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This is my first processing document using MS Word 2007.

My teacher
told me to
type this even with the mistakes, because I can get some practice at
making corrections. This id neat because I dont have to hit the Enter
key at the end of each paragraph. The computer automatically wrap the
typing onto the next paragraph (This feature is called word wraps). To
start a new paragraph I have to hit the Enter key.
Now I have a new paragraph. If I want a blank paragraph between the
paragraph. I have to press enter twice.

See that wasnt so hard

1. Bold
a. Italic
i. Underline
1. Strikethrough
a. All Caps
i. Small Caps
1. Outline
a. H2O


A= 16 x 2

Introducing Northwood Building Supply

Northwood Building has served the greater Minneapolis area for more than 30
years. The business was started by Jonathon Northwood in a 400- square foot
warehouse. We now occupy a 100,0009- square- foot warehouse, enabling us to
provide a full range of building materials.

In addition to our warehouse supply of more than 250,000 items, Northwood

Building Supply can custom order products from more than 600 suppliers. Our

prime location renders efficient shipping, so even custom orders arrive in a

quick fashion. We offer free shipping for order over $350.

Northwood Build Supply features a Draft Center staffed by licensed contractors

and installers. You can consult these staff members free of charge for small

projects. For comprehensive remodeling projects, the D4raft Center can develop

plans for a much smaller fee than youd pay an architectural firm.

You can purchase out Protection Plan for a modest fee. It extends the
warranty on our building materials, and provides a great value for
products like roofing materials, heating and cooling systems and
Date Student Mark Km

Nov3 Jason---------------87%......................6.95

Dec15 Michelle------------93%......................0.11

Jan5 Hannah-------------88%...................0.005

Apr12 Scott-----------------77%...................124.5

June13 Ben------------------76%......................71.2



To: Janet Wilson From: Bill Whitmore

Date 9/23/2013 Window price estimates

Per our discussion, I have priced aluminum clad casement windows with
they deluxe handle and screen sets. All of the manufactures listed below offer
forest green as a standard colour, except for Deluxe; thats why the Deluxe model
is so much more exp3nsive. Also note that I have selected the window sizes that
best approximate the dimensions you provided. Sizing varies slightly by

Following find the price quotes ( good for 30 days only ):

Miro 2ft.3 in. 4ft.5 in. $289.99

Goodlite 2ft.3 in. 4ft.5 in. $259.99

Laredo Windows 2ft. 6 in. 4ft. 6 in $279.99

Inlight 1 ft. 11 in. 4ft. 1 in. $229.99

Deluxe 2 ft. 4 in. 4 ft. 1 in. $329.99

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the toll- free number.
Searching for a Job

Apply for a job Job Offer Checklist

1. Complete a Resume
2. Check newspaper ads a) Job Content
3. Visit the local Employment Agencies b) Salary
4. Visit Potential Employers c) Benefits
5. Complete Application Forms d) Hours/ schedule
e) Flexibility
f) Location
g) Growth opportunities
h) Work environment

Labour Force in Ontario

Characteristics by age and sex Percentage of population

Men 25 or over 30%

Women 25 or over 27%

Youth 15 to 24 11%