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Bryce Kopchak

Mr. Sebestyen

Honors World Geography


We all know the Middle East is a controversial and unstable region of the world that

needs help. ISIS is expanding in the region, maintaining a steady oil supply is becoming a

problem, and the peoples rights are being oppressed. In order to solve this problem I think the

United States along with other countries should have a presence in the Middle East in order to

build trust and gain allies in the region, gain intelligence on and combat the terrorist groups

operating in the region, and to build stronger foreign relations so that we can stabilize the region

and rebuild economies. This would be a viable solution in combination with others to help solve

the problems in the Middle East.

The United States as well as our allies and the UN could contribute troops and other

personnel to the region in order to create a presence there. This could be a physical or visual

presence as well as under cover intel operatives. This can include security of local civilians

against terrorist activities, training of local militant groups so they can fight for themselves, and

the monitoring of terrorist groups like ISIS in the region.

The first thing we need to do is build trust among the countries and people of the Middle

East. We must form trustworthy alliances and help the people in this region. Many citizens of

countries are being driven out of their homes by terrorists, or are being oppressed by their
governments. Once we have strong allies in the region we can expand trade their and help build

the economies. This can also help the United States out by making it easier to obtain oil from the


ISIS has become a big problem in the Middle East and must be dealt with soon before

they expand further. Once we have trustworthy allies in the region, we can expand our

intelligence operations there to prevent further terrorist attacks. By deploying troops in the

Middle East we can help combat ISIS and we can also help train other armies in the region to

help aid us in battle. Another growing threat to the United States and the world is the increasing

availability of nuclear weapons. Untrustworthy countries like Iran are expanding their nuclear

programs and if they do achieve nuclear capabilities, they can become a threat to the whole

world. If we have troops in the Middle East we can be more forceful and impose sanctions on

countries that can become a threat to us with their nuclear programs.

Many economies in the Middle East have become reliant on oil. Oil prices can go up and

down very quickly depending on how much is on the market, this makes most economies in the

Middle East very unstable. These countries need to diversify their economy and look for other

options to build infrastructure and develop. If we have troops in the Middle East, it will make

these countries more safe from the threat of terrorist groups like ISIS, which enables their

economy to operate and expand. With troops in the region we can also facilitate free trade which

can boost the economies of these countries. This can help the Unites States in the long run also,

because if we allow these countries to grow and expand it will give us more trading

The end goal of this deploying troops in the middle east would be for the united states to

gradually fade out of the region once it is stable, the people safe, and economic growth is

accomplished. We can acknowledge that there are cultural differences in and deep-seeded

animosity among parties in the Middle East and although a presence of western troops will not

remedy the situation, it may contribute to more stability in the region and help prevent the spread

of terrorism and the development of WMDs. I think the option presented of having a presence in

the Middle East is one option to help solve the problems in the region.