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Holocaust Presentation

By Asjah and Amelia

1/13/17 Period One
What we know about the Holocaust What we want to know about the Holocaust What we Learned

Amelia Amelia - After arriving at the camps

-Nazis captured Jews and forced -How many Jews were killed? prisoners were separated into groups
them to work in concentration -What happened to start the meaning life or death
camps Holocaust - Some prisoners were killed by
-Conditions were horrible and - How did they get people into Zyklon B, a gas that was pumped into
many died of disease or the camps and move them fake showers
starvation around? -During the selection process, mothers
-Nazis killed jews by using -What did the prisoners eat in with children were sent to their
poisonous gas in gas chambers the camps? immediate deaths in gas chambers
-Jews were forced to wear gold Asjah - Prisoners were transported to and
stars pinned to their clothing to -What happened at the from camps in the cattle cars of a
show that they were Jewish concentration camps? train
Asjah -who took care of them while -After being gassed, corpses were
-Adolf Hitler wanted everyone to they were in the camps who burned in a crematorium
follow his religion and was not watched over the children? -Was -Prisoners were given an tattoo of a
happy with all who refused so everyone doomed to die, did they number to id them
decided to slaughter and take just kill everyone or if you came
them to camps and kill them. you had a chance of survival?
-They were sent to concentration
camps where they were forced to
suffer and work until they most
likely died
Survivor Stories- Judith Jaegermann & Charlotte
Judith was 11 years old when
her family was summoned to join
Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann
She spent her teenage years as
a transport leaving from Prague a prisoner to the Natzis, her and
Her family was selected to go her whole family were moved to the
to Auschwitz concentration camps. She was 17
Judith got severe frostbite on years old when they were later
her legs and contracted many arrested and deported. Her father
diseases in the camps and brother were deported again to
Judith, her mother and sister Auschwitz. After the war her mother
Ruth were separated from their and her came home hoping her
father and were sent to Hamburg brother and father survived, they
to clean up after bombs hadn't. Although all the pain was
very hard she ended up marrying and
having 2 daughters and now teaches
college students.
What was life like
in a
1. What are some of the things that happened
to the prisoners when they first got to the
2. What was Selection?

Concentration 3. What was the difference between death

camps and labor camps?
4. What happened to the personal items people

brought them?
5. What were crematoriums and what were
gas chambers?
WHat happened to prisoners after their What were crematoriums and gas
arrival? chambers?
Crematoriums- Buildings where
Men were separated from their corpses were burned after being
wives and children killed by poison gas
The prisoners went through a
process called selection
They were stripped of their
Forced to take showers and were
Given a uniform and a tattoo ID
Gas Chambers- Prisoners were forced
into a small room, sometimes
disguised as a shower where a gas
called Zyklon B was pumped inside,
killing its occupants
What was Selection?
After the Jews were unloaded and
separated into male and female lines,
they were put into a process called
selection. Typically, those over 14
years old and fit for work were sent
to one side of the unloading ramp,
and the rest were sent to the other
side. The elderly, and women with
children were sent directly to the line
of prisoners who were doomed to
death in gas chambers.
Death camps vs labor camps What happened to prisoners
DEATH CAMP After the Prisoners had their
clothing burned or put in boxes,
Young prisoners and those deemed their other personal items were
weak were put in a death camp where robbed of them and put away in
they were gassed soon after arrival. boxes and secret rooms

Prisoners older than and 14 and able

to work were put into a labor camp
where they performed forced labor. If
the prisoners became too weak or
sick, they would be gassed.
Did Anyone Try to 1. How did some people try to rescue Jews?
2. What was the Resistance movement?

Save the Jews?

3. How were some children hidden?
4. What happened during uprisings in
5. What happened during uprisings in
How did some people try to rescue What was the resistance movement?
Some people warned Jews Jews in ghettos fought
that soldiers were back to protect
coming so that they themselves
could go into hiding
Jews could obtain fake
ids to avoid persecution
How were some children hidden? What happened during
Children were most commonly hidden Camps-Prisoners stole
in whatever weapons they could
find and used them to try
Cellars to escape. Most were
recaptured and shot as
Some neighbors had to be
blackmailed into not giving away
the childs location
Ghettos- Weapons were
smuggled into the ghetto as
underground uprisings were
planned. Sadly most people
involved died fighting.
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