch Grass) A tremendous ing through winter. From Gary From Plant Haven. red, orange, and gold highlights
improvement over older red Trucks. 12-16in/LSu/Z5-9/20 & 72ct D in fall. One of our favorites!
Panicums. Blue-green foliage 7-8ft/LSu/Z4-9/20ct D Asexual propagation prohibited. From Gary Trucks.
begins to turn wine-red by early Asexual propagation prohibited. 3-4ft/EFa/Z5-9/20 & 72ct D
summer. Rosy flower panicles All propagation prohibited.
appear just above the foliage. Pennisetum alopecuroides Proven Winners label and container
Desert Plains PP20751 required.
From Gary Trucks. Pennisetum alopecuroides Recommended Finish Size:
4-5ft/LSu/Z4-9/20 & 72ct D Burgundy Bunny PP21917 WGI Exclusive
Premium 1-Gallon
Asexual propagation prohibited. PENBB20, PENBB72 (Miniature PENDP20, PENDP72 (Fountain
Fountain Grass) This colorful, Grass) An improvement over
petite sport of Little Bunny Hameln in habit, flowering per-
Panicum virgatum discovered at Walla Walla Nurs- formance, and fall color. Narrow,
Thundercloud PP20665 ery forms a rounded clump of green leaves form an upright
PANTH20 (Switch Grass) Very green foliage that starts to turn vase-shaped clump. Showy 5
large Panicum. Pinkish-tan

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Pennisetum alopecuroides Pennisetum alopecuroides Schizachyrium scoparium Spodiopogon sibiricus
PENAL30 (Fountain Grass) A
clumping selection with finely
Red Head
(MinnBlueA PP17310)
SPOSI30 (Frost Grass or
Siberian Graybeard) Wide,
textured, glossy, bright green Head Fountain Grass) An SCHBH20, SCHBH72 (Little bright green leaves held horizontally
foliage. Turns gold in fall. Plumes early form of red-flowering Bluestem) Improved selection on upright stems give this grass a
emerge reddish-brown, then Pennisetum. Deep purple with a taller, more upright, unique bamboo-like appearance.
mature to tan. buds mature to smoky purple non-flopping habit. Brighter Upright scapes carry 8-12 purple
3-4ft/LSu/Z5-9/30ct S plumes that measure 3 wide steel blue foliage with purple panicles. If grown in sun, turns
and 8-10 long. The green highlights turns a colorful burgundy red in fall.
foliage turns gold in fall. From mix of purple, red, pink, and 3-4.5ft/MSu-LSu/Z4-9/30ct S
Pennisetum alopecuroides Intrinsic Perennial Gardens. orange in fall. Glossy purple
Hameln 4-5ft/MSu-LSu/Z5-9/20 & panicles. From Mary Meyer.
PENHAG1, PENHA20, 72ct D 42-54in/LSu-EFa/Z3-9/20 & Sporobolus heterolepis
PENHA72 (Dwarf Fountain 72ct D SPOHE30 (Prairie Dropseed) Re-
Grass) More compact and shorter Asexual propagation prohibited. fined native prairie grass with a soft,
than the species. Finely textured, fountain-like look. Threadlike, green
mid-green leaves. Soft greenish- leaves turn golden orange in fall.
Pennisetum orientale
cream panicles appear a few
Karley Rose PP12909 Schizachyrium scoparium Surprisingly fragrant, pinkish brown
weeks earlier than the species.
PENKR20 (Oriental Foun-
Prairie Blues flowers appear atop tall, thin, arching
2-3ft/MSu/Z5-9/#1 Grade, 20 & SCHPB30, SCHPB72 (Little stems. Heat and drought tolerant.
tain Grass) Uniform, upright
72ct D Bluestem) An improvement 2-3ft/LSu/Z3-9/30ct S
clumps of arching, green foli-
Award: MNLA over the species. Brighter grey- Award: MOBOT
age and rose-purple plumes.
blue foliage and pinkish-orange
Compact habit. Quick to
fall color. Fluffy, silver seed
establish and drought tolerant.
Pennisetum alopecuroides 36-40in/ESu/Z5-9/20ct D
heads. Narrow, upright habit.
Little Bunny Asexual propagation prohibited.
Grows in hot, dry areas where
PENLB20 (Miniature Fountain other plants cannot survive.
Grass) Truly miniature. The 3ft/LSu-EFa/Z3-9/30 & 72ct S
tufted, cream seed heads look like
little bunny tails. This variety is
particularly well-suited to sunny
rock gardens and containers.
16-20in/LSu/Z5-9/20ct D

Pennisetum alopecuroides
Red Head

Pennisetum alopecuroides Pennisetum alopecuroides

Hameln Little Bunny

Photo courtesy of Rick Darke

Pennisetum alopecuroides
Spodiopogon sibiricus

Fall Color
Summer Color
Schizachyrium scoparium Photo courtesy of Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH

Pennisetum orientale BLUE HEAVEN Schizachyrium scoparium Sporobolus heterolepis

Karley Rose PP12909 (MinnBlueA PP17310) Prairie Blues

x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered 89
Gypsophila paniculata Gypsophila paniculata Perfecta
G Bristol Fairy
GYPBFG1 (Babys Breath) Double
GYPPEG1 (Babys Breath) Large, double
white flowers on wispy panicles are more
white flowers on wispy panicles float robust than Bristol Fairy. Valued as a
like clouds above the green foliage. long-lasting cut flower and also as a filler
Valued as a long-lasting cut flower and plant in gardens. The perfect cover up for
also as a filler plant in gardens. The dying bulb foliage.
perfect cover up for dying bulb foliage. 3ft/ESu-MSu, EFa/Z3-9/#1 Grade T
3ft/ESu-MSu, EFa/Z3-9/#1 Grade T
Award: RHS
Gypsophila paniculata Bristol Fairy Gypsophila paniculata
Pink Fairy
Gypsophila paniculata GYPPFG1 (Babys Breath) Large, very
FESTIVAL STAR pale pink, double flowers appear in
(Danfestar PP14818) wispy panicles above the compact foli-
WGI Exclusive age. Valued as a long-lasting cut flower
GYPFSG1, GYPFS72 (Babys Breath) and also as a filler plant in gardens. The
This neat and compact selection forms perfect cover up for dying bulb foliage.
a short, uniform mound of grey-green 18in/ESu-MSu, EFa/Z3-9/#1 Grade C
foliage. Dense sprays of pure white
flowers are produced on relatively short
stems over an exceptionally long period. Hedera helix Thorndale
12-18in/LSp-EFa/Z3-9/#1 Grade, 72ct C HEDTHRC (English Ivy) The classic
All propagation prohibited. American groundcover. A low-mainte-
Proven Winners label and container required. nance, evergreen vine. Leaves are deep
Recommended Finish Size: Premium 1-Gallon forest green with a pronounced central
Award Winner lobe and creamy white veins. A cling-
Gypsophila paniculata FESTIVAL STAR
(Danfestar PP14818)
ing vine that climbs by means of tiny
sticky suckers.
Gypsophila MY PINK 6-8in/Z5-9/Rooted Cutting C
(G. paniculata DANGYP39
GYPMPG1, GYPMP72 (Babys Breath) Double Trouble PP18206
Large panicles of true light pink,
HELDTG1, HELDT72 (Sneezeweed,
double flowers appear atop upright,
Helens Flower) One of the best native
well-branched, bushy plants. Notably
perennials for late season color. Bright
pink even from a distance. Suitable for
yellow, double flowers with frilly petals
both cut flower production and home
are produced atop strong, sturdy stems.
gardens. The perfect cover up for dying
Sterile blossoms ensure a long bloom
bulb foliage.
time. Excellent landscape performer
30-36in/ESu-MSu/Z3-9/#1 Grade, 72ct C
and cut flower.
Asexual propagation prohibited.
30in/MSu-EFa/Z4-8/#1 Grade, 72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.

Gypsophila MY PINK
(G. paniculata DANGYP39 PP17485)

Photo courtesy of Jan van Lakwijk

Gypsophila paniculata Gypsophila paniculata Hedera helix Helenium Double

Perfecta Pink Fairy Thorndale Trouble PP18206

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Helenium Red Jewel Heliopsis helianthoides var.
HELRJG1, HELRJ72 (Sneezeweed,
Helens Flower) One of the best native
scabra Sunburst
HELSR30, HELSR72 (False Sunflower)
perennials for late season color. Similar Seed selection similar to Lorraine
to Sahins Early Flowerer, but offers a Sunshine. Fabulous cream and green
red and orange color palette rather than variegated foliage is topped with 2-2.5,
orange and gold. Tall stems are great for golden yellow flowers. Greens up a bit
cutting for fresh bouquets. in the heat of summer. Showy in combo
30-36in/MSu-EFa/Z4-8/#1 Grade, 72ct T containers. From Sahin.
30-36in/MSu-LSu/Z4-9/30 & 72ct S

Ruby Tuesday PP18234 Heliopsis helianthoides Summer Sun Helenium Red Jewel
HELRTG1, HELRT72 (Sneezeweed, HELSSG1 (False Sunflower) A beautiful,
Helens Flower) One of the best native carefree perennial with semi-double, 3in
perennials for late season color. Masses wide, bright gold flowers. Their strong
of brick red flowers with a golden yellow stems make them great for cutting. This
and mahogany center completely cover selection is very heat tolerant, making it
the top third of the plant. Very strong the best choice for southern zones.
36in/MSu-LSu/Z3-9/#1 Grade S
stems; does not require staking. Displays
Award: MOBOT
some disease resistance.
24-32in/MSu-EFa/Z4-8/#1 Grade, 72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited. Heliopsis helianthoides
Tuscan Sun PP18763
WGI Exclusive
Helenium Sahins Early Flowerer
HELTSG1, HELTS72 (False Sunflower)
HELEFG1, HELEF72 (Sneezeweed,
A beautiful and carefree native cultivar
Helens Flower) One of the best native
that offers a more compact habit and Helenium Ruby Tuesday PP18234
perennials for late season color. Similar good disease resistance. Golden yellow,
to Red Jewel, but offers an orange and daisy-like flowers are produced on strong
gold color palette rather than red and stems atop the deep green foliage.
orange. Tall stems are great for cutting 24-36in/MSu-LSu/Z3-9/#1 Grade, 72ct C
for fresh bouquets. All propagation prohibited.
36in/MSu-EFa/Z3-8/#1 Grade, 72ct C Proven Winners label and container required.
Award: RHS Recommended Finish Size: Premium 1-Gallon
(#1 Grade), Trade 1-GL (72ct)
Award Winner
Helianthus Happy Days
HELHDG1 (Perennial Sunflower) Large
3 -4, golden yellow blossoms with an Heliopsis Loraine Sunshine PP10690
anemone-like center and short ray petals HELLSG1, HELLS72 (False Sunflower)
are the signature feature of this cheerful Variegated white leaves with extensive
sunflower. Upright habit with purple, green veining that darkens late in the Helenium Sahins Helianthus
branched stems. Relatively short habit. season. Golden yellow, single, daisy-like Early Flowerer Happy Days
24in/MSu-LSu/Z5-9/#1 Grade C flowers on upright stems.
30in/MSu-LSu/Z3-9/#1 Grade, 72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.

Heliopsis Heliopsis helianthoides

helianthoides var. Heliopsis helianthoides Heliopsis Loraine
Tuscan Sun PP18763
scabra Sunburst Summer Sun Sunshine PP10690

x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered 91
H Helleborus WINTER THRILLERS Series

Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen

Helleborus WINTER Helleborus Grape Galaxy Helleborus

THRILLERS SeriesMixed Green Gambler

Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen

Helleborus Helleborus Helleborus

Night Coaster Helleborus Pink Parachutes
Ice Follies Red Racer

Helleborus WINTER floriferous; up to 50 flowers per flowers per mature plant! Large Helleborus Pink Parachutes
THRILLERSMixed mature plant! 3, cream to light yellow flow- HELPP72 (Lenten Rose) Huge
HELWT72 (Lenten Rose) 18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S ers are heavily splashed with 3.75, bright pink flowers are
Custom blend by Chris Hansen. burgundy to red flecks. covered in a fine spray of dark
Includes a wide range of su- 18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S pink to wine spots. Blush pink
perbly vigorous, large flowered Helleborus Green Gamber to white petal backs. Strong
and heavily spotted blossoms HELGG72 (Lenten Rose) stems carry loads of blossoms.
in shades of red, pink, purple, A vigorous and floriferous Helleborus 18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S
yellow, green, apricot, and more. selection compared to other Night Coaster
Approx. 8-10% of the flowers greens. Large 3, single flow-
HELNC72 (Lenten Rose) Large
will be double. ers are bright apple green with
2.5, black velvet flowers with Helleborus Red Racer
18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S burgundy spotting, picotee, or HELRR72 (Lenten Rose) Very
brightly contrasting lime green
veining on each petal. A few large 3.5, velvety deep red to
centers keep their color long
will have double flowers. burgundy, rounded blossoms are
after the flowers are spent. In-
Helleborus Grape Galaxy 18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S
credibly floriferous; 75+ flowers held atop strong stems. Incred-
HELGR72 (Lenten Rose) Very on mature plants. Featured on ibly floriferous; up to 75 flowers
large 3.5, grape purple flowers the Martha Stewart Show! per mature plant!
heavily spotted with dark purple Helleborus Ice Follies 18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S
18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S
HELIF72 (Lenten Rose) The
flecks and contrasting bright
most floriferous, robust mem-
green nectaries. Incredibly
ber of the series; up to 100

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Helleborus WINTER THRILLERS Series H
Ballerina Ruffles Midnight Ruffles
HELBL72 (Lenten Rose) Exquisite HELMR72 (Lenten Rose) Rare double
3, fluffy double flowers in pink shades black selection. 3, black velvet flowers
ranging from light to bright lipstick with contrasting yellow stamens. Flow-
pink, some with purple speckling. Flow- ers retain their color up to 12 weeks,
ers retain their color up to 12 weeks, long after the flowers are spent. Featured
long after the flowers are spent. on the Martha Stewart Show!
18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S 18-22in/ESp-MSp/Z4-9/72ct S

Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen

Helleborus Ballerina Ruffles

Chris Hansen
Chris passion for hybridizing hellebores began while
living in hot, humid, deer-infested South Carolina
since they were one of the only perennials that thrived
in such conditions. His goal was to develop the most
vigorous, floriferous, largest flowering varieties in pure color
strains. After more than 16 years of hand-crossing and detailed
record keeping, he introduced his WINTER THRILLERS hellebores.
Chris is constantly working to improve flower color and size, plant vigor,
and foliage. He continuously rogues out inferior stock to maintain a
Photo courtesy of Chris Hansen
superior seed source. All named varieties are true to color. Like most seed
Helleborus Midnight Ruffles grown hellebores, 10-15% will bloom the first year, followed by 100%
bloom the second year.

Helleborus x ericsmithii
HELWS72 (Lenten Rose) First year blooming hellebore
from TC. An improvement over Ivory Prince: larger
flowers with stronger coloration and a vigorous growth
rate. 3-4, ivory flowers age to deep rose. Forms a com-
pact mound of deep green leaves on purple stems.
12-16in/LWi-MSp/Z4-9/72ct T
Asexual propagation prohibited.

Helleborus PENNYS PINK

HELPE72 (Lenten Rose) First year blooming hellebore
from TC. Incredible spring foliage is bronze green with
electric pink veining. Complementary purple buds open
to rich mauve pink flowers. Sterile; very long blooming.
Green leaves with purple petioles in summer.
Helleborus x ericsmithii Helleborus 18-24in/LWi-MSp/Z4-9/72ct T
WINTER SUNSHINE PENNYS PINK Asexual propagation prohibited.
(HGP02 PP20979) (ABCRD01 PPAF)
x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered 93