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I) AN-148/AN-158 Aircraft Family Description

II) Fleet Overview
III) Fuel Consumption
IV) Maintenance and Costs
V) Technical Support and Services
VI) AN-148/AN-158 Market



The AN-148 airplane was
developed as a baseline air-
plane for a regional aircraft
family allowing development
on its basis of variants and
modifications for different
The AN-148-200, AN-
148-200, AN-148-200
aircraft modifications enable
transportation of 68 to 89
passengers over distances
ranging from 1.900km to
The AN-158 modification
allows transportation of up
to 99 passengers over dis-
tances ranging from
2.500km to 3.100km.
Base aerodrome eleva-
tion for the AN-148/AN-158
aircraft family varies within
300m to 4.100m from the
sea level.
The AN-148/AN-158 air-
craft family is intended for
operations on the air lines
requiring low, medium and
high frequency with a flight
load of 70 to 99 passengers. High level of relia- snow and dirt from the run- ment of the underfloor cargo
Aircraft of the AN-148 bility. Aerodynamic configu- way and enables operation compartments in terms of
/AN-158 family have various ration, auxiliary power unit, of the aircraft from unpaved height. No special-purpose
layouts convertible in opera- state-of-the-art digital and unprepared aero- ground facilities are re
tion at the Customers avionics, and efficient inter- dromes; required during baggage
option. facing of all aircraft systems Possibility to choose a loading and unloading;
All modifications of the enable operation of the air- model with optimum flight Out-of-hangar storage
family feature up to 95% planes from/into the unpre- range and passenger capac- of the aircraft.
commonality in the struc- pared aerodromes, under ity ensures the most effi- Aircraft of the AN-148
ture and systems making it the high-elevation airfield cient operation of airplanes /AN-158 family have the fol-
possible to reduce the main- conditions and within a wide in the operators route net- lowing common systems:
tenance costs when operat- range of temperatures work; - system of technical
ing a fleet composed of the (from minus 55C up to Cost effectiveness. Low publications;
AN-148/AN-158 aircraft. +45), in standard and fuel consumption, common- - powerplant the D-
The cockpit is common adverse meteorological con- ality of components and 436-148 engine;
for the all models of the air- ditions, by day and at night, assemblies of all aircraft in - airframe;
craft family. and also allow landing under the family offer a consider- - cockpit;
All aircraft of the ICAO category III condi- able reduction in the air- - passenger cabin of
AN-148/AN-158 family have tions; lines operating costs; modular type;
a common Type Certificate: High arrangement of Availability of a built-in - flight control system;
this simplifies the processes the wing provides protection door/stairs supports self- - aircraft utility systems;
of interaction with local of the engine and the wing sufficient operation and - avionics suite with func-
Departments of Civil Avia- high-lift devices against quick aircraft turnaround; tional growth capability to
tion (DCA). ingestion of foreign objects, Convenient arrange- meet the Free Flight require-
Aircraft of the AN-148 ments ;
/AN-158 family are - maintenance system.
equipped with the D-436- As a result, a common
148 engines ensuring effi- flight crews and mainte-
cient operation of the air- nance personnel training
planes with maximum take- system ensures flexibility
off weights (MTOW) and minimization of costs in
between 38,950kg and planning the airline fleet.
43,700kg. Utilization of a Airplanes of the AN-148
single engine type on all air- /AN-158 family have a com-
craft modifications offers the mon maintenance program
operator an advantage of Maintenance Planning
minimized maintenance Document (MPD) ensuring
costs for a fleet comprised optimization and minimiza-
of different models of the tion of costs.
AN-148/AN-158 aircraft Airplanes of the AN-148
family. /AN-158 family are
The AN-148/AN-158 air- equipped with a fly-by-wire
craft family has a number of flight control system, digital
advantages, including: Two-pilot glass cockpit avionics, full authority digi-

2 ANTONOV Company 2017


The aircraft with a high-wing configuration has a better engine protection against foreign baggage racks in the
object damage regional aircraft category
with a volume of 0.06m3
per passenger guarantees
quick and comfortable
accommodation of passen-
All airplanes of the
AN-148/AN-158 family are
provided with air stairs built
into the forward passenger
door to ensure quick air-
craft turnover in intermedi-
ate airports. This can
potentially save at least five
minutes of the turnover
time compared with the use
of a loading gate or a
mobile passenger bridge.
The performed calculations,
which have been proved in
tal engine control system - automatic flight control - ergonomic optimiza- service, confirm the possi-
(FADEC) in line with the using the SID and STAR tion of the common and bility of the AN-148
modern level for regional procedures, accomplish- individual space; turnover within a 20 to 25-
and long-haul aircraft. ment of APPROACH and - low noise level in the minute interval.
Availability aboard air- MISSED APPROACH proce- cabin. Aircraft of the AN-148
planes of the AN-148 dures; The 3+2 abreast /AN-158 family meet:
/AN-158 family of an on- - enhanced ground prox- arrangement of passenger the requirements of
board maintenance system imity warning; seats offers increased seat- the effective aircraft noise
the Central Maintenance - air traffic alert and col-
System (CMS), which is lision avoidance;
similar to the CFDS and - wind shear detection;
CMS systems installed - two-way VHF radio
aboard the Airbus family, communication with fre-
minimizes the time quency spectrum of 8, 33,
required for troubleshoot- 25kHz;
ing and fault isolation and - two-way radio commu-
guarantees a higher level of nication in the HF range;
flight safety compared with - documenting 2 hours
other regional airplanes. of crew conversations;
Avionics suite installed - ICAO category IIIA
in the aircraft ensures com- landing;
pliance with todays and - on-line testing of the
prospective ICAO recom- aircraft systems condition.
mendations and EUROCON- Passenger comfort com-
TROL requirements, includ- parable with the long-range
ing: Boeing and Airbus airplanes
- navigation precision in is provided in airplanes of At customer option, the aircraft can be delivered in a
the conditions of B-RNAV the AN-148/AN-158 family two-class layout configuration
(RNP-5) and P-RNAV owing to:
(RNP-1); - improved layout of the ing capacity for the rela- regulations as per:
- flights with reduced passenger compartment the tively short length of the - Chapter 4 of Certifica-
vertical separation minima cabin width makes it possi- aircraft and is combined tion Specifications for Air-
(RVSM); ble to use 44cm wide seats with a capacity for quick craft Noise, Part 36 of the
- automated flight plan- providing passenger com- passenger embarkation and Interstate Aviation Commit-
ning making use of a navi- fort at the elbow and shoul- disembarkation. tee Aviation Regulations
gation data base; der level; Availability of the largest (AP-36) with Amendment
- Chapter 4 of volume I
Aircraft Noise (with
amendments, Amendment
7 inclusive) of the ICAO
Annex 16 to the Convention
on International Civil Avia-
tion, Environmental Pro-
current emissions reg-
ulations as per with part II
Fuel Emission of volume
II Aircraft Engine Emis-
sions (with amendments,
Amendment 4 inclusive) of
the ICAO Annex 16 to the
Convention on International
Civil Aviation, Environ-
Avionics suite ensures compliance with recommendations of ICAO and requirements mental Protection.
of Eurocontrol

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Airplanes of the family are equipped with built-in air stairs

Main performance figures of the AN-148/AN-158 aircraft family are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. Main Performance of the AN-148-200/AN-158 Family

Aircraft N-148-200 N-148-200 N-148-200 N-158
Engines D-436-148
Maximum takeoff weight, (MTOW), kg 38,950 41,950 43,700 43,700
Maximum landing weight (MLW), kg 37 800
Maximum payload weight (MPL), kg 9,000 9,800
Maximum fuel weight (MFW), kg 11,900
Maximum passenger capacity with 762 mm (30) seat pitch, pax. 89 99
Service range, km 1,200 2,600 3,500 2,500
- single-class layout with 762 mm (30) seat pitch , pax. 89 89 89 99
Service range, km 1,910 3,250 3,950 3,100
- single-class layout with 813 mm (32) seat pitch , pax. 79 79 79 89
Cruising speed, km/h 780-820
Cruising altitude, m 11,600-12,200 11,600
Field Length (ISA, SL, concrete runway), m 1,600 1,800 1,900 1,900
Volume of baggage holds, m3 12.4 14.7
Crew 2 pilots + 2 attendants

D-436-148 Engine

Airplanes of the AN-148 equipped with a full-author-

/AN-158 family are ity digital engine control
equipped with the D-436- system (of the FADEC type)
148 turbojet bypass with a simplified hydrome-
engines developed by the chanical alternate control
Ukrainian Ivchenko- system.
PROGRESS Company and In order to increase
manufactured by the engines service life, a
Motor-Sich engine manu- reduced (maximum contin-
facturing company. uous) thrust setting is pro-
The D-436-148 engine vided for the family air-
is common for the entire planes.
AN-148/AN-158 family. It is

Table 2. Engine Performance (SLS, ISA)

Engine ratings D-436-148

Maximum take-off
Thrust, kgf (lbf) 7,500 (16,534)
Flat temperature, 30

Normal take-off
Thrust, kgf (lbf) 6,830 (15,057)
D-436-148 power all airplanes of the family
Flat temperature, 30

4 ANTONOV Company 2017

between 6 and 8 per day.
AN-148 airplanes of dif-
ferent modifications are in
service with Ukraina Airlines
(Ukraine), Air Kory (Korean
Democratic Peoples Repub-
lic), Angara Airlines, Saratov
Airlines (both - Russian Fed-
eration), and are also oper-
ated on behalf of the Min-
istry for Emergency Man-
agement and the
Government of the Russian
The AN-158 modification
first flew on the 28th of
April 2010. The first air-
AN-148-100 is the most popular model of the family plane was delivered to the
launch customer Cubana de
Aviacion (Republic of Cuba)
FLEET OVERVIEW in April 2013. Commercial
service of the AN-158 mod-
Development, manufac- The Rossia Airlines oper- was 400 flying hours, max- ification started on the 10th
turing and support of con- ated six AN-148-100 air- imum daily operating time of May 2013. Today, the
tinued airworthiness of all planes between November was 18 hours and 23 min- fleet of Cubana de Aviacion
modifications of the AN-148 2009 and April 2015 flying utes (with average daily includes 6 airplanes of this
/AN-158 aircraft family is on nineteen domestic and flying time of 12 hours). type.
the responsibility of the eight international routes. Mean monthly operating At present, 40 airplanes
ANTONOV Company, which Maximum monthly operat- time of the aircraft was of different AN-148/AN-158
is based in Kyiv, Ukraine. ing time of the AN-148 300 flying hours with an modifications are operated
The AN-148 is also assem- aircraft with Rossia Airlines average number of flights in the world.
bled under license at
Voronezh Aircraft-Building
Joint Stock Company of The N-158 airplanes are operated by Cubana de Aviacion
Voronezh, Russia.
Maiden flight of the
AN-148 aircraft took place
on the 17th of December,
The first AN-148-100
airplane was launched into
commercial service on the
2nd of June 2009 in the
Ukrainian AeroSvit Airlines.
Between September 2011
and October 2013, the three
AN-148-100 airplanes
were flying on the interna-
tional and domestic air
routes with the Ukraine
International Airlines.

The fuel consumption portation of 89 passengers Used in the calculations speed percentage-wise rela-
parameter was analyzed for over a distance of 1,200km; were different variants of tive to the no-wind speed.
the AN-148-200, AN-148- - AN-148-200 trans- the takeoff weight required The route length was taken
200, AN-148-200 and portation of 89 passengers for flight, main performance from the Jeppesen publica-
AN-158 modifications oper- over a distance of 2,600km; characteristics, and also the tions and was presented in
ated on three routes 241 to - AN-148-200 trans- Jeppesen data. nautical miles (nm).
1190 nm long. portation of 89 passengers The taxiing time of 20
Analysis of fuel efficiency over a distance of 3,500km; Flight Profiles minutes is considered in the
of the AN-148 aircraft modi- - AN-158 transporta- In order to illustrate the fuel consumption calcula-
fications demonstrates that, tion of 99 passengers over a effect of wind speed and tion. Distances between air-
for a given flight distance, distance of 2,500km. wind direction on the flight ports were selected so as to
the fuel consumption per range, analysis was made of show advantages of each of
passenger depends on the All aircraft modifications both the incoming and out- the modifications on the
takeoff weight; engine are designed to use the going flight performance fig- short and long routes. This
thrust setting, altitude and same type of D-436-148 ures for each route. will allow to facilitate the
flight speed. engine. Increased engine Besides, for deliberate choice of aircraft model for
thrust for the AN-158 the impairment of the result, the airlines operating in dif-
Aircraft Versions largest of the modifications use was made of the equiv- ferent conditions and serv-
Each of the AN-148 is reflected in its higher alent wind principle, i.e., the ing the air lines of different
/AN-158 modifications has maximum takeoff weight wind under consideration lengths from short-range
the following performance: and, consequently, higher always being headwind and to long-range.
- AN-148-200 trans- fuel consumption. reducing the aircraft flight The family of aircraft was
2017 ANTONOV Company 5
assessed in the single-class the route length between realistic fuel consumption. north. Therefore, equivalent
layout configuration with full 240 and 1,200nm. The first route under wind of -3% was used for
passenger load: 89 passen- All three routes are analysis Kyiv (KBP) - Lviv this route.
gers for the AN-148-200/- from/into Kyiv/Boryspil (LVO), Ukraine of the local The third, and the
200/-200 and 99 passen- (KBP) Airport. The routes airline is the shortest. The longest, route Yekaterin-
gers for the AN-158. Stan- are typical for operators of aircraft uses flight levels burg (SVX), Russia - Kyiv
dard weight of each the AN-148/AN-158 aircraft 250 FL and 270 FL on this (KBP), Ukraine was select-
passenger with baggage is family, which, as a general route. ed in order to show high fuel
95kg. rule, have a mean flight The second route efficiency of the AN-148/AN-
time of 1.32.0 flying hours Ankara (ESB), Turkey - Kyiv 158 aircraft family models
Route Analysis (FH). All routes were ana- (KBP), Ukraine goes above on the long-range routes
Three routes of differing lyzed with the headwind the sea at 370-390 FL virtu- with strong equivalent wind
lengths were analyzed with direction, so as to assure a ally directly south and of up to - 5%.

Table 3. AN-148/AN-158 Family Fuel Consumption

Route Aircraft MTOW, Fuel Block Seats ESAD, ESAD, Fuel Wind,
variant kg burn, time, nm km per
City-pair kg mins seat-km, +, - %
KBP-LVO N-148-200 38,950 1,890 58 89 241 446 0.048 -2

KBP-LVO N-148-200 41,950 1,890 58 89 241 446 0.048 -2

KBP-LVO N-148-200 43,700 1,891 58 89 241 446 0.048 -2

KBP-LVO N-158 43,700 1,935 59 99 241 446 0.044 -2

ESB-KBP N-148-200 38,950 3,666 120 89 684 1,267 0.033 -3

ESB-KBP N-148-200 41,950 3,666 120 89 684 1,267 0.033 -3

ESB-KBP N-148-200 43,700 3,667 120 89 684 1,267 0.033 -3

ESB-KBP N-158 43,700 3,799 122 99 684 1,267 0.030 -3

SVX-KBP N-148-200 41,950 6,054 194 89 1,190 2,204 0.031 -5

SVX-KBP N-148-200 43,700 6,056 194 89 1,190 2,204 0.031 -5

SVX-KBP N-158 43,700 6,227 196 99 1,190 2,204 0.0285 -5


Types of Maintenance and Maintenance Checks
The aircraft maintenance is comprised of the line maintenance and periodic maintenance.
Line Maintenance includes DAILY and WEEKLY checks.
check is performed: - once every 15-20 days and the multiples thereof), nance includes the following
- once within 48 hours of regular operations (with which are performed either checks:
from the moment of accom- at least one flight performed based on the accumulated S check. It is per-
plishment of the previous daily), unless a regular peri- operating time or according formed every 300 landings
E or W check or periodic odic maintenance check is to calendar service time or or every 6 months. If 300
maintenance check at the to be performed based on accumulated flight cycles landings are attained earlier
base airport or the airport of the accumulated flying time. (landings). than 750 flying hours are
destination, unless a more This time limit may be For functional systems of accumulated, it is allowed to
complex maintenance check extended by the number of the aircraft, their units and combine performance of the
is required; non-flying days, but shall equipment, the periodic S check with the
- during aircraft prepara- not exceed 30 calendar maintenance includes the check;
tion for flight after a down- days; following base checks and S check. It is per-
time exceeding 5 days, - prior to flight per- the checks multiple of base formed every 36 months or
unless the aircraft is to be formed after a period of checks: every 3,000 landings.
placed in storage; storage; check performed Total specific manhours
- before flight after - before commencement every 750 hours of the fly- for scheduled maintenance
accomplishment of special of aircraft operation after it ing time; (the preparatory and finish-
maintenance; is received from the manu- check performed ing-up activities and other
- after aircraft check facturing facility. every 36 months or every tasks not related with main-
flight. 7,500 hours. tenance not considered) is
Periodic Maintenance For the airframe, primary up to 1.5 MH per FH with the
W check is performed The periodic mainte- structural members and annual flying time of 2,500
at base airport or at the air- nance tasks are grouped critical elements of struc- hours.
port of destination: into checks (base checks ture, the periodic mainte-
6 ANTONOV Company 2017
Table 4. Maintenance Structure
Type of check Interval Scheduled maintenance,
Line maintenance
Preflight inspection Prior to departure 0.15
(performed by the crew)
Daily check once every 48 hours 2.16
Bi-weekly W check once every two weeks 9.34
Periodic maintenance
check 750 FH 52
S A check 300 landings or 6 months 5
C 7,500 FH or 36 months 100
S C check 3,000 landings or 36 months 250

1. S A, S C are the designations of the airframe structure inspection checks.
2. Each periodic maintenance base check has its multiple check: 2, 4; S 2, S 4; 2; S 2, S 3 checks that include
additional operations performed at multiple intervals.
3. During the S 3 check (8-10 years), a detailed inspection of the airframe structure is performed.
4. The Scheduled maintenance manhours column shows the operating manhours that consider the time of principal mainte-
nance work and access.
The preparatory and finishing-up activities (the time required to prepare workplaces, roll up maintenance stands, receive job
orders, study maintenance documentation, etc.), the additional time (rest periods, etc.), workplace servicing (clean-up) time, and the time
of malfunction elimination work performance were not considered.
5. Laboriousness of checks indicated in the table:
- C corresponds to the work set performed under 7,500 flying hours: C1=A+2A+C;
- S C corresponds to the work set performed under 3,000 landings: SC1=SA+S2A+SA.

Such maintenance struc- board maintenance system aircraft systems and devices and computers with
ture makes it possible for an (or Central Maintenance engines build-up using the built-in test equipment
operator to manage without System - CMS) and by the present-day radio electronic (BITE) containing informa-
the services of maintenance tion about their technical
personnel in transit airports condition.
and allows flexible planning The CMS is intended to
of maintenance checks provide access to the results
depending on the flight rate of the aircraft systems and
and duration of flights, equipment built-in test sys-
including performance of tem functioning, and also to
maintenance on a step-by- assure isolation of failures
step (phased) basis. in the systems, which are
Airplanes of the AN-148 not equipped with BITE.
/AN-158 family belong to Information is displayed for
the category of modern air- use by maintenance person-
craft that have a technical nel in the English language
potential to maintain the making use of the multi-
annual flying time up to function control panels of
3,000 flying hours owing to the navigation computer,
minimized downtime for and also by means of the
scheduled and unscheduled Portable Maintenance
maintenance. Access Terminal a remote
This capability is assured Configuration of the aircraft powerplant provides for terminal based on a protect-
by the availability of an on- its easy and convenient maintenance ed briefcase computer.


The principal AN-148 121-22A (USA) covers the Development of an own - Fleet composition and
/AN-158 aircraft operation procedures of preparation, M R B - Re p o r t / M P D - b a s e d age;
and maintenance publica- design, and contents of MRB maintenance Program - Requirements of local
tions to provide an operator Report on the basis of MSG- allows the operator to plan governmental regulatory
with the maintenance plan- 3 procedure. aircraft maintenance in view bodies, etc.
ning information which is - Maintenance Planning of specific local parameters Use of the Operators
required for preparation of Data Document (MPD). This and service conditions, i.e.: maintenance program will
his own Maintenance Pro- document generated in cor- - Areal of operation, cli- allow optimizing aircraft
gram allowing for actual respondence with -100 mate; usage.
operating conditions of a (-2200) standard - Available maintenance The operators mainte-
specific airline are as fol- includes both the mainte- facilities and personnel; nance program can be pre-
lows: nance requirement provid- - Intensity of mainte- pared either independently
- Maintenance Review ing the aircraft airworthi- nance; or by the airplane Designer
Board Report (MRB Report). ness, and the recommenda- - Models of spare parts (the ANTONOV Company),
This document compiled tions of the airplane supply; in accordance with MRB
according to the provisions Designer as regards its - Conditions of aircraft Report data specified by the
of FAA Advisory Circular C maintenance. ownership; operator.
2017 ANTONOV Company 7
Table 5. Maintenance Total Cost
Maintenance AN-148/158

Line maintenance 24

A check 4

Main check (C check) 2

Structure checks S A check 2

S C check 5

Modification of interior and exterior 10

Landing gear 7

Wheels and brakes 37

Auxiliary power unit 42

Limited service life components 154

Airframe & components 287

Engines: D-436-148 (2 x $102 /EFH) 204

Maintenance Total Cost, $/FH: 491

1. Maintenance cost of the N-148 is the same as that of the N-158 aircraft.
2. Cost of the aircraft maintenance was determined for a 2-hour flight cycle.


The entire spectrum of maintenance and unsched-
technical support and ser- uled support;
vices provided by the 3. Support of mainte-
ANTONOV Company in any nance agencies and organi-
locale. zations;
This review generalizes 4. Maintenance of
the fundamental positions of engines;
aftersale services and tech- 5. APU support;
nical support rendered by 6. Exchange of spare
the ANTONOV Company, parts, and logistics;
Servicing Center and suppli- 7. Maintenance of heavy
ers for the AN-148/AN-158 components.
aircraft family. Providing airlines or
These positions are maintenance agencies with
grouped in the following the whole gamut of services
seven sections which cover including the above seven
all the range of technical sections can be compared
support: with visiting a supermarket.
1. Engineering and tech- Downtime for scheduled and unscheduled mainte- Today, this task combina-
nical support; nance checks is minimized with the help of the tion is solved by the
2. Management of line onboard Central Maintenance System ANTONOV Servicing Center.

The ANTONOV Servicing trated on rendering world- office of ANTONOV Compa- working for the ANTONOV
Center divisions support wide night & day non-stop ny, renders versatile sup- Servicing Center.
customer airlines in settling support to the existing fleet port in the field of operation The Servicing Center is
vital technical and engineer- of Antonov airplanes includ- and maintenance of struc- staffed with aeronautical
ing problems, and in provid- ing over 1,500 aircraft, tures and systems. engineers, designers,
ing aircraft maintenance 24 together with the AN-148 Ease, efficiency, and pilots, air traffic controllers
hours per day, 7 days a /AN-158 family planes. positive spirit in servicing to provide proper solution
week, 365 days a year. The The Servicing Center their customers are of any problem arising for
Center activity is concen- being in fact, a frontline ensured by the experts airlines.


The purpose of the reliable deliveries of most The department solves equipment manufacturers
Department is providing important spare parts and the following tasks: (OEM);
customers airplanes with materials successive to - Provides the preferen- - Develops solutions to
the maintenance and flight spreading a global network tial right for acquisition of satisfy the customers
operation support through of distribution. spare parts from original requests in the best way by
8 ANTONOV Company 2017
delivering high-quality components in the process fy the customers requests the customer can not elimi-
spare parts and consum- of fleet aging; by providing them with high nate by his own force, of
ables; - Provides access to the quality servicing, ensuring aided by a maintenance
- Provides cost reduction secondary market for the efficiency and customer- agency, provides 24 hours
at the expense of placing customer, expanding the friendliness at each stage of each day, 7 days each week,
cost-intensive spare parts range of rare spare parts material and technical 365 days throughout each
leased in various locations of search; resource management; year, worldwide the service
the world; - Provides customers - Arranges consultations of issuing the required docu-
- Renders assembly and with the required spare of technical experts cover- ments, and actually, restor-
component repair services parts whenever and wher- ing a wide range of prob- ing the damaged aircraft.
using spare parts from orig- ever necessary, irrespective lems connected with spare - Provides the customer
inal equipment manufactur- of the purchase type, i.e., parts, for example, concern- with the tools required for
ers; non-recurring or recurring ing parts replacement and repairing or servicing in
- Renders specialized complex operation in a interchangeability; accordance with the
support in spare parts deliv- chain of deliveries; - In case of an accident, demands of guidelines or
ery for the airplanes out of - Assigns to each airline or an event which caused service bulletins. Such tools
production, and delivery of a manager in order to satis- the airplane damage which can be leased.

- The Department is in mation notifies customers information, flight charac- turn, allows minimizing
partnership with the cus- about publication of new teristics, software, databas- delays connected with the
tomers for establishment service bulletins and new es and information on air- airplane operating condition.
and assistance in implemen- editions of documents; craft maintenance. The category of regis-
tation of the Digital Airline - Renders services for In addition, MyAntonov- tered users includes:
concept with the purpose of operators engineering sup- Fleet provides the cus- Owners of aircraft, oper-
combining and integration of port and follow-on control of tomers with the access to: ators, maintenance service
aircraft operation with the operating and maintenance - Weight and balance providers, regulatory
airline operating activities; documentation of Antonov manuals; authorities; other suppliers
- Provides access to the airplanes through the Inter- - Information about sym- use MyAntonovFleet for
current information in the net and Call-centers; posiums and conferences on ordering spare parts, inter-
real time mode to optimize - Renders services of flight techniques; action with experts, receipt
operation of airlines. preparing economic, techni- - Electronic registration of drawings, documentation,
cal, and performance calcu- for training courses on A/C manuals, guides, and data
Department of Flight lations for flights and orga- flight performance; on aircraft operation, main-
Data Processing nization of maintenance - Center-of-gravity data, tenance and procedures;
- The Department is busy of Antonov airplanes for loading instructions and Owners of aircraft, oper-
24 hours per day with pro- the operating airlines and fundamentals of flight tech- ators and the authorized
cessing of flight data for the potential buyers of ANTO- niques. /licensed provi-ders of
customers to provide oper- NOV products; Antonov PART Page maintenance services may
ating economy, profitability - Provides its registered allows making inquiries for obtain access to the tools for
and safety of their A/C fleet; users with access to the purchases, commercial bids, production efficiency
- Provides its authorized database of failures, faults, ordering spare parts, tracing improvement: Maintenance
users with the Internet malfunctions, and supplies a deliveries, and receiving the Performance Toolbox and
access to flight data, and package of recommenda- latest information on Airplane Health Manage-
offers a variety of services tions for elimination of the spares, i.e. data about their ment;
and individual solutions to occurring defects on the prices, availability, and Engineers, repair and
allow support of the cus- basis of similar events; interchangeability. maintenance mechanics
tomers A/C fleet at the - Manages and maintains Maintenance Perfor- have a possibility to find and
highest level of serviceabili- the safe company website mance Toolbox is a facility download the required infor-
ty and safety; MyAntonovFleet where the to improve the efficiency of mation, for example, main-
- Develops proposals for registered users get access maintenance which enables tenance or operation docu-
flight techniques. to the most expansive range the customers to manage ments, drawings, standards,
of products and services in technical documentation repair manuals, and various
Division of Information the industry as far as it con- and data related to aircraft guidelines on A/C compo-
- Performs acquisition cerns support of Antonov maintenance and repair. nents operation and mainte-
and analysis of information civil airplanes operation. Airplane Health Manage- nance.
about air accidents and inci- MyAntonovFleet website ment is a package to control Pilots and flight manag-
dents, failures, faults, mal- allows immediate access to an aircraft operating status ing personnel are provided
functions, defects and maintenance and flight featuring the function of with access to the significant
events which occurred in manuals of aircraft, pilots' faults data transfer that certification documents,
operation, maintenance, flight learning guides, flight allows airlines to reveal fail- operating and safety data,
manufacture of aircraft, their crew training manuals, bul- ures in time, and to get pre- and to the means of techni-
components, equipment and letins, instructions for pared for their rectification cal support ensuring effec-
aeronautical products; departure with admissible before the airplane arrives tive and safe operation of
- The Division of Infor- faults, and to flight planning to the airfield, which, in its customer airplanes.

The Department is the tomers the latest informa- essential for planning, exten- Unit of maintenance
most important unit within tion about the aircraft fleet, sion of service life, and and engineering control
the structure of ANTONOV and the services allowing updating of maintenance - Controls development
Servicing Center providing efficient servicing of the programs, or programs for of technical publications for
safe operation of airplanes, fleet. aircraft preparation for the airplanes upgrading in order
and observance of stipulated In addition, the Depart- next flight. It consists of to meet new requirements;
requirements. The depart- ment offers to the customers minor units, according to - Performs management
ment proposes to the cus- some engineering support each individual purpose. of activities by introducing
2017 ANTONOV Company 9
newest solutions, providing the assemblies with limited work of the aircraft and their - Performs operations for
profitability and the service life; components structural re- aircraft upgrading to comply
advanced level of technolo- - Proposes the entire pair, contracts repair activi- with ICAO requirements and
gy to satisfy the passengers range of services for organi- ties at the customer facilities, re-equipment of aircraft in
and/or crew convenience, zation of maintenance, by maintenance agencies; accordance with the cus-
and besides, updating and starting with the line proce- - Performs engineering tomers request;
converting aircraft in order dures up to the heavy main- activities for aircraft modifi- - Provides execution of
to vary their application. tenance procedures by sub- cation according to the pub- warranty and post-warranty
- Organizes and provides contractor agencies. lished Airworthiness Direc- obligations according to air-
accomplishment of repair for - Provides execution of tives and Service Bulletins; craft delivery contracts.


- Performs the full range provides flexibility from the

of services connected with point of view of logistics,
logistic and informational and realization of mainte-
support of the aircraft fleet, nance and engineering
and with provision of airwor- operations (in case the cus-
thiness support; tomer desires to start these
- Develops individual activities independently);
solutions for improvement - Provides a general-pur-
of the fleet profitability and pose, flexible, and reliable
cost-efficiency, for cus- package of services for
tomers operating activity; effective delivery of aircraft
- Provides development from one operator to anoth-
of individual programs of er operator, or in case of air-
maintenance, MEL, other craft return to the leaser.
documents; Customers receive advan-
- At the customers tage due to their access to
request, controls the fleet ANTONOV data in the field
periodic maintenance in of aircraft design and main-
complex thus providing flex- tenance of, and owing to the
ibility from the point of view contractor support services.
of logistics, maintenance, Apart from the services
and engineering operations aimed at the arrangement
economy, allowing to cut and support of mainte- The Zero Flight Time Training program allows high
down some expenses, and nance, the ANTONOV ren- quality training of pilots for the entire An-148
/An-158 family without training flights on a real

training, simulator-aided at ensuring the optimum

training, flight training; efficiency of flying and nav-
- Theoretical training of igation, including resource
aircraft maintenance per- control of the crew, flight
sonnel (A, B, C categories). planning, and logistics;
- On-job practical train- - At the customers
ing for the line mainte- request, prepares the man-
nance/periodic checks/gen- uals and program for flying
eral aircraft maintenance personnel training, and
personnel (EGT), and the air besides, at the customer's
systems personnel; option, development of Part
- Improvement of pro- B and Part C of OM, FCOM,
fessional skills of aeronauti- QRH, AHM and other oper-
cal and non- aeronautical ating documents.
personnel; All the above-mentioned
- Training of instructor services offered by ANTO-
pilots; NOV as a package during
- Training of non-certifi- delivery of the N-148
cated personnel for ground /N-158 aircraft, allow that
servicing, weight & balance any organization whose
personnel, flight safety, and activity is associated with
other specialists; leasing, operation, and
- Generates efficient maintenance of any aircraft
solutions for organization types, receive valuable ana-
Any of the expected operating conditions along with and support of training cen- lytical information to
simulation of all possible failures can be modelled at ters worldwide; improve the structure of
the -148/158 D level full mission - Offers the tools select- business management.
simulator ed according to personal The offered solutions to
requirements of the cus- decrease the sums of airline
to increase fault predictabil- ders services for the cus- tomer, in the field of naviga- expenditure items, such as
ity; tomers in the following tion information, develop- maintenance costs, logis-
- Develops and intro- directions: ment of maps and plans, tics, and reduction of fuel
duces operators control - Training of flying per- data representation; consumption are a priority
over the complex periodic sonnel (pilots and cabin - Prepares and imple- task for any operator.
maintenance of fleet which attendants): theoretical ments the solutions aimed
10 ANTONOV Company 2017

AN-148/AN-158 MARKET
The AN-148/AN-158 basis of transfer by Saratov to 3,500 kilometers in the The airplane list price is
family is still young, and the Airlines (4). weather conditions close to $36 million.
market of these aircraft still Now the secondary mar- those beyond the Arctic cir- At the same time, AAF
remains incomplete. ket has two AN-148-100B cle. LLC has offered the aircraft
The secondary market aircraft of Ilyushin Finance With the cost of $27 mil- to their clients under a rate
shows a number of AN-148- Co. lion for a 2010-manufac- of $230 thousand per
100B accessible aircraft and With the cost of this air- tured aircraft, its lease rates month.
some more transactions craft (manufactured 2010) are about $180-190 thou-
which are at the stage of $26 million, its lease rates sand per month. Summary
conclusion. are about $180-190 thou- The lease rates for the The AN-148-100B/AN-148
AN-148-100 Model sand per month. 2014-2015 aircraft reach -100E aircraft, have found
has not found a customer The lease rates for the $210-220 thousand per their market niche to replace
for today. 2014-2015 aircraft total month. the regional 50-seaters, and
AN-148-100 $210-220 thousand per Market of the AN-158 the previous generations of
This has become the month. Aircraft aircraft over the Russian
most popular model of the AN-148-100 Model The AN-158 aircraft (6) locale, becoming a substitute
family. For now, 11 such This is the second modi- were delivered by South for the Soviet-production air-
aircraft are operated. The fication for its significance to American Aircraft Leasing planes.
aircraft were sold to the the market. Today, 5 these for Cubana de Aviacion air- The AN-158 aircraft are
Ilyushin Finance Co. for aircraft purchased by Sber- line (Republic of Cuba). nearing the market in the
subsequent delivery to the bank-leasing and the Since the AN-158 airplane is segment of 70-100 seats,
Rossia Airlines, St.-Peters- Ilyushin Finance Co. are the biggest of the family by to replace Fokker 100s, BAE
burg, Russian Federation (6), operated by Angara Airlines. the number of seats, and 146, and setting the sights
Air Koryo, Korean Democrat- The peculiarity of this model due to its capability to fulfill on the regions of Latin
ic Peoples Republic, (2). airline operation is trans- flights in conditions of high America, some countries of
Following the airplanes portation of small number of mountains, this model, as of Asia and Africa as the basic
return from the Rossia Air- passengers with high fre- today, has a stock of orders aircraft models for local and
lines they were leased on the quency to a distance of up for AAF LLC. budget airlines.

Secondary market of the AN-148/AN-158 aircraft family


2017 ANTONOV Company 11